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Three Day Road

  • Prologue

    Elijah and Xavier hunting at age 12; giving background on two of the three primary characters.
  • Chapter One

    Chapter One
    • Niska goes to the "white town" to wait at the train station.
    • Xavier returns, not Elijah even though she was told Xavier was Killed in Action.
    • Xavier is addicted to Morphine.
    • They begin their three day journey down the river returning home to Hudsons Bay.
  • Chapter Two

    Chapter Two
    Xavier's point of view; Remeniscing memories of the war:
    - Injects morphine needle.
    - Begins explaining arrival on Flander's fields.
    - Introduces squadron; Lt. Breech, Sgt. McCaan, Fats, Sean Patrick and Grey Eyes.
    - New soldiers arriving in Canadian camp are shunned by veteran; Xavier meets Smithy, a sniper that accepts Xavier even for his native roots.
  • Chapter Three

    Chapter Three
    Xavier's point of view:
    - Xavier and Elijah's squadron arrives at the trenches.
    - Introduces technology and surroundings; Ross rifles/Shields used by snipers, Periscopes, Duckboards, Different artillery shells.
    - Meet Cpl. Thompson, Graves and Gilberto.
    - Elijah and Xavier go on mission in no man's land.
    - Xavier realizes the realities of war when he nearly gets shot.
  • Chapter Four (part one)

    Chapter Four (part one)
    Niska's point of view:
    - Xavier is struggling with his morphine addiction and meories of the war.
    - Niska begins telling the story of her youth; using story telling as a form of healing.
    - Introduced to Rabbit (Xavier's mother) aswell as Niska's mother.
    - Niska has inherited her fathers ability to predict the future.
    - Rough winter, Clan of roughly 30 is going hungry; reluctantly eat adolescent bear; Niska's father insists it is their only option.
  • Chapter Four (part two)

    Chapter Four (part two)
    • Young man; Micah leaves with his wife and child to risk the wilderness and find better hunting.
    • Micah freezes to death; Micah's wife is forced to cannibalize his corpse.
    • Micah's wife and child return consumed by a madness referred to as the "Windigo."
    • Niskah's father is forced to kill them while Niskah herself watches.
    • Niskah grows greedy for her fathers power.
    • Niskah's father is taken away by HBC men.
  • Chapter Five

    Chapter Five
    Xavier's point of view:
    - Xavier asks Niskah to stop paddling as he tells the story associated with the area.
    - His story is about his and Elijah's journey to go volunteer for the Canadian army where they were caught in a forest fire.
    -- Learn more about Elijah:
    -- Elijah was very talented, fluent with the English language, a good shot with a rifle and naturally competitive with Xavier.
    -- Xavier felt that it was his duty to take care of Elijah due to having more experience.
  • Chapter Six

    Chapter Six
    Xavier's point of view;
    - German raiding party attacks through the night.
    - Gerald, a young soldier is executed for falling asleep on sentry duty.
    - Xavier and Elijah are sent as part of a raiding party to scout out the large craters in No Man's land.
    -- Party includes: Xavier, Elijah, Thompson and Graves
    - They stay the night in the crater
    - Xavier and Elijah kill their first germans in the morning; lobbing grenades into the neighboring crater.
    - Xavier and Elijah are beginning to gain respect.
  • Chapter Seven

    Chapter Seven
    Xavier's point of view;
    - Xavier and Elijah begin training as snipers.
    - Xavier dreams of home.
    - Xavier spots for Elijah when Elijah gets his first sniper kill.
    - Grey Eye's tempts Elijah with Morphine, He refuses, yet Xavier has a hunch that Elijah is hiding something.
  • Chapter Eight: Captive

    Chapter Eight: Captive
    Niska's point of view
    - She and her family were forced to move into Moose Factory and become dependant on the white man
    - Niska's anger over her fathers death grows
    - Shows the effects that residential schools had on first nations people
    - Niska is forced into a residential school
    -- She is treated harshly but picks her battles wisely
    -- Shears her hair in defiance of the nuns
    - Confined to the basement where she foresees her trip with Xavier
    - Saved by her mother, they move back into the woods
  • Chapter Nine: Competition

    Chapter Nine: Competition
    Xaviers point of view:
    - Xavier and Elijah are becoming well known among the ranks as accomplished snipers.
    - Their successes are drawing attetion from german artillery fire; other soldiers do not want them around.
    - Xavier is happy to be out of the trenches.
    - Xavier wins a shooting competition betweem himself, Elijah and another soldier by lighting a match with a bullet.
  • Chapter Ten: Sniper

    Chapter Ten: Sniper
    Elijah's point of view:
    - Sean Patrick is killed; Xavier and Elijah are ordered to seek out revenge.
    - Xavier and Elijah show their true Cree heritage during the burial.
    - Learn about a particular german sniper causing grief on allied fronts.
    - Xavier and Elijah are sent out to eliminate opposing german snipers.
  • Chapter Eleven: Revenge (part one)

    Xavier's point of view:
    - They have eliminated a single german sniper so far but the infamous "hun sniper" who killed Sean Patrick is still out there.
    - Elijah basks the fame while Xavier keeps his eyes on the job at hand.
    - During the night Xavier has an epiphany regarding the Hun snipers location.
    - Elijah confesses about his experimenting of morphine with grey eyes but claims it was a one-time thing.
  • Chapter Eleven: Revenge (part two)

    • Searching No Man's land for the sniper they come across a dying horse; Elijah decides to take it out of it's misery. This gives away their position.
    • The Hun sniper, only a few yards away fires, barely missing Elijah.
    • Xavier spots the muzzle smoke and fires, killing the Hun sniper.
  • Chapter Twelve: Seducing

    Niska's point of view:
    - Niska's inherited power has become known by other Cree inhabiting the woods; they come seeking advice.
    - Niska traps a french hunter.
    - She proceeds to seduce him and have her first sexual experience.
  • Chapter Thirteen: Rifle

    Xavier's point of view:
  • Chapter Fourteen: Raid (part one)

    Xavier's point of view
    - Raid is successful, Elijah is wounded.
    -- Elijah rushed a machine gun placement, got injured; Xavier finished off the machine gun nest and pulled Elijah back to the trench safely.
    -- Even after this there is talk of a reward for Elijah, not Xavier.
    - Learned about Xavier's childhood.
    -- He barely knew his mother, Rabbit.
    -- He was taken into a residental school.
    -- Elijah became his only real friend.
    - Xavier can tell Elijah has adopted an addiction to morphine.
  • Chapter Fourteen: Raid (part two)

    • While at a local cafe, Xavier meets the bartenders daughter, Lisette; They end up making love.
    • Two days later, Their group is moved away from Saint-Eloi and they are issued with newer, more efficient Lee-Einfield and Ross rifles. -- Both Elijah and Xavier opt to keep their current Ross and Mauser rifles.
    • Discussion of the train ride during enlistment. -- They had been forced to sit at the back of the train as an outcome of discrimination.
  • Chapter Fifteen: Betrayal (part one)

    Niska's point of view:
    - Niska has fallen in love with the french trapper.
    - The french trapper stopped visiting Niska, she feels betrayed.
    - Niska's mother convinces her to pursue him.
    - She goes into town to find him, when she returns, she is not returning to open hands.
    - Niska finds the trapper, who takes her to a church where they have sex.
    - The trapper is convinced he has destroyed her spirit. He says “I took your power away in this place and sent it to burn in hell where it belongs.”
  • Chapter Fifiteen: Betrayal (part two)

    • She leaves the town, Horrified. Returning to her camp she partakes in a "purification sweat ceremony."
    • She asks her strongest spirit; the lynx, to find and remove her pain.
    • Her mother comes to her later to inform her that the french man had gone mad running around claiming to be "escaping the demons" shortly before committing suicide -- He was denied a christian burial.
  • Chapter Sixteen: Horses (part one)

    Xavier's point of view:
    - Xavier only has a few morphine shots left.
    - He no longer hides the truth from Niska.
    Back to the war:
    - Xavier and Elijah's unit has moved south to join the battle of Somme.
    - Elijah is still recieving all of the fame and glory while Xavier remains hidden and puzzled as to why this is the case since they are a team.
    - a leaning statue of Virgin Mary acts as a symbol; indicating that the Allies will no bend under german artillery.
  • Chapter Sicteen: Horses (part two)

    • Xavier and Elijah fortify a bombed out farmhouse to act as a sniping post for days to come.
  • Chapter Seventeen: Collector

    • Elijah has given into temptation and begins using morphine more often.
    • They provide sniper support for advancing Canadians, successfully eliminating german machine gun defenses and aiding in the capture of "Candy Trench"
    • Taking up a camoflaged position on a hill over looking the town of Courcelette, they successfully elminate a german machine gun position.
    • Breech does not believe their claims and orders them to focus on "harrasment fire" for the next two weeks.
  • Chapter 18: Skinning

    Xaviers point of view:
    - Xavier and Elijah are sent behind lines during Christmas.
    - They meet a group of french soldiers, they advise Elijah to start collecting scalps of any germans he may kill.
    - After Chistmas passes, their unit is sent to Vimy Ridge.
    - Xavier and Elijah are allowed to go "hunting" again.
    - Canadians who seem inspired by the cold begin attacking german lines.
    - Elijah joins in a raid where he claims numerous german scalps.
    - He fights his morphine addiction.
  • Chapter Nineteen: Stealing (part one)

    Niska's point of view:
    - Niska's mother died after the incident with the french trapper.
    - Her sister, Rabbit, became an alcoholic and gave up her son, Xavier, to a residential school.
    - She keeps having visions of a boy (Xavier) who she sets out to rescue.
    - Hiding by the playground, Niska calls him over with a grouse call. He agrees to the rescue without hesitation.
    - The next day, Niska surprises the nun in a canoe with Xavier by pushing her into the water.
  • Chapter Nineteen: Stealing (part two)

    • Niska describes the months to follow as "the happiest of her life."
    • Niska has an unsettling vision; “a visitor would come to us, a visitor with a request I could not ignore.”
  • Chapter Twenty: Fighter (part one)

    Elijah and Xavier in the residential school:
    - Elijah plans to steal a little food everyday until they have enough to escape with.
    - Elijah knows of a rifle kept by one of the nuns. Vimy Ridge:
    - Xavier comes to terms with killing.
    - Xavier has run out of Mauser bullets and has resorted to spotting for Elijah.
    - They are ordered back into no man's land to eliminate german MG positions in preparation for a Canadian operation.
    - Elijah finds two Mauser magazines for Xavier.
  • Chapter Twenty: Fighter (part two)

    • The Canadians have built tunnels leading into no man's land for their planned operation to provide sneak attacks.
    • Elijah goes out alone and comes back with three more kills.
    • Canadian Artillery barrages signal the beginning of the operation, Xavier successfully eliminates another german machine gun nest.
    • Canadians rush past them pushing up the hill.
    • Xavier joins the battle where he gets shot and goes on to kill two germans, he finds himself being strangled when McCaan saves him.
  • Chapter 21: Turning (part one)

    Xavier's point of view:
    - They have successfully taken Vimy Ridge
    - Xavier, Elijah, Fat, Graves and Grey Eyes are the only remaining original privates.
    - Xavier has another moment; wondering why Elijah is getting all of the fame and he remains unknown.
    - Infront of the squadron; Elijah attempts to shoot and misses and duck swimming in a nearby creek; Xavier takes his shot and kills the duck, the squad looks at him in awe as he walks away.
    - Xavier becomes home sick
    - He plans to go visit Lisette
  • Chapter 21: Turning (part two)

    • Xavier's story takes an explanetory point of view, showing lines where he mentions Niska like he is talking to her.
    • Xavier fakes injury and smuggles himself onto a lorry that will take him back to the town where he can see Lisette.
    • Elijah sees him go and seems to be at a loss being the one left behind for the first time.
    • Xavier arrives to find that Lisette is with another man.
    • Elijah explains that she was a whore.
    • Xavier is threatened with execution for desertion.
  • Chapter 21: Turning (part three)

    - Elijah saves his life by lying about his whereabouts the previous night aswell as telling him that Xavier was concussed in the assault on Vimy Ridge.
    • Xavier is given three days of confinement under watch of nurses
  • Capter 22: Windigo Killer

    Niska's point of view:
    - She finds hope when Xavier laughs when she tells him about the time she smacked the nun with a paddle to rescue him from the residential school.
    - Niska tells a story of another camp having a man go windigo, Xavier was there but very young at the time.
    - Niska strangles the Windigo to death.
    - Xavier had witnessed everything.
    - Upon their return, Xavier asked for a friend (who would be Elijah)
    - Elijah had stolen a rifle from a nun
    - Both of them excelled as marksmen.
  • Chapter 23: Snaring (part one)

    Xavier's point of view:
    - Xavier only has enough morphine to last him another day.
    - He is wondering what became of Elijah.
    - We learn about details of Elijah from a personal point of view; how he became addicted to morphine and mad with killing.
    - In a battle at the town of lens, Graves is killed by a german flame thrower.
    - The whole group is nearly killed by a single grenade.
  • Chapter 23: Snaring (part two)

    • After the battle, at a pub in lens, celebration takes place. -- Xavier saves Elijah's and the the Corporals life when he heres the drone of a bomber above the city.
  • Chapter 24: Writing

    Niska's point of view:
    - Xavier warns Niska that he has almost run out of morphine.
    -- He says he will become very difficult; like a child; when this happens.
    - Gives a brief summary of Elijah and Xavier as young men and their enlistment for the war.
    -- They had difficulties due to their Native heritage.
  • Chapter 25: Feeding

    Xavier's point of view:
    - Riding in the back of a Lorrie towards paschendale.
    - sent into the crombling city as scouts.
    - Elijah shoots a child by mistake.
    - The battle in paschendale is won within months.
    - Xavier is losing his hearing, he plays it off as not understanding english.
  • Chapter 26: The Letter

    Xavier's point of view:
    - Elijah meets with the french men during Crhistmas, they seem nervous around him when he shows them his scalps.
    - Xavier and his squad walk into a German trap.
    - McCaan and Tompson are killed.
    - Xavier recieves a letter saying that his aunt has passed away.
    - Elijah asks Xavier to "read" the shoulder blade of a german.
    - Xavier attempts to kill Elijah with an overdose of morphine.
  • Chapter 27: Flying

    Xavier's point of view:
    - Xavier uses his last needle of morphine.
    - Elijah is awarded a medallion for his accomplishments in the war; like always, Xavier remains unknown.
    - Elijah's wishes are granted and he is put in a plane with another pilot.
    - his experience is unpleasant; suffuring from vertigo, and popping ears.
  • Chapter 28: Murder

    • Elijah has gone ahead of the group, missing for two days he had been hunting germans on his own.
    • On his return trip, he finds a canadian camp where he is given water, food and steals morphine.
    • He kills a man in the canadian camp with an overdose of morphine.
    • Elijah murders Grey Eyes and Breech to save himself and Xavier from the firing squad.
    • Elijah finally decides he wants to return home, Xavier tells him that Niska is dead.
  • Chapter 29: Hero

    Xavier's point of view:
    - Xavier begins going through the process of quitting morphine cold turkey.
    - Xavier begins flashing back and forth between the past and the present.
    - They spend their remaining days in Europe liberating villages.
    - Elijah explains that he realizes that he had gone of the deep end for awhile and claims that e has returned.
    - Xavier discovers that his hearing loss could buy him a ride home.
  • Chapter 30: Little Bird Dancer

    Niska's point of view:
    - Xavier is fading.
    - Niska is doing everything she can to nirture him to health.
    - She sleeps with him to join his dream to find that in his nightmares he is running from Elijah.
  • Chapter 31: Dying

    Xavier's point of view:
    - Xavier's squad has been caught in no man's land my a german michine gun position.
    - Xavier strangles Elijah to death.
    - Xavier is going between the past, present and dreams; it is hard to tell what is real at this point.
    • Elijah wakes up in a hospital bed, Xavier is dead.
    • Elijah is going in and out of conciousness with morphine.
    • Xavier wakes up on a ship, taking him home.
  • Chapter 32: Home

    Niska's point of view:
    - Niska is waiting for Xavier to return to her.
    - She remembers when they left to join the war.
    - She is conducting a ceremony of cleansing to help Xavier.
    - Using her gift, she witnesses his dreams and learns what happened over seas.
    - Xavier begs for forgiveness for what he has done.
    - He has began the road of recovery.
    - They will be home in one more day.