The Clique: P.S. I Loathe You

  • Chapter One

    Chapter One
    7:58 AM: Everybody in the Pretty Committee (PC) gets pooped on by piegions, except the alphs, Massie Block.
    (Getting pigeon pooped on is apparently 'lucky'.)
  • Chapter Two

    Chapter Two
    8:08 AM: The PC says a pledge to stay BFFWC's (Best Friends Forever With Crushes) and put their friends first, or that member will be cursed.
  • Chapter 3

    Chapter 3
    8:19 AM: Massie's ex-boyfriend, Derrington (Derrick), was on a brach 6 ft. off the ground, his pants around his knees, while he was shaking his boxers infront of a projector onto Trailor 1.
  • Chapter Four

    Chapter Four
    3:56 PM: Dylan and Derrick have after school detention together (washing poo infeasted cars), and have a lot of fun together. While listening to the Jonas Brothers they smile, bob their heads and have a great time, without Massie (Derrick's ex-girlfriend and Dylan's bestfriend).
  • Chapter Five

    Chapter Five
    4:04 PM: Kristen starts getting anxious when Layne finds out Massie likes her crush. She promised Layne she'd get her and Dune together, but Massie's her bestfriend, and her alpha. She doesn't know what to do, and so far it seems impossible, so she does the one thing that gets her mond of anything... kicks the soccer ball.
  • Chapter Six

    Chapter Six
    4:46 PM: Kristen is outside kicking the soccer ball, trying to find out a plan for the Dempsey problem. Then Dempsey, himself, comes up to her and starts kicking the soccer ball with, and flirting with her. Then he tells her that he's her new neighbour, Kristen get really excited, but then remembers her problem.
  • Period: to

    P.S. I Loathe You

  • Chapter Seven

    Chapter Seven
    12:32 PM: The PC take their rightful place back at table 18, with a huge bite into their baby carrots, and other veggies. While their eating their bite-sized carrots Dempsey comes to their table and talks witht hem. Also Layne (LBR) and Dempsey get the lead parts in the school play!
  • Chapter Eight

    Chapter Eight
    4:39 PM: Dylan and Derrick ride bikes home together, and go shopping for Derrick's 18 year old sister's birthday present after school.
  • Chapter Nine

    Chapter Nine
    6:57 PM: Kristen host's her first Friday Night Sleepover at her house (apartment room). All the girls have so much fun, and Kristen seems far.
  • Chapter Ten

    Chapter Ten
    7:26 PM: Dempsey stops by Kristen's and tells them how he made the soccer team, and quit the play too. Also how Layne (LBR; who's also secretly friend's with Kristen) also quit the play and is going to try out for Massie's cheer-squad.
  • Chapter Eleven

    Chapter Eleven
    4:01 PM: At the cheer-squad tryouts each of the five PC girls pic a girl they would want on the squad, and out of those five Layne and her partner Twizzler get picked to be the other two members of the SOCC-HERS.
  • Chapter Twelve

    Chapter Twelve
    5:48 PM: Dune gets home and Kristen is beyond exstatic. She's so happy that she gets to talk to him again, but then her mom finds her, and she's in her cheer costume. Her mom doesn't sound very happy...
  • Chapter Thirteen

    Chapter Thirteen
    4:21 PM: The SOCC-HERS rehersal schedule is out, and after all that boot camp, it's the first game. Alicia is starting to get mad because Massie knows that alicia's the better dancer/cheerleader, she just Massie doesn't want to lose her spot as alpha. Best of all though... Alicia gets a picture of Dylan and Derrick's kiss, and send it to her with the text saying, '1000 gossip pionts for me."
  • Chapter Fourteen

    Chapter Fourteen
    8:09 PM: At Massie's house they all play Massie's new game called, Given/Not Given. Massie finds out about the kiss for Derrick, but now she just has to find out who... Dylan?
  • Chapter Sixteen

    Chapter Sixteen
    7:27 PM: Dylan is talking to Derrick about ways they can hangout, because legally she's not supposed to 'cause Massie still has him. So there's only one thing they can do... get DETENTION.
  • Chapter Fifteen

    Chapter Fifteen
    11:16 AM: The SOCC-HERS and the soccer guys all go to Rye Playland together. Though it's hard because Layne and Massie are both hanging out with Dempsey all day, so Kristen has to hangout with both of them all day to make sure they don't get too close in finding out that they both like Dempsey. Then, Massie gets suspicious and soon enough... Kristen has lost a friend.
  • Chapter Seventeen

    Chapter Seventeen
    9:25 AM: Dylan and Derrick try to get after school detention together, but instead just end up with Derrick in two after school detentions, and Dyaln with none. ):
  • Chater Eighteen

    Chater Eighteen
    8:42 AM: Dylan sneaks out of class to get with Derrick to get in trouble so they can have after school detention together. Instead, though, two other girls end up getting in trouble for it, because they were too late, and didn't have time to get back out there and get in trouble for what they did.
  • Chapter Nineteen

    Chapter Nineteen
    12:35 PM: Dylan, Derrick, and Massie all get after school detention. Though, Derrick and Dylan wish it was just them two. Also Massie and Dylan have a fight over why Massie should take the hold of Derrick.
  • Chapter Twenty

    Chapter Twenty
    4:08 PM: Dylan, Derrick, and Massie go to after school detention. Dylan and Derrick don't even look at eachother, nor talk, during the whole time. Dylan just whispers with Massie and laughs at her jokes, until when it's time to leave. Then, Massie says something mean, Dylan gets pideon pooped on, and Dylan crys in the bathroom by herself.
  • Chapter Twenty-One

    Chapter Twenty-One
    4:08 PM: Massie figures out it's Dylan who's been crushing on Derrick; plus her and Alicia get in a huge fight of who should be captin of the SOCC-HERS.Then Massie runs into Dempsey on the soccer feild, he falls, hurts his ankle, and the guy on the other team scores.
  • Chapter Twenty-Two

    Chapter Twenty-Two
    6:47 PM: everybody end up at Kristen's house: Massie, Layne, and dune. Dune tells Massie about Layne and Kristen being friends, and then also mentions how Massie and Layne have both been fighting for Dempsey. So Massie and Layne are all mad at Kristen and Kristen is now crying, and her mom is being no help at all.
  • Chapter Twenty-Three

    Chapter Twenty-Three
    7:38 PM: Massie goes to Alicia's house for 'help' wish Social Sutudies homework, really just tot alk about what happened, when she hears other girls there...she thinks its a suprise party. It may be a suprise, but deffinetly not a party.
  • Chapter Twenty-Four

    Chapter Twenty-Four
    8:03 PM: Massie shows up at Alicia's, only to get her place as alpha taken away from her. she runs out of there as fast as possible, and starts crying...
  • Chapter Twenty-Five

    Chapter Twenty-Five
    8:35 PM: Derrick asks Dylan to go to Slice of Heaven with him Friday. Dylan doesn't know what to chose because friday is usuaklly the sleepover night, with some talking with her mom, though, I think she';s got it figured out...
  • Chapter Twenty-Six

    Chapter Twenty-Six
    Kristen couldn't sleep. She had too much on her mind. She had too many appologies to write. One to dune, one to Massie, Then one to Layne. Kristen had no idea what their responces would be, but could only hope for the best.
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven

    Chapter Twenty-Seven
    1:27 AM: Massie felt bad, but didn't want to sound pathetic. She couldn't sleep and didn't know what to do. So she sent an e-mail to the PC letting them know about the pool party, only crossing her fingers everything would work.
  • Chapter Twent-Eight

    Chapter Twent-Eight
    7:17 AM: Kristen gets stuck in the elevator with Dempsey she keeps asking him questions then asks him if he'd rather go out with Layne or Massie. He says neither, and says Kristen instead, but before she can reply the elevator opens, and Dune is there waiting for her.
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Chapter Twenty-Nine
    7:28 AM: Kristen doesn't know what to do, but decides that she had 'bad sushi' and that she was going to be staying home for the day.
  • Chapter Thirty

    Chapter Thirty
    7:28 PM: Dyaln and Derrick go to Massie's pool party, but not for the pary, really so that Massie can set him free. Massie gets angry though, andpushes them both into her pool, letting them both go. Meaning, she is no longer friends with Dylan, and Derrick is set free.