South Sudan, 2008

  • Southern Sudan, 1985

    Southern Sudan, 1985
    Salva was in school thinking about what him and his siblings do for fun and then all of a sudden there was a gunfire. Salva runs to safety behind a bush.
  • Salva

    Salva hears someone say the name of his village and he follows them. He gets placed with the women, elderly's, and infants. Then he waked up and sees no body in the village at all. They left him.
  • Salve 1985

    Salve 1985
    Salva finds a women in the barn and the women feeds him and lets him stay in her barn for a few more days. Then, the women knows that dry season is coming and has to move and go to another place but can't go with Salva. She will be safer with out him. Salva sees people from his tribe walking towards him and thinks that they can lead Salva to his family.
  • Salva 1985

    Salva 1985
    Salva sees the faces of the tribe closer and at first they don't let him walk with them. But then a woman talked to the leader and he let him tag along.
  • Salva Chapter 5

    Salva Chapter 5
    Everybody got stung by the bees but Salva said it was worth it. Then, he got up and felt the ground move. He accidentally stepped on someones hand and apologized. They started talking and both had something in common. They both missed their parents. Then after they were walking more and more, Salva heard his name and turned around. Then he recognized the person.
  • Salva Chapter 7

    Salva Chapter 7
    Salva is scared and was worried about what happened to his friend, Marial. Salva's uncle was trying to make him feel better by telling him that he will protect him with his gun. The group arrives to the Nile River and everyone has to work together to make canoes so that they could cross the river.
  • Salva Chapter 8

    Salva Chapter 8
    Salva's group is finally on the river. He wants to fall asleep but he's afraid he is going to fall off. Then, they reach an island in the middle of the Nile River.The middle provided the group with a LOT of food. Salva was eating a sugar cane. He really enjoyed it but it reminded him of the mangoes his dad always brought home. It made Salva a little sad and worried about his family.
  • Salva Chapter 9

    Salva Chapter 9
    The conflict shown that Salva has to face is character vs. nature. Salva and the group he is walking with has to deal with the heat of the desert and has to deal with dehydration. A few people in Salva's group collapse to the ground.
  • Salva Chapter 12

    Salva Chapter 12
    The changes that Salva goes through in this chapter is that he has to live alone, without his family. He said that his family would want him to go on.
  • Six years Later Salva 1991

    Six years Later Salva 1991
    The refugee camp is closing. Salva has also changed a lot. But, his life hasn't really changed. In the beginning of the book, people have been shooting people and scaring them off to get out of the village. Now, the same thing is happening. People have came to the refugee camp and started shooting and pushing them back to Sudan.They will have to cross the Gilo River. The Gilo river has many currents and crocodiles.
  • Salva Chapter 6

    Salva Chapter 6
    Salva finds out that the person he saw was his uncle. Salva explains what happened when he ran towards the bush from the school. Salva figures that the group he is traveling with sees his uncle as a leader. Salva falls asleep from being exhausted and in the morning his uncle wakes him up. Salva hears someone crying. His uncle was talking about Marial. Something happened to Marial.
  • Salva Chapter 10

    Salva Chapter 10
    Salva and his uncle talk about how Salva won't have any family in the refugee camp. Uncle says he will make friends and have sort of a family. Then, a group of six people from the Nuer tribe. They tied his Salva's uncle to a tree, took a gun, and shot him three times. They killed him.
  • Salva Chapter 11 Southern Sudan and Ethiopia

    Salva Chapter 11 Southern Sudan and Ethiopia
    Salva shows perseverance when he walks faster and stronger after they buried his uncle. He knew that his uncle and Marial would never walk with him ever again. He knew that they would've wanted him to survive and finish the trip. Salva wants to prove the people wrong who think he is weak and useless. He didn't give up to find his family.
  • Salva, Ethiopia-Sudan-Kenya, 1992

    Salva, Ethiopia-Sudan-Kenya, 1992
    Salva faces many challenges in this chapter. One of the challenges he faced was crossing the Gilo River. Salva had to swim across the river for safety. There were many crocodiles and the currents were very strong. As he was swimming across, someone grabbed onto Salva. Then, the boy was shot and Salva made it across. A group of boys was walking with him and he became the leader. He then was in charge of their safety. He had to get all the boys to a refugee camp in Kenya.
  • Salva Chapter 14, Kenya 1992-1994

    Salva Chapter 14, Kenya 1992-1994
    Salva is now 22 and he was staying at a refugee camp in Kenya called the Kakuma camp. Not a lot of people liked it. He spent years there. Is was in the middle of the dry, windy dessert. The locals stole from them and people were killed.
  • Salva Chapter 14, Kenya 1996

    Salva Chapter 14, Kenya 1996
    Salva started bad. He lost his family and had to travel without them. Now, he was going to New York, America!
  • Salva Chapter 15, New York

    Salva Chapter 15, New York
    Salva showed perseverance when he knew that he would have to leave his old life and live his new one in New York.
  • Salva Chapter 16, Rochester, New York 1996-2003

    Salva goes through character vs self. Salva has to make a big decision when he finds out his father was in the hospital. He has to decide if he should go back to Africa to find his father. He isn't sure if he will make it too late.
  • Salva Chapter 17, Sudan and Rochester, New York 2003-2007

    Salva finds his father in the hospital and at first, his father doesn't recognize him, then he does. He explains how Salva's family is back at the village and that everyone there thought Salva didn't survive. Salva's father wouldn't let him see his mother because there still is a war going on. It was too risky. All of Salva's sisters survived but of the three brothers, only Ring survived. When Salva went back to Rochester, he came up with an idea. (1st post)
  • Salva Chapter 17, Sudan and Rochester, New York 2003-2007

    Salva Chapter 17, Sudan and Rochester, New York 2003-2007
    Salva started working and thinking harder about his idea. Many people wanted to join in and help. He wanted to raise money for the project. He started going to schools and talking to them about a fundraiser for Southern Sudan. Every time he lost hope, he would repeat his uncle's words in his head. (Part 2)
  • Southern Sudan, 2008

    Southern Sudan, 2008
    Nya is an 11 year old girl who lives in Southern Sudan and is going somewhere with an empty bucket
  • Nya

    Nya has no shoes on and on the way to her destination, she gets a thorn stuck in foot.
  • Nya 2008

    Nya 2008
    Nya just got to the water. The people in the part of Africa that she lives in drinks dirty, brown water from a pond/lake. She fills up the container and takes it back home on her head,
  • Nya 2008

    Nya 2008
    Nya finally gets home and her mom feeds her. Then she helps her little brother walk. After that she has to get more water from the pong.
  • Nya Chapter 5

    Nya Chapter 5
    Nya explains what she has to do to get water. It is very hard because it's mud. Nya has to dig arm length into the ground until she finds water. Then, she has to fill up her bucket and bring it home. She has to do this for 5 months every year.
  • Chapter 7 Nya

    Nya's little sister Akeer, was getting sick. She had cramps, then a bellyache, then diarrhea. They were thinking about going to a medical clinic a few days' walk away.
  • Nya Chapter 8

    Nya Chapter 8
    Nya's parents decided to take Akeer to the medical center. After two doses of medicine, she looked and felt like her old self again. When it is rain season again and her family returns to the village, they would boil the water so all the diseases aren't in it anymore. But then, Nya was worrying about what they would do during the dry season next year, and the year after that.
  • Nya Chapter 9

    Nya Chapter 9
    It was almost time to go back to the camp. A group of visitors were talking and she asked her brother what they were talking about. I predict they are talking about how to give the people clean water.
  • Nya Chapter 10

    Nya Chapter 10
    I think the strange men that Nya sees are talking about how they will get clean water that won't make people sick.
  • Nya Chapter 11

    Nya Chapter 11
    Nya finds it hard to believe that there is water in her village because the ground between the trees were dry and rick-hard.
  • Nya, 2009 Chapter 12

    Nya, 2009 Chapter 12
    When Nya brings up the "iron giraffe", she means a crane. She is saying it is a giraffe and not a crane because she has never seen one before.
  • Nya Chapter 6

    Nya Chapter 6
    Nya likes the place they stay at during the dry season because she doesn't have to make two long trips during the day. Nya's mom on the other hand doesn't like it. They have no actual shelter and she has a look of fear whenever Nya's brother and dad go to hunt. She always thinks that they could get hurt.
  • Nya, Southern Sudan 2009 Chapter 13

    Nya, Southern Sudan 2009 Chapter 13
    Nya was watching the crew. Nya was watching them as they kept patching a leak. She knew who the boss was though. Nya thought that the boss was a hard worker and kept the others working.
  • Nya Chapter 14, Southern Sudan

    Nya Chapter 14, Southern Sudan
    The men's idea worked. The whole village was cheering and laughing. Nya was really excited. But then, she realized that the water wasn't clear or clean water. It was muddy water.
  • Nya Chapter 15, 2009, Southern Sudan

    Dep explains to her how they still have to grow through a process that will take a few days. They will have to put a pipe through the ground and add cement around it. That will take a few days.
  • Nya Chapter 16 Southern Sudan

    Nya found her father and asked him what he was doing. He was clearing the land for something special.
  • Nya Chapter 17, Southern Sudan

    Nya Chapter 17, Southern Sudan
    Nya had figured out from her father that they were clearing up the land to build a school for both girls and boys. From the news, she was very excited!!
  • Nya Chapter 18, Southern Sudan

    Nya Chapter 18, Southern Sudan
    The well was finally done, the Elm Street School raised most of the money for this well to be completed. The difference between the well water and the pond water was that the pond water was warm and muddy and the well water was cool and clear. In a few more days, the school will be done and Nya and her siblings will be able to go to school. The village is thinking about making a market place and a medical clinic. Nya then figures out that Salva is from the Dinka tribe and she thanks him.