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A Long Way Gone

By delos98
  • Cgapter 1

    Cgapter 1
    Ishmael goes on about his life before the RUF had attacked his village. Where he had always practiced with his friends for talent shows and was know as a "troublemaker". He had a constant glow, always smiling but that was until the war had come to him. Everything had changed. Him and his friends were seperated from their families during the raid.
  • Chapter 2

    Chapter 2
    Ishmael begins having troubles sleeping at night as he is being overwhelmed by the images of all the people he had witnessed dying and of those that are already dead every time he closes his eyes.These terrors haunt him everyday.
  • chapter 3

    Ishmael and his friends sty in Mattru Jong and yet to hear any news some of their families in other villages. But then a messenger arrives describing the events that took pace and the condtion of the attacked villages. Which was where their families live in.
  • Chapter 4

    Ishmael and them all departed from Mattru Jong and began to venture off together in search of safety and their families after hearing that some had escaped the ambush. There were many long days of hunger as no one would sell to them.
  • Chapter 6

    Their group was often viewed as a threat so that every time they would arrive to a village the whole community would be in high alert. Some would even attempt to capture them to kill them. Every arrival in a new village they'd be interrogated as people were paranoid that they may be involved with the RUF.
  • Chapter 5

    Through the long days of starvation the group's survival instincts came out as they ambushed a boy they spotted eating some corn.Their hunger drove them to return to Mattru Jong even through that meant they'd be putting their lives at extreme risk. However, they were to overcome by their hunger to care enough.
  • chapter 7

    The one night during their stay in Kamator the rebels had decided to raid the homes of those living in the Kamator. Several were killed, many fleeted to the rivers and bush for safety. During the raid Ishmael was seperated from the others. However you soon after reunited with Kalako. Once the coast was clear Ishmael and his friends returned to the village to see what kindof damage the rebels had caused.
  • Chapter 8

    Ishmael was now alone. Travelling from village to village that no longer occupied by the living but the deceased. He then finds himself in a great forest where he is unable to escape from. He accepts this and creates a home for himself doing what is required in surviving.
  • Chapter 8

    The solitary life he has been living was getting overwhelming and attempts once again escape the forest in which he was successful in doing so. He then met up with a group of boys who allow him to join their group.
  • Chapter 9

    The group found a village along the ocean which was ghostly quiet. However it was so the villagers were to ambush the children and tie them up as prisoner. They took the boys' shoes and forced them to vacate their village. Where they had to walk on the burning sand that caused their feet to peel. After a bit of walking they finally found a sort of shelter where the owner took care of them while their feet were healing. The word of the boys' presence near the village spread.
  • Chapter 9

    The villagers caught them, tied them up and interrogated them. They were almost killed until Ishmael proved their innocence, that they were not at all invovled with the RUF. Just children trying to get by each day. As soon as the chief realized such the boys were sent on their way.
  • Chapter 10

    Ishmael was once again haunted by the horrors he's witnessed.
    The boys continue travelling from village to village and find an abandoned where they began to share their stories with the rebels that brought them to that point in their life. During their travels they ate a fallen bird. Saidu became quite ill unable to respond. After they arrived in a welcoming village that night Saidu passed away.
  • Chapter 11

    They arrived at a village where they've told their family fleeted to and met Gasemu (old friend) who then lead them to where their family are living. However, as they were about to approach the village the RUF attacks the whole village before their eyes. There were no survivors. Gasemu attempted to hide the boys but Ishmael ran to the village to see his family. Gasemu ran after him and died after his attempt to protect the children.
  • Chapter 12

    The boys are taken to a military occupied village by soldiers. They were assigned to complete daily chores. It was a nice little haven from the war. But then one day the village was surrounded by rebels ready to fire. The military was losing and so they gave the boys and men a choice: join and fight or attempt to leave and be killed on on site. This was the day Ishmael had officially become a child soldier.
    Training started immediately.
  • Chapter 13

    Their day off was quickly interrupted by their duty as a soldier. They were given tablets that were said to increase their energy as they fought. Ishmael lost two of his close friends during this gunfight which caused something to snap in Ishmael. He became numb, no mercy or remorse for those he killed. No hesitation to kill. He had become a killing machine.
  • Chapter 14

    Ishmael had become dependent on drugs, the white talbets, marijuana and the "brown brown" whcich is the mixture of cocaine and gun powder. Each day they would ingest drugs and watch violent movies such as Rambo. Once resources would run low they would raid a village occupied by rebels. This was also the time Ishmael was rewarded for the slitting a man's throat the quickest. He was officially known as junior lieutenant.
  • Chapter 15

    The squad became his family. Him and his gun were one. He killed anything that moved without a second thought. He was a killing machine in the state of mind where you kill or be kiiled.
    One day UNICEF arrived and took Ishmael with a couple others to a rehabilitation. Away from the war.
  • Chapter 16

    The boys would constantly attack the staff. They were out of control and very dangerous especially as they were going through withdrawal of their drugs. The staff consistently treated the boys with kindness. Ishmael and Mambu sold the supplies the rehabilitation had given them to pay or their fare to the city.
    Ishmael would constantly have flashbacks of what he had done as a soldier.
  • Chapter 17

    After several weeks of refusal in opening up the nurse finally made a breakthrough after she gave him a walkman with rap songs. Ishmael began sharing memories of his life as a child befoe the war and as a soldier.
    He began returning to his ways before the war had reached his village.
  • Chapter 18

    Observers of the UNICEF organization came to visit the rehabilitation center where the boys set up a talent show for the visistors.
    Ishmael's case worker was able to find his Uncle Tommy. Their relationship over his Uncle's visits grew immensely.
  • Chapter 19

    It was time for Ishmael to leave with Tommy to live in his new home. He had some difficulties integrating in such a lifestyle since he has been deprived of one for long.
    He had began getting involved with girls however he would struggle maintaining relationships as they would ask him personal questions he was unable to answer.
    Ishmael has an interview to see if he could go to the UN in NYC as the voice of those living in Sierra Leone.
  • Chapter 20

    He arrived in New York hypnotized by the sights around him.
    At the cnference he learned of many others having their childhood stolen from them becuase of the wars taking place in their countries.
  • Chapter 21

    After returning to Sierra Leone he attends school where everyone has become aware of his past as a soldier and dare not to get close to him.
    Not too long after the RUF overthrows the government and takes charge of the capital. The war following Ishmael wherever he goes. After his uncle passed he called Laura who he became close with at NYC. SHe helped him escape Sierra Leone into Guinea.