A Long Walk To Water

By cayp
  • Salva-chapter two

    He met with his tribe and went walking with them, they left him after the second day
  • Salva-chapter eleven

    Salva had become more strong after Uncle's death. His group had been treating him badly, and he wanted to prove them wrong by being strong, it shows perseverance. At the refugee camp, he was separated from his group, and he was determined to find his family.
    He had thought he found his mother, and followed after her.
  • Salva-chapter one

    Salva lost his family when he left school to run from the war.
  • Salva-chapter three

    He met an old woman at a barn, he stayed until she had to move. Some people let him stay with him, they were from his tribe, so they walked with eachother.
  • Salva-chapter four

    The men accepted Salva, and continued on. Salva and Buska found honey to eat.
  • Salva-chapter five

    Salva met a friend, his name is Marial. Marial and Salva are both looking for their parents, they walk together.
  • Salva-chapter six

    Salva met his Uncle, and he is so excited. His Uncle shot a Topi for himself and the rest of the group. They all ate. However, everyone got sick. Marial died from being attacked by a lion at night.
  • Salva-chapter seven

    Salva is pacing around in circles, he's mourning Marial so much. Salva is so worried about him that he couldn't leave his Uncle's side.
    The group had to make canoes to go by boat, it took two full days.
  • Salva-chapter eight

    Salva got stung by extreme amounts of mosquitos at night, the whole group did not sleep. They traded with fishermen, they suggested they should grab water while they can.
  • Salva-chapter nine

    There is a character vs nature conflict shown in chapter nine. Salva and his group had barely any water, it was extremely hot, and some people even passed out. It made it extremely hard for Salva to keep walking.
  • Salva-chapter ten

    When men approached Salva's group, they robbed them, took his Uncle's gun and then shot his Uncle. The group mourned Uncle, and they didn't walk for the rest of the day.
  • Salva-chapter twelve

    Salva realized that the woman was not his mother.
    Six years pass while he is in the camp.
    Rumors went around the camp about how the camp will be closing. Not only that camp, but all of them.
    Salva is now seventeen.
    The rumors could be real, as the Ethiopian government was becoming worse.
    There were men that showed up, yelling at them to move back to Sudan. They had to cross the Gilo.
  • Salva-chapter thirteen

    The soldiers forced them to go with their guns, and shooting into the air. A boy clung onto Salva, and pushed him under water to save him from gun shots. He was lucky to survive across the river, thousands died trying to swim across.
    He walked with other boys, Salva became the leader.
  • Salva-chapter fourteen

    Salva left the camp, however, the other camp was the same. Through the years of staying at those camps, he learned some English. He met a man named Michael, an aid worker. Michael taught classes to Salva, to teach him English. He wanted to learn English before Michael left the camp. Salva had become more determined to learn, more eager to do things as he became older, he was tired of waiting to do things, so he took action.
  • Salva-chapter fourteen(2)

    Salva had been anxiously waiting to be chosen to go to America, he hoped and waited for days. One day, Michael had run up to Salva, yelling that Salva's name was on the list. Salva read that he was going to New York, in America! He was overjoyed, and he couldn't wait to go.
  • Salva-chapter fifteen

    Salva went on a plane from Nairobi to Frankfurt, then to New York. He met his family after it had landed, and he had gotten more clothes from his family. As he walked out of the airport, he started to tear up, thinking about Sudan, and his old family.
    Salva shows perseverance in this chapter by sitting through the long flights, and being in a new environment for the first time. He is worried, and excited at the same time.
  • Salva-chapter sixteen

    Salva is adjusting to the new climate, and the new environment. He notices how different it is from Sudan. He was bewildered, but his new family helped him. They were patient.
    Salva, now living in Rochester for six years, is going to college, he decided to study business. He wants to return to Sudan, to help people someday.
    Someone had found his father, he wanted to know where he is. He planned to go to Sudan. Everything was the same when he came back, as if he had left yesterday.
  • Salva-chapter sixteen (2)

    Salva goes through a character vs nature. He is not used to the environment, but he is adjusting to it. His father is getting surgery, it took months before he could see his father, hours and hours to get through customs, and planes.
  • Salva-chapter seventeen

    When Salva had met with his father, his father began to cry when he knew who Salva was. He was very happy. His father had blessed him with water, when someone is lost, and found again.
    Only one of his brothers survived the war.
    Salva spoke to a cafeteria of children, and there were about 100 people. He was extremely nervous, but he kept on talking, he wanted to build a project for southern Sudan.
  • Nya-chapter ten

    The strange men might be taking water and digging for it in the center of the camp fire. They might want it for their own gain.
  • Nya-chapter one

    Nya-chapter one
    When Nya's journey began. She went to get water.
  • Nya-chapter two

    Nya is stung by a rose thorn and stops.
  • Nya-chapter three

    Nya was finally at the lake, however she was still sore. She had gotten the water, she is going to go back home now.
  • Nya-chapter four

    Nya's mom got the water from Nya, she gave Nya and Akeer food to eat. Nya has to make this journey every day.
  • Nya-chapter five

    Nya's family moved to the lake due to dry season. Nya got the dirty water for her whole family to drink.
  • Nya-chapter six

    Nya had been coming to the lake for generations. Nya did not have to walk far to get water, though she had to dig. They are scared to lose someone due to the Dinka being near them.
  • Nya-chapter seven

    Nya is worried for Akeer, because of the dirty water, she had gotten ill. She doesn't know when Akeer will be fine again.
  • Nya-chapter eight

    Nya was relieved, Akeer was back to normal. The nurse suggested that they boil the water for a count of 200 before drinking it, if it is dirty. Nya states it is hard for her and Akeer to do this.
  • Nya-chapter nine

    Strange men show up to Nya's village. Nya was shy, she did not go up.
  • Nya-chapter eleven

    She notices that there is only but dry land when the men dig. She and others are doubtful of the water.
  • Nya-chapter twelve

    Nya meant a tall drill that was brought by the men. The men also brought two trucks and more men.
    There were women and villagers that helped them by bringing rocks, and tools. Nya is skeptical of them.
  • Nya-chapter fourteen

    For days, All Nya could hear where sounds of drills. The men had found water, as it shot up into the air. It brought happiness to everyone, a woman began singing, and people began clapping.
    However, the water wasn't clean, it was brown, and full of mud. She was disappointed.
  • Nya-chapter fifteen

    Nya's village could not have the muddy water, however, the village leader said it was okay, as they are going to have to dig more. Nya had to fetch water for her family, still.
  • Nya-chapter sixteen

    Men went to Nya's home, and got her dad. Nya's father cleared land to build. Nya asked, and he said "Can't you guess?".
  • Nya-chapter seventeen

    Nya had guessed that her father was building a school, and she was right! He was. They had built a well before this, so, nobody would have to walk far. Even girls could start going to school.
    Nya was extremely excited to learn how to read and write.
  • Nya-chapter thirteen

    Nya was watching the men work, she noticed that they patched leaks every now and then. They became discouraged and frustrated. However, they kept drilling on. She was still confused.
  • Nya-chapter eighteen

    The well was finally finished, so they could easily get water. It was clean, and cold, it was not muddy and warm like it used to be.
    People from far away went to their village to get to the well.
    Her father had told her that the people were Dinka, the people that were helping her out, and she was shocked. Nya walked up to a man. She introduced herself, and he told her that he was Salva.
    I expected them to meet even though there is an age difference. ( I think ).