Whte Death (Vinícius Antunes e Pedro H Antunes)

  • Chapter 1 (Page 1)

    Chapter 1 (Page 1)
    All started when Anna Harland was knocking on the prison door.
  • Chapter 1 (Page 4)

    Chapter 1 (Page 4)
    When she enterned, she saw her daughter Sarah and they sat to talk about why Sarah was in the prison.
  • Chapter 1 (page 6)

    Chapter 1 (page 6)
    Sarah told that was in the prison because the police found heroin in her bag in the airport but wasn´t of Sarah.
  • Chapter 1 (Page 6)

    Chapter 1 (Page 6)
    Sarah too told that was with her boyfriend Hassan aand her ex-boyfriend Stephen Too was in the airport but Sarah didn´t know why he was there.
  • Chapter 2 (Page 9)

    Chapter 2 (Page 9)
    After talking to Sarah , Anna went to talk with the inspector Aziz.
  • Chapter 2 (Page 9)

    They started to talk about Sarah and Hassan. Anna was always telling that her daughter was innocent.
  • Chapter 2 (Page 10)

    Inspector Aziz read the rap sheet of Hassan.
  • Chapter 2 (Pages 10-11)

    Chapter 2 (Pages 10-11)
    Thge rap sheet wasn´t good. There said that Hassan hit a police car and the police car went to the river.
  • Chapter 3 (Page11)

    Chapter 3 (Page11)
    Anna Harland went to the court. She was first there.
  • Chapter 3 (Page 14 )

    Chapter 3 (Page 14 )
    A policeman showed three tubes of toothpaste but there wasn´t toothpaste, there was heroin.
  • Chapter 3 (Page 16)

    Mr. Cheng (Hassan and Sarah lawyer) discussed with the policeman because Hassan didn´t do that.
  • Chapter 3 (Page 19)

    Stephen enterned into the court and sat beside Anna. -Mrs. Harland! It´s good see you!-He said.
  • Chapter 4 (Page 23)

    Sarah said that Stephen was different and she hate him.
  • Chapter 4 (Page 24)

    Chapter 4 (Page 24)
    Anna went to talk to Aziz about a phone call someone made before the airplane arrive. The call said that would have heroin in the airplane.
  • Chapter 4 (Page 26)

    Chapter 4 (Page 26)
    Hassan said Sarah was in a difficult time with Stephen and he helped her and then they started dating.
  • Chapter 4 (Page 28)

    The police lawyer didn´t belive in Hassan.
  • Chapter 5 (Page 29)

    Chapter 5 (Page 29)
    Stephen said he wanted Hassan to die.
  • Chapter 5 (Page 30)

    Chapter 5 (Page 30)
    Anna noticed that Shtephen was different, his face was red and he was moving quickly .
  • Chapter 5 (Page 31)

    Anna invited Stephen to discover who made the phone call, but Stephen rejected.
  • Chapter 5 (Page 31)

    Stephen said that he would meet a friend.
  • Chapter 6 (Page 33)

    Chapter 6 (Page 33)
    Sarah told to her mother she is going to have a baby with Hassan.
  • Chapter 6 (Page 31)

    After the court, Anna went to the prision to see Sarah.
  • Chapter 6 (Page 33)

    Anna said that they can´t kill her if she waiting for a baby, but that doesn´t help hassan.
  • Chapter 6 (Page 34)

    Anna left the prision.
  • Chapter 7 (Page 35)

    Next morning Anna entered in Stephen room in the hotel.
  • Chapter 7 (Page 36)

    Stephen said that he was in Hassan and Sarah hotel before they travel.
  • Chapter 7 (Page 37)

    Anna accused Stephen for put heroin in their bags, and stephen tried to run to the door.
  • Chapter 7 (Page 37)

    Stephen said he wanted Hassan to die and opened the door but Aziz was there.
  • Chapter 8 (Page 38)

    Chapter 8 (Page 38)
    In the same morning Sarah and Hassan were free.
  • Chapter 8 (Page 38)

    Sarah asked how her mother knew about Stephen, And Aziz said that her mother noticed that Stephen was different.
  • Chapter 8 (Page 40)

    Chapter 8 (Page 40)
    Anna said that she would go to England to talk to Stephen´s mother and father that Stephen would be judged, and explain all the situation.
  • Chapter 8 (Page 40)

    Chapter 8 (Page 40)
    Everyone was happy, and Anna said that now she wanted to take a cold drink with Sarah and Hassan to know him better!