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The Giver Timeline

  • Chapter One {River Path & Jonas’ Dwelling}:

    Chapter One {River Path & Jonas’ Dwelling}:
    Jonas recalled the memory of an unidentified aircraft flying over the community. He is trying to piece together his feelings of apprehensiveness today using the feeling of the citizens then: fright.
  • Chapter Two {Jonas’ Dwelling}:

    Chapter Two {Jonas’ Dwelling}:
    Jonas talked with his parents about the upcoming Ceremony Of Twelve, one at which he would receive his Assignment. He is reassured ​but still does not have an idea of what his Assignment may be.
  • Chapter Three {Jonas’ Dwelling}:

    Chapter Three {Jonas’ Dwelling}:
    Jonas’ family unit receives an ‘Uncertain’ child named Gabriel who will be staying with them to enhance the newchild’s growth. Also, Jonas recalls of when an apple changed in his sight a month ago, a perplexing scene that confused him greatly but had no effect on his peer, ​Asher.
  • Chapter Four {House of The Old}:

    Chapter Four {House of The Old}:
    Jonas spends his volunteer hours at the House of The Old with his friends Asher and Fiona, talking to a woman named Larissa about the morning’s release.
  • Chapter Five {Jonas’ Dwelling}:

    Chapter Five {Jonas’ Dwelling}:
    At the morning dream-time ritual, Jonas recounts his dream of Fiona the night before. He is given his pill for the ‘Stirrings.’
  • Chapter Six {The Auditorium}:

    Chapter Six {The Auditorium}:
    That day Jonas and his peers watched with the community the Ceremonies of 1-11s proceed. Ceremonies such as the Nines receiving their bicycles or Ones receiving families and a name.
  • Chapter Seven {The Auditorium}:

    Chapter Seven {The Auditorium}:
    All of Jonas’ peers received their Assignment, but the Chief Elder skipped Jonas. Jonas is confused and ashamed.
  • Chapter Eight {The Auditorium}:

    Chapter Eight {The Auditorium}:
    The Chief Elder apologizes for making the community and Jonas uncomfortable. She announces that Jonas has been selected to be The Receiver Of Memory. This honorable job requires intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and the Capacity to See Beyond.
  • Chapter Nine {Jonas’ Dwelling}:

    Chapter Nine {Jonas’ Dwelling}:
    Jonas feels separate and different. He reads over his surprising rules that allow rudeness and lying. His training will be alone and apart.
  • Chapter Ten {The Annex}:

    Chapter Ten {The Annex}:
    Jonas has his first day of training with the Giver. He is perplexed by the ideas the Giver is producing: downhill, snow, sled.
  • Chapter Eleven {The Annex}:

    Chapter Eleven {The Annex}:
    The Giver transmits a memory of snow to Jonas. The Giver also explains why the community does not have things such as snow, sleds, and hills.
  • Chapter Twelve {The Annex}:

    Chapter Twelve {The Annex}:
    The Giver explains what seeing beyond for Jonas is: seeing colors. He also describes what colors are.
  • Chapter Thirteen {The Annex; Outside Hall of Open Records, Dwelling}:

    Chapter Thirteen {The Annex; Outside Hall of Open Records, Dwelling}:
    Jonas learns why people aren’t free to make their own choices in the community, and why the community needs a Receiver. He also tries to share his experience with his friends and family.
  • Chapter 14 {Annex; Dwelling}:

    Chapter 14 {Annex; Dwelling}:
    The Giver exposes pain to Jonas by transmitting to him harsh memories of injury. Jonas feels lonely. That night he transmits a memory of a sailboat to Gabe to help him sleep, and Jonas is frightened by the power he has discovered.
  • Chapter 15 {Annex}:

    Chapter 15 {Annex}:
    The Giver is tortured with a memory of war ​and is regretful when he transmits this awful memory to Jonas.
  • Chapter 16 {Annex; Dwelling}

    Chapter 16 {Annex; Dwelling}
    Jonas experiences happy memories of individualism and most meaningfully, love. He wants there to be love in the community like there was in Giver's favorite memory. Jonas also stopped taking his ‘Stirring’ pills.
  • Chapter 17 {Playing Field}:

    Chapter 17 {Playing Field}:
    The day is an unscheduled holiday. Jonas recognizes a game of bad guys and good guys as war ​and feels gloomy and alone with knowledge.
  • Chapter 18 {Annex}:

    Chapter 18 {Annex}:
    Jonas learns the story of the failed Receiver, Rosemary, and of the effect the debacle had on the community.
  • Chapter 19 {Annex}:

    Chapter 19 {Annex}:
    Jonas watches a twin’s release ​and learns that when the community ‘Releases’ someone, they are killing the community member.
  • Chapter 20 {Annex}:

    Chapter 20 {Annex}:
    The Giver and Jonas form a plan that will bring back the memories to the people ​so that they will have choices, colors, and emotions. The catch is that Jonas will have to leave the community
  • Chapter 21 {Dwelling, Community}:

    Chapter 21 {Dwelling, Community}:
    T​heir meticulously thought through plan falls apart when Jonas leaves with Gabriel the next night instead of the planned date, as Gabriel would’ve been released in the morning.
  • Chapter 22 {Outside Community}:

    Chapter 22 {Outside Community}:
    The journey of hiding and sleeping during the day, riding through the night, becomes automatic. The landscape changes: there are hills, wildlife, and different foliage. Jonas and Gabe are starving and weak.
  • Chapter 23 {Outside Community}:

    Chapter 23 {Outside Community}:
    Jonas walks through the snow up a hill. At the top, using a “special knowledge inside of him,” Jonas finds a sled, and he recalls his family, friends, and the Giver. With joyous feeling, he and Gabe start down the hill, hearing music and seeing lights ahead.