The hoobit

The Hobbit (J.R.R. TOLKIEN)

  • Party time!

    Party time!
    Chapter 1 Bilbo Baggins is having an unexpected party with the other dwarves... Who in the world would've done this?
  • The adventure baggins...

    The adventure baggins...
    Chapter 2 After Bilbo realizes that Gandalf organised the party, they set off on an adventure... To find and kill the evil dragon Smaug and restore peace to all lands.
  • You're roast mutton!

    You're roast mutton!
    Chapter 2 Along with the other 13 dwarves;Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Kili, Fili, Bombar, Ori, Dori, Nori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur and Bofur they found themselves begging Bilbo to pickpocket the three trolls sitting near the fire.Finally, Bilbo accepted the challenge and went for the steal... But everything went horribly wrong. He was caught by the trolls and they were going to eat him but suddenly, out of nowhere the group came up and attacked the trolls.
  • A short rest

    A short rest
    Chapter 3 The group stops by to rest at Elrond's (the elfen king in "Lord of the rings") house (or city) but they're getting a treat because there is a lovely dinner served at the dinner table. After that they set off to resume there journey...
  • The Goblin King

    The Goblin King
    Chapter 4 There was a huge storm so they took shelter and fell asleep in a cave (wich kili and fili found) but Gandalf was worried about goblins that live in caves. Bilbo had a nightmare. The goblins attacked and took them all to the Goblin King. The Goblin king took a look at Thorins sword and said "catch them!" They tried to escape but unfortunately Bilbo fell into a small cave, hit his head and fell unconscious .
  • Riddlesis in the dark

    Riddlesis in the dark
    Chapter 5 Bilbo finds himself in a cave with a pale monster lurking in the dark. He is scuffling the ground to touch his way when he finds a small metal ring on the ground.They did a riddle comp.Bilbo won. His riddle was "what do I have in my pocket", gollum got angry and said "what do you have in your pocket"Bilbo put the ring on and the next thing he new he was invisible. Gollum tried to find him but accidently led him to the entrance of the cave.
  • Lord of the Eagles

    Lord of the Eagles
    Chapter 6 While the group was getting attacked by trolls the giant eagles went to their rescue. Later they got dropped of at Beorn's house to stay there for a while.
  • Goodbye Gandalf

    Goodbye Gandalf
    Chapter 7 After the stay Beorn says farewell as the group leaves into misty mountains. They were halfway and had to send there ponies back. But also had to send Gandalf back even if they did'nt want to...
  • Sting

    Chapter 8 Beorn told them about a river that put's people to sleep.They were hungry and kept seeing elve's eating. Gandalf told them not to go off track but they did. It was dark, they found themselves lost screaming out eachothers name's. Bilbo was stuck in the king spider's web. He got out he was proud doing it alone and named his sword "Sting". The group was soon captured but not Bilbo. Bilbo saved them and then Thorin got caught by the elvenking.
  • Barrel's of wine

    Barrel's of wine
    Chapter 9 Soon the group gets caught but Bilbo puts hi ring on so tht he can follow them. Later he finds a plan to get out of the mess and creeps down to the prison gates and tells the others. Thery broke out and got into the wine barrels that the elves had finished drinking. They travel to the Long lake were the Esgaroth tribe live. Soon they are out of Mirkwood.
  • King under the mountain

    King under the mountain
    Chapter 10 Fili,Kili, thorin and Bilbo go first into the village and Thorin introduces himself as the king under the mountain. He demands to be taken to the king and introduces himself again as the king under the mountain. The king gives them four seats of honor. Everyone is suddenly happier including the group but Bilbo could'nt enjoy this moment because he had a cold.
  • Misty Mountains

    Misty Mountains
    Chapter 11 They find the door for the mountains and used tools to try and open it but it wouldn't budge. Bilbo thought about how to open it and had an idea. He gathered the team and told the that they should try when the moon comes. They did. The key hole lit and Bilbo told thorin to use his key where the magical key hole was . They did and it opened. Into a dark tunnel...
  • Smaug meets Bilbo

    Smaug meets Bilbo
    Chapter 12 The hobbit enters to take a look he put his ring on. Smaug was asleep and Bilbo stole the first thing he could see and fleed. Smaug roared and because he couldn't fit his head through the tunnel he went by the front. The group hurried into the cave. Soon Smaug went back to sleep and Bilbo went back in. Smaug was only lightly sleeping and woke up. They talked in riddles. He rolls over to show him his defense. Bilbo sees a weak spot on his belly.
  • The Arkenstone

    The Arkenstone
    Chapter 13 Bilbo clears the way from the dragon (that already left) and through the corridor filled with gold and gems. Bilbo finds the Arkenstone and puts it in his pocket. They got geared up with mail chans and helmets and weapons. Thorin says there's a climb about 5 hours from there to get a better view and be more safe.
  • The desolation of Smaug

    The desolation of Smaug
    Chapter 14 Smaug came to destroy the village of Esgaroth. The most bold men faced the dragon and the others fleed. Sending a volley of arrows non stop they were out. A bird told a warrior called Bard in the language of dale that he has a weak spot on the left of his chest. He only had one arrow left, his lucky one. He shot Smaug at his weak spot and later became king of the lost city of Dale, with workers and troops to help rebuild.
  • Roac the raven

    Roac the raven
    Chapter 15 The group gets to the top of the mountain and a carrion flies to them and tries to tell them something. One of the dwarves said "If only you could be a raven" because he could talk in raven. The bird flew and took a raven to translate. He said "Smaug is dead but a pack of elves coming to get some loot."Bard says he will not leave until they bargain, counting on the fact that they have a limited supplies.
  • The wait

    Chapter 16 While waiting for Dain they take turns for the watch. Thorin said something threatening if he finds the person that has the Arkenstone. So Bilbo offers to take Bomburs watch (of course he accepts) and slips on his ring with the Arkenstone in his hand. Goes down to the elvenking and Bard. Offers them the Arkenstone and in return let's them go.
  • Wars begin...

    Wars begin...
    Chapter 17 Thorin finds that Bilbo gave the Arkenstone to the enemies and shakes him madly. Dain finally came. Soon Gandalf interupts. He says that goblins are coming to take all the gold and at the same time have revenge on Thorin for killing many goblins. Thorin, Dain, The elvenking and Bard along with there armies fight to the death.
  • Farewell

    Chapter 18 Bilbo gets knocked out by a boulder. He wakes and there is someone wanting to take him somewhere. He sees Gandalf with a smil; he was happy to see him. Gandalf begs him to pardon himself with the Arkenstone business. So he does then Thorin dies. So did Fili and Kili. Beorn made a rampage for the goblin king, picked him up and killed him; The goblins fell back and soon the other side was wining. Bilbo said farewell and left with Beorn and Gandalf.
  • Things have changed

    Chapter 19 Gandalf had joined a wizard council. Bilbo passes next to a goblin cave and loots it. When he comes around the corner he sees his house and his stuff getting auctioned. He spends most of the gold on gifts. Gandalf and Balin pass by and sit down in Bilbo's house. Gandalf says that both Dale and Esgaroth succeded and grew from trade. The king of Esgaroth tried to steal money from the people of Dale and run to find him dead in the wild with his treasure.