Underground to canada


  • Chapter 1 (event 1)

    Word spread that a slave trader from deep South was coming to Masa Henson's Plantation to buy slaves.
  • Chapter 1 (event 2)

    Mammy Sally tells Julilly about Canada.How the law doesn't allow slavery there and when you travel North following the North Star, you can be free.
  • Chapter 2 (event 1)

    The slave trader arrives to Masa Henson's plantation to buy slaves from him.
  • Chapter 2 (event 2)

    The slave trader from the South buys slaves from Masa Henson including Julilly and she is seperated from Mammy Sally.
  • Chapter 3 (event 1)

    Julilly and the other children see a white man chopping trees and a young black boy working with him stacking the logs into a pile.
  • Chapter 3 (event 2)

    Julilly finds out that the black boy was not a slave of the white man and he was free. This led her to wondering if this had anything to do with Canada.
  • Chapter 4 (event 1)

    One day the wagon in which they were travelling in got stuck in a swamp and the swamp pulled Ben and Adam into the water.
  • Chapter 4 (event 2)

    Julilly got Lester's pride when she showed courage by getting Adam and Ben out of the swamp.
  • Chapter 5 (event 1)

    The slaves arrived at the Riley plantation. Julilly is impressed by the Big House which is very different to the one of Massa Henson's.
  • Chapter 5 (event 2)

    Julilly went to another field, away from Ben, Adam and Lester, and over there she meets Liza.
  • Chapter 6 (event 1)

    The first meal for Julilly at the Riley plantation was a corn meal mush. She stared in disbelief at how the children sucked and dipped in thier meal.
  • Chapter 6 (event 2)

    The harvesting of cotton began from before sun rise. The two girls worked the whole day. She protected Liza from Sims by overshadowing her.
  • Chapter 7 (event 1)

    Mr. Alexander Ross arrives at the Riley Plantation and tells that he is an ornithologist from Canada.
  • Chapter 7 (event 2)

    Mr. Ross holds Sims hands while he is about to whip Julilly and she is happy that Mr. Ross has saved her from Sims.
  • Chapter 8 (event 1)

    Julilly saw Mr. Ross going with Lester and Adam to the Piney Woods and disappear.
  • Chapter 8 (event 2)

    Julilly and Liza kept thinking about Canada and they made a plan to follow the North Star together.
  • Chapter 9 (event 1)

    Lester told Julilly that Mr. Ross was really there to free slaves and told Julilly to come for a meeting.
  • Chapter 9 (event 2)

    Julilly and Liza went into the Piney Woods and found Lester, Adam, Ben and Massa Ross there. He explained how to escape.
  • Chapter 10 (event 1)

    Julilly and Liza saw Massa Ross at the night of arrival as he explained the whole route to take and gave Julilly and Liza boys' clothes.
  • Chapter 10 (event 2)

    The four slaves began thier journey to Canada along the Mississippi River and soon they heard the sound of bloodhounds following them.
  • Chapter 11 (event 1)

    When the slaves reach Tennessee, they find a man in a wagon who tells them that Mr. Ross has been put to jail. He hides them under the canvas of his wagon.
  • Chapter 11 (event 2)

    People from the Henson Plantation stop the wagon and ask the driver whether he has seen slaves. They pull back the canvas to see only hay and they leave.
  • Chapter 12 (event 1)

    The four slaves and the Quacker Aboltionist stayed at a barn. Later, he gave them a compass, told them to go North-East and left them.
  • Chapter 12 (event 2)

    The slave traders found Lester and Adam and put them in chains right in front of Julilly and Liza as they ran away towards the East.
  • Chapter 13 (event 1)

    Julilly goes to the white farmer woman's house to get some food but is scarruns away after the woman points a gun at her and threatens to kill her.
  • Chapter 13 (event 2)

    Julilly and Liza meet the mennonites who help them in many ways by giving them food, shelter, clothes, a place to sleep and a hiding place from slave catchers.
  • Chapter 14 (event 1)

    Julilly and Liza find a free black man who doesn't offer any help but tells them how to find Jeb Brown's house.
  • Chapter 14 (event 2)

    Julilly and Liza find Jeb and Ella and they tell all about how they should run away and what are the terms of thier escape are.
  • Chapter 15 (event 1)

    Sherriff Starkey come to Jeb and Ella's house to find out whether the slaves are here. Meanwhile, Julilly and Liza hid in the secret room.
  • Chapter 15 (event 2)

    Jeb Brown took Julilly and Liza through a river to another man wating for them. He told them that they would reach the home of Levi Coffin
  • Chapter 16 (event 1)

    Julilly and Liza found the home of Levi Coffi and stayed there until a slave catcher came to thier home.
  • Chapter 16 (event 2)

    The slave catchers couldn't find the slaves and Levi Coffin gave the girls clothes and sent them
  • Chapter 17 (event 1)

    The girls found Massa Ross and he took them. He told them how Laster and Adam reached Canada but Ben died because of the chains.
  • Chapter 17 (event 2)

    Massa Ross lead the girls to the captain and the captain said that he would take them to the banks of Canada.
  • Chapter 18 (event 1)

    Two men who were slave catchers came to find slves but they failed because Julilly and Liza hid under a canvas.
  • Chapter 18 (event 2)

    The captain reached Canada and left Julilly and Liza there. The slave girls were very grateful to all the people of the undreground railway.