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Underground to Canada

  • Chapter One: The beginning

    Chapter One: The beginning
    In the story: Mammy Sally and Julilly are introduced. They are mother and daughter, slaves that work on a plantation belonging to an old man by the name of Jeb Hensen, where Julilly picks cotton in the fields and her mother Mammy Sally works in the kitchen of The Hensen's household.
  • Chapter One: Mammy Sally's secret

    One night, Mammy Sally took Julilly in her arms and coressed her wanting to tell her information on how to get to freedom, even though Julilly pops the question before she could say anything. She then explains to her daughter about a country named Canada where negros like her go for freedom, its a long journey and people have tried but got caught, others made their way and are now free. She also told her to pray hard for one day both of them will be free. Along to promise her not to tell a soul.
  • Chapter Two: Slaves for sale!

    Chapter Two: Slaves for sale!
    The next morning, Massa Jeb Hensen was taking by his wife to see a doctor for his check-up. Though all slaves knew they had to work even though he was gone, though there was a sign put up in front of the slave quarters saying that a slave buyer is coming to buy slaves to put on another plantation. Although Julily knew that she might get seperated from her mother because of this.
  • Chapter Two: Slaves for sale!

    The buyer son came to the Hensen's plantation and told all the slaves to line up outside in front. Julilly stayed with her mother, praying she don't get sold and taken away from her mom. One by one the buyer which was a big, fat, mean white man, taking only children from their mothers and commanding them to go into the wagon. He soon picked Julilly and she was taken away in the wagon hugging the children for dear life while it started to move and took one more glimpse of her mother until, nothin
  • Chapter Three: Free nigger boy & the Abolitionist

    Chapter Three: Free nigger boy & the Abolitionist
    Julilly cradled the little ones beside and comfort them as much as she can, knowing how scared they were just as much as she was. The cart stopped and the driver went to rest under a shady tree and the horse was at a pond drinking water with the fat mean white man with it. A nigger boy game with a white man to the wagon and gave Julilly and the other small children a drink of water until, the fat mean white man camed and shooed them away,Julilly couldn't believe that nigger boy was free.
  • Chapter Three & Four: Travelling

    In the wagon they still travel worried about what is going to proceed next and what is the mean fat white man going to do.
  • Chapter Five: Riley Plantation, Liza

    Chapter Five: Riley Plantation, Liza
    They finally reach the Riley plantation where they are bought and now work. Massa Riley tells the big, fat mean white man he calls Sims to take the slaves into their quarters. He does, soon after Julilly goes into her new cabin very plain and dusty and very different from her old one back on the other plantation. She is n ot welcomed but then sees a girl, kind of looks her age, sits beside and then the girl introduces herself as Liza, visa versa with Julilly and sat there in silence.
  • Chapter Six: Liza's welcomes, & the story behind

    Liza tells Julilly and teaches her all the ropes that happen on this plantation. Liza is the only one who welcomes and makes julilly feel welcome there. She explains why her back is bent, from beatings. She tried to escape but it didn't work out for her. She told Julilly about her life and everything, visa versa with Julilly. They also talk about how to deal with Old Sims. Julilly thought about her mother and how she missed her and sheaded a few tears. Julilly and Liza also talked about canada
  • Chapter Seven: Mr. Alexander Ross, the "Ornithologist"

    Chapter Seven: Mr. Alexander Ross, the "Ornithologist"
    The next morning, Julilly and Liza went to work, cotton picking in the fields. The heard rumours going around saying how a Old Sims, Massa Riley have a visiter named Mr. Alexander Ross, he was a ornithologist. That did happen, Julilly noticed he had reddish beard and mustache and hair. Until Lester a good friend of Julilly's met up with alexander ross and told her that he has come to free slaves from all around. And the ones he is here to help get free are Lester, Julilly, Liza and Adam.
  • Chapter Nine: Meeting in the woods with the "ornithologist"

    Mr. Ross tells Lester to gather his group and meet him in the woods at a certain time at night. He explains who he is, what he wants, and how he can help, everybody understood the plan of to escape and start their journey to freedom. Julilly then had hope that maybe she can see her mother again. Mr. Ross explained the plan and everyone is set, also conditions especially if something goes wrong.
  • Chapter Ten:The escape, dream coming true

    Chapter Ten:The escape, dream coming true
    The next day went fast with the jobs. As night fall came, just as massa ross said when they hear the sound of the whippoorwill 3 times they must meet up in the forest and Lester will lead the way and must always go North plus follow the North star in the sky for it leads to freedom. They followed the instructions from Lester and lost their scent in the water first so bloodhounds cant find them if they come. Julilly and Liza also had to change clothes and cut their hair to look like boys.
  • Chapter Twelve: Seperated, must continue!

    They have travelled far and wide in their journey, but when they fine somewhere to rest and get help from a farmer who has to leave them and go on his way, Lester and Adam go fishing in the river near by, and Julilly and Liza rest in the barn. They both then hear something coming and it was hunters, Julilly and Liza hid in the hay inside the barn, but Lester and Adam were captured and put into chains again. Julilly and Liza heard them walking away and snuck away from the barn ankept going north.
  • Chapter Thirteen:Got lucky once, luck gone again

    Chapter Thirteen:Got lucky once, luck gone again
    The girls continued their journey without Lester an Adam for they were captured. The girls walk the path and are on guard. They come into a field where cows are and there is village. A man finds them but is on their side and carries them to a cabin to get settled in with german people, who somewhat speak english. They wash up the girls and there clothes and sleep for the night.
  • Chapter Thirteen & Fourteen: Ride and whistle!

    The german women gave Julilly and Liza food before they went to bed. They also sat there and talked to them and told them that Lester and Adam escaped and came there and are continuing the journey and waiting for them to come. The girls were thrilled to hear that Lester and Adam were ok. That night Julilly and Liza prayed as always day and night and talked about Canada , Lester, Adam and Mammy Sally, how Julilly missed her.
  • Chapter Fourteen: Jeb brown & Ella brown

    Chapter Fourteen: Jeb brown & Ella brown
    The farmer also told the girls about Jeb brown, another freedom leader who has a cabin on the egde of the huge pond and when he finds runaway slaves heading towards canada he takes them in his boat to go to the destination of the the starter of this whole operation Mr. Levi Coffin. The girls soon enough meet up with Jeb and his wife in their cabin. They discuss everything and soon as everything goes well hunters come and ella hides the girls somewhere in the house so they cant find them.
  • Chapter Fifteen: Passed Ohio River! Next stop Mr.Levi Coffin!

    Chapter Fifteen: Passed Ohio River! Next stop Mr.Levi Coffin!
    They passed the Ohio River with Jeb. They reached and was riding in a carrigde with a white man as their driver which was obviously a Quaker. They reached broadway stree in Cincinati, and the Quaker dropped them off at Mr.Levi's house with his wife Katie. Of course in their house their was more black children being taken care of by another young girl. They talked to Levi about some of the things then they got a warning from somebody outside saying the hunters are here.
  • Chapter Fourteen: Their coming, run don's stop!

    Chapter Fourteen: Their coming, run don's stop!
    The girls flee from the german village for the hunters were looking around. The girls packed their things, got their blessings from the german white women, even though they never interacted with white folks. They soon got caught in the storm by the time it was over, they met a farmer that was black as coal walking on the path and gave them the last of his bread. When they heard hunters coming Julilly and Liza jumped in the crop field while the hunters asked the free black farmer questions.
  • Chapter Fifteen: Trouble a foot!

    Chapter Fifteen: Trouble a foot!
    Katie took Liza and Julilly upstairs in her room to hide them. The hunter came in her room but apologized for disturbing her and did not suspect a thing. When the hunters left Levi knew they were going to come back so he packed up Julilly and Liza and sent them in the same cart to go to the train station and hide in bags so they wouldn't think somebody was in there.
  • Chapter Seventeen: Cleveland train station, the underground railway!

    Chapter Seventeen: Cleveland train station, the underground railway!
    Levi sends the girls to Cleveland where there going to be put on a train in bags and then at a stop Mr.Ross will take them from there. When Massa Ross took them they try to tell him everything at one time and were glad he was free from jail. He told them how Lester made it to Freedom in Canada and has a job in St. Catherines....Adam died from his pain and injuries. He also told them they would be shippied to go across Lake Erie then reach Canada on a Abolition boat called the Mayflower.
  • Chapter Nineteen: Free at last, free at last, oh god almightey we are free at last!

    Chapter Nineteen: Free at last, free at last, oh god almightey we are free at last!
    The girls almost got caught by hunters before they reached Canada but made it and thanked god sooo much and everybody else. When they travelled through a one day journey to St. Catherines in Canada they met up with Lester and after all this time Julilly found Mammy Sally and reunited together and introduced Liza and now the are free and can live together as one and in peace.