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Notting Hill (Ana Santos)

  • Introduction

    • Anna Scott is a an American film star. She is very famous.
    • William is owns a small travel bookshop in Notting Hill in london.
  • Chapter 1 (p.1)

    Chapter 1 (p.1)
    It was a fine spring morning. William Thacker was looking out of his window, thinking about life.
  • Chaper 1 ( p.2)

    Chaper 1 ( p.2)
    A woman came into the shop.
  • Chapter 1 (p. 3)

    Chapter 1 (p. 3)
    William was sure that he knew.
  • Chapter 1 p. (4)

    Chapter 1 p. (4)
    Was the famous actress Anna Scott.
    they talked.
  • Chapter 2 (p.5)

    Chapter 2 (p.5)
    William thought would never see Anna
  • Chapter 2 (p.5)

    Chapter 2 (p.5)
    William left the café and hurried back to the bookshop with the orange juice. But as he turned the corner, he walked straight into a woman. The orange juice ran down her shirt.
  • Chapter 2 (p.6)

    Chapter 2 (p.6)
    William apologized and looked at her, it was not possible, was Anna Scott.
  • Chapter 2 (p 6,7)

    Chapter 2 (p 6,7)
    Anna went to william home to change his shirt. Anna kissed William.
  • Chapter 3 (p9)

    Chapter 3 (p9)
    William opened the windows and a bus passed with a wide range of Anna Scott. He kept thinking it.
  • Chapter 3 ( p.10)

    Chapter 3 ( p.10)
    William asked Spike if there was any message for him.
  • Chapter 3 (p.10)

    Chapter 3 (p.10)
    Spike said there was only one of his mother. But Spike had forgotten the message that Anna Scott had left.
  • Chapter 3 (p.11)

    Chapter 3 (p.11)
    Spike warns to William Anna's message, and then he picks up the phone and call her.
  • Chapter 4 ( p.11)

    Chapter 4 ( p.11)
    William arrived at the Ritz Hotel carrying some roses for Anna.
  • Chapter 4 (p.12)

    Chapter 4 (p.12)
    William went to the Ana apartment.
  • Chapter 4 (p.12)

    Chapter 4 (p.12)
    a woman answered the door and gave william one image with the new film Anna, helix.
  • Chapter 4. (p. 13)

    Chapter 4. (p. 13)
    Anna was giving an interview in his apartment.
  • Chapter 5 (p.17)

    Chapter  5 (p.17)
    William takes Anna to Honey's birthday party
  • Chapter 5 (p.18)

    Chapter 5 (p.18)
    William displays for personal Anna.
  • Chapter 5 (p.21)

    Chapter 5 (p.21)
    They all looked at Anna in silence. The Max broke the silence with a shout.
  • Chapter 5 (p.23)

    Chapter 5 (p.23)
    Then,in the silence of the garden, under the trees, she reached out and kissed him. This time it was a real kiss.
  • Chapter 6 (p.24)

    Chapter 6 (p.24)
    The following evening, William was getting ready to go out. As usual, he was late.
  • Chapter 6 (p.25)

    Chapter 6 (p.25)
    She walked back to william, still smiling. The men sat in silence, their mouths hanging open.
  • Chapter 6 (p.26)

    Chapter 6 (p.26)
    Anna was would her boyfriend was in his apartment. William did not believe.
  • Chapter 6 (p.27)

    Chapter 6 (p.27)
    William walked downstairs and out into the lonely night. His heart ached.
  • Chapter 7 (p.27)

    Chapter 7 (p.27)
    William looked out of the window of his house, lost in his thoughts.
  • Chapter 7 (p.28)

    Chapter 7 (p.28)
    so a few days later, the friends sat together again at the dinner table in max and bella's kitchen. William was worried.
  • Chapter 7 (p.30)

    Chapter 7 (p.30)
    William begins to vent to your friends about having loved only two girls and both have ended badly.
  • Chapter 7 (p.31)

    Chapter 7 (p.31)
    William sat in a chair, eyes wide open, feeling very lonely.
  • Chapter 8 p.31

    Chapter 8 p.31
    William coming home, he thought about Max and Bella were passionate about and what he would do in this life alone.
  • Chapter 8 p.31

    Chapter 8 p.31
    he came home and started to get ready to go pro working when someone rang the doorbell, he opened the door and jumps backwards not believe what I was seeing.
  • Chapter 8 p.31-34

    Chapter 8 p.31-34
    she was there, that beautiful woman with black glasses. William invites Anna Scott to come and Ana begins to explain, and they begin to talk.
  • Chapter 8 p.39-40

    Chapter 8 p.39-40
    Anna looked back at William then said goodbye sadly, bowed his head and get out fast.They heard screams and had several photographers.
  • Chapter 9 p.40

    Chapter 9 p.40
    the summer ended, William went on with his life.
  • Chapter 9 p.40-42

    Chapter 9 p.40-42
    Honey had a surprise for William, I could not believe they would go to London.
  • Chapter 9 p.42

    Chapter 9 p.42
    William saw Anna walking across the grass. There were people all around her, ready to help her.
  • Chapter 9 p.42

    Chapter 9 p.42
    Suddenly Anna looked up and saw William. Her face showed surprise.
  • Chapter 10 p.44

    Chapter 10 p.44
    William walked towards the front of the shop, in front of him was Anna.
  • Chapter 10 p.45-47

    Chapter 10 p.45-47
    William and Anna talk.
  • Chapter 10 p.52

    Chapter 10 p.52
    Anna is lying next to him, looking out over the gardens.Around them there is great love, children playing and babies with their mothers.
  • Chapter 10 p.52

    Chapter 10 p.52
    She looks calm and happy. From time to time, her hand moves slowly over the baby growing inside her.