The power of six

The Power of Six

By maisie
  • Chapter One

    Marina tells about her Lorien past on the run through many countries. As her and her Cepan travelled through Europe and finally found what they call home-a small town in Spain. But somewhere along the way her Cepan Adelina lost her faith in the planet Lorien that they had to flee. She also describes the situation John Smith (number 4) is in, in the U.S.A.
  • Chapter Two

    While Marina is waiting for the computers she thinks about how soon her birthday is and decides she is going to leave the "prision" that they call home with or without Adelina. Finally Marina gets tired of waiting for her turn on the computer and uses her telekinesis to scare the girls out of their chairs. As she tries to search for news on John but is too late because the bell rings for evening prayers and she has to leave.
  • Chapter Three

    John has a vision in his sleep about the Mogadorians in his sleep and wakes Sam and Six while shouting in foreign languages. They later find out that he is being considered a terrorist for destroying the school in Ohio. They decide to leave and give themselves haircuts to be even more in disguise.
  • Chapter Four

    As John, Sam, and Six drive to a different location, Six tells them about when the Mogadorians caught up to her and Katarina. Just as soon as her story comes to an end the sirens blare behind them.
  • Chapter Five

    Marina has a dream about a raven-haired girl reaching out to her then has an arguement with Adelina on if its all just a fairy tale. She thinks back to when Adelina was actually fun and they would change teir names with each passing country. When she sits at mass it seems to go on forever. When they finally finish and do their chores Marina goes to her cave with paintings and a stockpile of food for when the Mogadorians arrive so she is prepared if she has to hide.
  • Chapter Six

    Marina heads to her cave and adds some details to her painting of John Smith. When she gets back to the convent she discovers a new girl named Ella. As the girls are introducing themselves Marina sees a dark figure standing outside watching her and is sure it is a Mogadorian.
  • Chapter Seven

    When the cops pull over John, Sam, and Six they have to make a run for it on foot. They think they are free for a bit until they hear the hounds and helicopter blades. John decies to send Bernie Kosar with a shirt to throw the hounds off their trail, it works but John and Six have to take down the helicopters. They narrowly escape.
  • Chapter Eight

    Once John, Sam, and Six escape they hop on a freight train and Six tells them about being captured by the Mogadorians, watching them kill Katarina for information,developing her first legacy (invisibility) and escaping from their mountain lair where she was being held prisioner.
  • Chapter Nine

    Marina starts her friendship with Ella by helping her with morning chores. While they are getting ready for the day she thinks back to when she discovered her second legacy when she was pushed to the brink of death. She only discovered it when she was trapped underneath the floating dock in a lake and found out that she could breath underwater. When they get to school she realizes her only chance at beating the Mogs is to get her chest.
  • Chapter Ten

    John gets another vision of a very powerful Mog coming to Earth. John and Six have a "fight" that ends with John getting tossed into the pool. They finally start training and Six basically just beats Sam and John up until the rain drives them inside.
  • Chapter Eleven

    Ella and Marina have become best friends but during mass Ella has a giggling fit which leads to her getting paddled. When Marina is done she still cant find Ella so she decides to go to her cave but when she gets there she discovers foot prints leading into the entrance of the cave.
  • Chapter Twelve

    Marina rushes to tell Adelina about the bootprints but she doesnt seem to care. Marina goes to the cafe only to find Hector and a strange new man reading an old book about Pittacus and watching her. She immediatly infers this is herr first Mogadorian and flees. That night in the convent she looks out the window for the bad men and asks Ella to help her find the chest whether Adelina likes it or not.
  • Chapter Thirteen

    John, Sam, and Six continue to train and John decides its finally time to open the chest for the first time since Henri died. When they open the chest they are dissapoointed to find that they don't know how to use must of the things inside.
  • Chapter Fourteen

    John and Six go for a walk in the middle of the night. They save someone in a house for an angered, drunk man with a gun demanding to be let inside the house. The return to their house in time to witness the back exploding.
  • Chapter Fifteen

    Marina is still very worried about the man she saw at the cafe and has a vision of a battlefield. Since it is raining she decides to use that as excuse to not go to the cave. In the middle of the night Ella wakes her and says she has found the chest.
  • Chapter Sixteen

    Marina goes with Ella to get the Chest and is confronted by her enemies at the convent. They have a huge fight and Ella tries to help but oonly ends up getting hurt. That is when Marina discovers her ability to heal people and not just plants.
  • Chapter Seventeen

    John sprints into the burning house in hopes of saving Sam and the chest only to find him out back in the pool. John fights the Mogadorian with his newly discovered dagger. John gets shot with a small cannon and is stunned they escape then stop to check the car for bugs. They stick the bug on a semi and head in the opposite direction.
  • Chapter Eighteen

    John opens a letter from Henri and discovers his parents names were Lara and Liren. He also finds out that Sam's dad was a key part in helping the Loric survive on Earth, that is the main reason they went to Paradise, Ohio. Sam tells them about the sundial on his well and they decide that their only chance may be to go back to Paradise.
  • Chapter Nineteen

    In the morning Marina's enemies that she beat sensless the night before stumble into the room and are afraid of herr now. She has a descussion with Adelina and decides that Adelina is finally starting to care about her. Later that day Marina goes and heals Hector's mother and a cat.
  • Chapter Twenty

    Sam tries to guess Six's old Earth name as they drive in the car. Marina drugs Adelina to get her to open the chest with her. John loses control of the solar system and it turns into Earth pinpointing where the otherrs may be. Marina picks up a crystal and contacts John, Marina throws it back in the chest before they can figure it out and just as she is investigating the contents of the chest the oak doors of the convent creak open.
  • Chapter Twenty-One

    John, Sam, and Six make it back to Paradise and open the sundial well they take a tablet and a bunch of papers,but are ambushed by Mogs. The Mogadorians get his chest, as the chase afterr them to get it back. None of the Mogs they chased have it and before they can go help Six, John realizes he is in Sarah's yard.
  • Chapter Twenty-Two

    Marina has to hide herself, the chest, and Adelina from the Mogs. Sister Dora catches them and Ella tries to save them from her and tells them the bad men showed up last night. They decide they have to leave immediatly.
  • Chapter Twenty-Three

    Joh decides he is going to visit Sarah against Sam's will and tells her to meet him at the playground. While they are talking Sarah gets jealous of Six. Without him knowing Sarah reported them to the police and they get ambushed and taken away.
  • Chapter Twenty-Four

    Before Marina leaves she decides she has to say goodbye to Hector. When John and Sam finally arrive at the prision the can't escape bercause the cells are electronic. Back at the convent the Mogadorians attack and blow up the roof looking for Marina.
  • Chapter Twenty-Five

    In the interrogation room John has a vision of Six protecting someone else but he doesn't know who it is. He is interrogated and tells nothing but the truth and is laughed at by the detective. When he is thrown back into his cell the Mogs attack and Six comes and lets them out of their cells. They take out multiple Mogs but have to run before they get captured. John decides to go to West Virginia to get his chest and Six is going to Spain because of a Loric symbol burnt into the moutain side.
  • Chapter Twenty-Six

    Sam deccides to go with John to get the chests. When Marina goes to get her chest she discovers it gone. Sam tries to figure out the papers from his da's hidden room. Adelina apologizes for not training her properly and then risks her life trying to save her. Six gives them some final tips on breaking into the Mogadorian lair then they have to split up.
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven

    Marina is hit by a Mogadorian cannon then sees the man she thought was against her, but he actually tries to save her. He introduces himself as Crayton and tells her Ella is one of them an unknown tenth. Crayton kills multiple Mogadorians and then they leave looking for Hector to come to the rescue and drive them away.
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight

    Sam and John find the map Six left behind and head to the cave. When they reach the cave they get ready to go in without Bernie Kosar.
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine

    John and Sam go into the cave invisible, they encounter their first Mog and trip him knocking him of the bridge into the lava below. They finally realize the chest has to be in the pit with the howling beasts and go to retrieve it. They find it and seconds later the time runs out and they become visible.
  • Chapter Thirty

    Marina leads them through the corridors to the exit. Crayton gets hit by shrapnel and Marina has to heal quickly before moving on. When they get out of the half-destroyed church they find Hector and speed off towards the lake being pursued by the Mogs. They meet Olivia a chimaera there that helps fight off most of the krauls. Marina gets shot by a Mog and quickly tries to heal herself before it is all over.
  • Chapter Thirty-One

    Sam and John kill the beast in the cave that was protecting the chests and then kill many Mogs to escape the room. Sam insists on checking the cells for his dad they find number nine. John gets shot and he has to leave the cave with Nine. They are about to go back to get Sam when the Mog from John's visions shows up and turns on the force field that John runs straight into.
  • Chapter Thirty-Two

    Before the Mogadorian can finish Marina he is hit with a bolt of lightning. They are mesmerized by the storm and have to run to the lake. They see Six and Marina goes off to help her fight. They kill all of them but right before the end a Piken kills Hector.
  • Chapter Thirty-Three

    When John wakes up Bernie Kosar is carrying him and Nine back to the car. It is too late to go back for Sam. Marina buries Hector's body at the bottom of the dam. They decide they are going to America to be with John but not without getting the rest of the Loriens and chimaeras.