I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

  • Maya runs from the church

    Maya runs from the church
    Easter Sunday Maya runs out of the church because she forgot the poem she was supposed to recite for the whole congregation
  • Chaper 1, pg. 6

    Chaper 1, pg. 6
    When Bailey was four and Maya three they were shipped off to live with their grandparents after their parents got divorced.
  • Chapter 2, pg. 12-13

    Chapter 2, pg. 12-13
    When strangers walk into the store, Maya's uncle protects her by making it seem like she was in school, but left quickly because she wanted to play like normal children. In actuality, she worked at the store and didn't attend school.
  • Chapter 3, pg. 17-18

    Chapter 3, pg. 17-18
    Maya and her family is instructed to hide Uncle Willie because another negro man went after a white women. The sheriff was concerned they would come and try to harm Willie and he wanted to make sure he was alright.
  • Chapter 13

    Chapter 13
    Maya and her family go to accuse Mr. Freeman of rape in court
  • Chapter 22

    Chapter 22
    Maya and her grandmother attend a funeral. It was Maya's first and she hoped it would be her last.
  • Chapter 15

    Chapter 15
    Maya becomes aquainted with Mrs, Flowers he wants to help Maya with her problems and to overcome all she has been through
  • Page 41-42

    Page 41-42
    During a church service, an uproar occurs when a deacon and minister start fighting after the deacon hits the pastor. Maya and Bailey find the situation hilarious and burst out laughing.
  • page 52

    page 52
    Maya and her brother Bailey receive Christmas presents from their parents in California
  • Chapter 9

    Chapter 9
    Maya's father comes to Stamps and surprises his whole family. At first Maya doesn't know who he is.
  • Chapter 5

    Chapter 5
    A group of white girls come by and start tormening Maya's grandmother, despite their many ciriticisms Momma holds her tongue and treates them respectfully.
  • Chapter 14

    Chapter 14
    Maya and her family return to Stamps after the court appearance. Maya wished to be seculded from the world so when people ask questions Bailey answers them for both of them
  • Chapter 16

    Chapter 16
    Maya serves ladies a luncheon with Mrs, CUllien and wealthy white woman who emplys her
  • Chapter 17

    Chapter 17
    After being late to come back home Bailey reveals the true reason he was late, The actress he saw in the movie reminded him of their mother and he wanted to remember what she was like, so he stayed for the second showing of the film
  • Chapter 18

    Chapter 18
    Maya and Bailey go along to a revial meeting being help in their town along with several other memebers of their church.
  • Chapter 20

    Chapter 20
    Maya and her family attend the summer picnic and she meets her first friend, Louise.
  • Chapter 19

    Chapter 19
    A black man wins the World Championship fighting for the first time. Maya feels not only did he prove that the blacks can win but also that they are the most powerful of all people.
  • Chapter 21

    Chapter 21
    Bailey becomes aquainted with a girl named Joyce. Soon they start to like eachother; she is considered Bailey's first love.
  • Chapter 23

    Chapter 23
    Maya celebrates her promotion from the 8th grade and her birthday on the same day.
  • Chapter 24

    Chapter 24
    Maya goes to the dentist, but after the dentist refuses to help her, Momma orders that the dentist leave town.
  • Chapter 25

    Chapter 25
    Bailey is traumatized after he finds a dead black man in the white part of town. He said he had been there so long he started to rot.
  • Chapter 26

    Chapter 26
    Maya and Bailey move to LA with their mother while their permanent housing arrangments are being settled in San Francisco
  • Chapter 27

    Chapter 27
    WW2 begins and Maya notices a change in the San Franciso society and town.
  • Page 221

    Page 221
    Maya is finally introduced to her step-dad's friends who are professional con artists.
  • Chapter 30

    Chapter 30
    Maya gets to go to Mexico with her father while visiting him. She is excited, but at the same time doesn't know what to expect.
  • Chapter 31

    Chapter 31
    Maya and Delores get in a fight after she and her father return from Mexico. Delores stabs Maya in the side out of rage.
  • Chapter 32

    Chapter 32
    After her stab wound is taken care of Maya leaves and goes to live on the streets for 1 month. She doesn't tell anyone where she is or where she was going.
  • Chapter 33

    Chapter 33
    After living on the street for one month Maya decides to go home to Bailey and her mother.
  • Chaper 34

    Chaper 34
    Maya goes out looking for a job as a trolly car conductorette. Though no one believes she will get the job, Maya is determined to prove them wrong.
  • Chapter 35

    Chapter 35
    Maya decides she wants a boyfriend. When no one wants her she switches to another method. She has sex with a boy down the street and 3 weeks later descovers she is pregnant.
  • Chapter 36

    Chapter 36
    Maya has her son and starts her new life of being a mom.