Tale of despereaux being the story of a mouse a princess some soup and a spool of thread


  • Chapter 24

    Mig's father trades her for a red cloth, cigarrates, and a hen.
  • Chapter 25

    Mig's "uncle" gives her a clout to the ear.
  • Chapter 26

    Mig sees Princess Pea and waves to her.
  • Chapter 27

    Mig decides she wants to become a princess after she saw "Human stars"
  • Chapter 16

    Chapter 16
    Roscuro listens to Botticelli about life while he hyptnotized Roscuro.
  • Chapter 17

    Chapter 17
    Botticelli tells Roscuro to go torture the prisoner.
  • Chapter 18

    Roscuro takes the prisoner's red cloth.
  • Chapter 19

    Roscuro leaves the dungeon to find light.
  • Chapter 21

    The Queen dies because she realizes that Roscuro fell in her soup.
  • Chapter 20

    Roscuro falls into the Queen's soup when Princess Pea called out rat.
  • Chapter 1

    A mouse named Despereaux is born.
  • Chapter 22

    Roscuro goes back to the dungeon.
  • Chapter 28

    A soldier takes Mig to the castle.
  • Chapter 2

    Antoinette is disappointed in her son because he is little and skinny.
  • Chapter 29

    Miggery gives thread to Princess Pea, but before that she cursties and trips.
  • Chapter 3

    Chapter 3
    Despereaux's sister, Merlot, tries to teach him how to nibble on paper but instead he reads it.
  • Chapter 30

    Miggery is sent to the dungeon by Cook to give Gregory his food.
  • Chapter 4

    Despereaux sits at the foot of the king and listens to the music being played from the king's guitar
  • Chapter 23

    Roscuro plots revenge to Princess Pea
  • Chapter 31

    Miggery Sow goes down to the dungeon and sings a song.
  • Chapter 5

    Chapter 5
    Despereaux talks to Princess Pea.
  • Chapter 32

    Gregory tells Mig to stay away from the rats.
  • Chapter 6

    Lester calls The Mouse Council.
  • Chapter 33

    Mig meets Roscuro who is going to "help" her become a princess.
  • Chapter 7

    Desoereaux falls for Princess Pea.
  • Chapter 8

    They have decied to send Despereaux to the rats.
  • Chapter 9

    The Mouse Council commands Furlough to bring Despereaux.
  • Chapter 10

    Once Despereaux gets there, The Mouse Council starts asking him questions about letting the human touch him.
  • Chapter 11

    Despereaux gets a red thread around his neck to symbolize death, or blood
  • Chapter 12

    Despereaux gets a goodbye from his mother, Antoinette.
  • Chapter 13

    While going through the dungeon, Despereaux finds out that one of the mice is his brother, who is escorting him to the dungeon.
  • Chapter 14

    Despereaux tries to be brave, but while reviewing the story, a large voice mocks him, and he faints.
  • Chapter 15

    Despereaux meets a man named Gregory who has been in the dungeon for many years. Gregory helps him out.
  • Chapter 34

    Mig cuts off Despereaux tail when he escapes from the dungeon in Gregorys napkin.
  • Chapter 25

    Despereaux falls asleep and dreams of a knight in shining armor. He thinks that there is no happily ever after, but the knight knows him. Despereaux does know him since the knight is himself.
  • Chapter 36

    Roscuro takes Mig to Princess Pea's room and gets ready for the plan before they enter in her room.
  • Chapter 37

    Before Mig and Roscuro take her away to the dungeon, she licks her lips to remember the taste of the soup her mother loves.
  • Chapter 38

    Roscuro and Mig take her to the dungeon, deep down.
  • Chapter 39

    They have discovered Princess Pea is missing once sun rosed.
  • Chapter 40

    Despereaux's father begged for forgiveness, and of course Despereaux forgave him when he entered The Mouse Council.
  • Chapter 41

    Despereaux goes to the King to tell him that he knows where Princess Pea is, but instead he doesn't believe him still cries.
  • Chapter 42

    The threadmaster gives Despereaux a spool of thread and a needle.
  • Chapter 43

    Despereaux sees Cook cooking soup.
  • Chapter 44

    Cook discovers Despereaux's ears and just laughs.
  • Chapter 45

    Cook gives Despreaux some soup since he can't tell anyone that Cook is making some soup.
  • Chapter 46

    Roscuro and Botticelli smell soup, oil, flour, and mouse blood.
  • Chapter 47

    Despereaux runs into Botticelli and takes hold of his tail so he can lead him to Princess Pea.
  • Chapter 48

    Botticelli leads Despereaux to a group of rats and then light,
  • Chapter 49

    Miggery starts to cry because Roscuro tells her the truth. She also wants her mother back.
  • Chapter 49 1/2

    Despereaux arrives just in time.
  • Chapter 50

    Princess Pea calls out Despereaux's name and he realized that she is everything to him. Then Miggery gets the knife and somehow misses when she brings the knife down to save Despereaux.
  • Chapter 51

    Chapter 51
    Miggery cuts Roscuro's tail off. Of course, Roscuro starts to cry. Botticelli and the other rats smell mouse blood,bones, tears, and love. Roscuro explains why he wanted the princess. He wanted her beauty for light. Princess Pea said they can go back upstairs for soup.
  • Chapter 52

    Roscuro is allowed in the castle at anytime. He can go back and forth, to the dungeon then to the castle. Miggery was with her father again, who treated her like a princess. Of course Despereuax and Princess Pea didn't get married, but they became real good friends.