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Life Of Pi

By lel9187
  • Chapter 1

    Chapter 1
    Pi talks about attending University of Toronto and his double majors in religious studies and zoology. He takes his interesnt in the two-toed sloths as he studies them.
  • Chapter 3

    We learn that Pi's real name is Piscine Molitor Patel. He was named after a swimming pool which was called Piscine Molitor. It was one of his father's earliest business, associate with his close friend, Francis Addirubasamy, who teaches PI how to swim.
  • Chapter 4

    Pondicherry entered the Union of India in 1954, and a zoo was soon founded. Pi claims how his father ran a large hotel in Mandras. The family later moves to Pondicherry because his father took interest in the zoo business and bought the zoo in Pondicherry.
  • Chapter 5

    We learn how Pi earned the nickname in this chapter. Everyday at school he has to face all the teasing, calling him "Pissing" which the students got from his first name "Piscine." Pi moves to a different school and decides to trains his classmates and teachers to call him by his nickname "Pi."
  • Chapter 7

    Pi describes how his biology teacher, Mr. Satish Kumar comes to the zoo often. Mr. Kumar was an atheist and he explains to Pi how he views religion. Although Pi who has been religious since he was born, he respected Mr. Kumar's veiwpoint and beliefs.
  • Chapter 8

    Pi's father shows him and his older brother, Ravi, how dangerous the wild animals are. Their father wanted his children to see how the wild animals could harm them. He started off with the tiger's cage and fed the tiger a wild goat in front of them. The boys were scarred and traumatized, but their father continues to show them other dangerous animals in the zoo.
  • Chapter 12

    In this chapter, the author interrupts again and talks about PI's current life as an adult. And we still don't know Richard Parker's identity after talking about him for the nth times. but we know that Pi still thinks about him ("Richard Parker still preys on his mind").
  • Chapter 10

    Pi explains how some animals in the zoo wants to escape. He talks about how it was because they were kept in unsuitable enclosures and they can't adapt to that kind of environment.
  • Chapter 15

    The author returns back to the adult Pi and explains how his house in Canada is like a "temple". The author claimed that it is filled with religious objects, icons and pictures pertaining to Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Pi also keeps a Bible on his bedside table.
  • Chapter 29

    Eventually, the zoo was not doing good because of the political climate. Pi's parents decided to move the family to Canada.
  • Chapter 34

    Pi and his family left India on June 21, 1977. They sailed on a Japanese cargo ship called the Tsimtsum. Pi describe his mother's sadness on leaving India to another unfamiliar country.
  • Chapter 37

    The boat sinks. As far as Pi knows, everybody has died. In this chapter, we found out that Richard Parker was a tiger from the Pondicherry zoo. Pi tries to save him until he quickly realized that Richard is a tiger. The only thing that made it out alive was Richard, a zebra, a hyena, an orantutan, and himself.
  • Chapter 51

    Pi decides to look under the tarpaulin (where Richard was) and he gets to get a glimpse of Richard's size. He sees a lid and opens it an found a locker of supplies.
  • Chapter 48

    This chapter tells the origin of Richard Parker. A panther was killing people near Bangladesh, so a professional hunter was hired to kill it. He used a goat as a bait, but it attracted a tiger and it's cub instead. After both of the Tigers got caught, they were sent to Pondicherry Zoo. The hunter, Richard Parker, at first named the cub Thirsty but there was a mistake in the paperwork which ended the cub named Richard Parker.
  • Chapter 53

    Pi starts to build a raft to distance himself from the tiger. As Pi continues to put his raft together, the hyena broke into a scream, which resulted it to get killed by Richard. Pi almost faced a near death experience but he managed to survive.
  • Chapter 57

    Richard Parker made a sound, a snort from his nostrils, which astonished Pi because he recognized that it was prusten, a rare sound that express friendliness and harmless intentions. Pi decided that he wants to tame the tiger, so both can live and survive peacefully together.
  • Chapter 72

    Pi seeks to change the boundaries between the two territories. On his first attemp in training Richard Parker, Richard charges him into the water. Pi tries it again on his fifth attempt, this time he backs down at the right time, making Richard sick. After that, he never tries to charge at Pi again.
  • Chapter 66

    Pi learns more about surviving, especially improving his hunting skills. Pi sadly compares back to his vegetarian lifestyle.
  • Chapter 86

    One day, Pi sees a ship afar on the horizon. The ship was a huge tanker was was slowly approaching the life boat. Pi was filled with joy until the tanker passes by. The loud engine was to loud for Pi to be heard. Pi turns toward Richard Parker and promises him that they will reach land one day.
  • Chapter 90

    Pi becomes blind by dehydration and malnutrition. He had little hope of surviving and bid farewell to Richard Parker.Surprised, he hears a voice talking to him back-which he thinks it belongs to Richard Parker. Pi later realizes that the voice is not Richard Parker's because of the French accent, it turns out that it was another castaway. Pi and the castaway tells each other's story and joined boats. The castaway later threatens to kill him and eat his flesh, and then the tiger kills him.
  • Chapter 91

    Pi weeps for the dead castaway, his tears clears out his eyes a bit. His vision returns after washing his eyes with seawater.
  • Chapter 92

    Pi discovers the algae island and fills up his stomach with algae and fresh water that the island provides. He slowly finds the island suspicious when one night, he fund tons of dead fishes in the ponds. Pi finds out the awful truth about the island more when the fruits all have human teeth in them, and experienced the burning pain when steeping on the algae at night. The next morning he leaves the carnivorous island.
  • Chapter 94

    The lifeboat washes up on a Mexican beach. Pi is s weak that he can't experience the happiness, and carefully lets himself fall on the surface. Richard Parker leaps over him, Pi expects him to turn around to look at him, but he disappears off into the jungle instead. A few hours later, he was found by some people. As they carry him off, he starts to weep because Richard Parker left him without bidding farewell.
  • Chapter 98

    Two officials, Mr. Tomohiro Okamoto and Mr. Atsure Chiba were called to Mexico to interview the survivor of the Tsimtsum, to find out more why the ship sank. The interview starts and PI tells them his story. The two officials expressed in disbelief but didn't believe his story.
  • Chapter 100

    In the last chapter, the author gives us Okatomo's report on the interview. he said that the ship probably sank because of the engine, but he aslo states that the shipwreck is also unknowable. He adds Pi's story saying that it was astonishing, and chose to put the story of the tiger instead.