The first days

The First Days

By maisie
  • Chapter One

    Jenni is trying to process what happened to her family when Katie pulls up in a white pick-up truck and saves her just as her undead son and husband break out of the house. As they are driving they realize that they can't go into the city for help and need to get as far away as possible. They head for the gas station to get supplies.
  • Chapter Two

    They get to the gas station and try to warn the workers but they won't believe them so they get their supplies and try to leave, but a business man gets mad that their truck is in the way. The manager shows up and is already infected so he eats his wife in front of one of the employees before he gets the message that Jenni and Katie weren't lying to him about zombies in the city.
  • Chapter Three

    Katie and Jenni encounter a man on the side of the road and have to kill he zombified wife to save him, unfortunatly he doesn't understand and gets angry. Then they find Nerit and Ralph, an old couple living in a hunting store that help them and feed them.
  • Chapter Four

    Nerit teaches Jenni and Katie how to shoot. They watch the news late at night to see how horrible the world is outside of their little safe house.
  • Chapter Five

    Jenni and Katie leave the hunting shop to go find Jenni's step-son Jason and run into a herd of zombies on the way that make them have to detour through a field.
  • Chapter Six

    They find Jason at his camp with a few friends. Unfortunately his friend was bitten so they have kill him and get blocked off from the hunting shop but have to just keep moving.
  • Chapter Seven

    On the way back to the hunting shop they get cut off, low on fuel they try to find another option. Luckily they find a small town to stay in for awhile.
  • Chapter Eight

    They start to settle in the small town and try to help the citizens try to come up with an idea on how to get weapons from Ralph.
  • Chapter Nine

    Jenni and Katie watch the towns system for killing the zombies on the wall. Then they stay there for the night. The next morning they try to come up with a plan to get weapons.
  • Chapter Ten

    Jenni, Katie, Travis and Juan leave for Ralph's to get weapons unfortunately Jenni and Juan get cut off and have to stay behind. Then when they get to Ralph's they find out that Katie cut her arm and they think she might be infected.
  • Chapter Eleven

    Jenni freaks out when she finds that Katie might be infected and she can't be therre for her. Juan and the mayor try to come up with a plan to keep the zombies away from the wall, by building a corral. Katie is finally better, she just had the flu.
  • Chapter Twelve

    Jenni and Juan start making the corral. Tobias goes crazy and tries to talk to the zombies. Jenni shoots him so he doen't get eaten.
  • Chapter Thirteen

    Katie and Travis go to the grocery store near Ralph's place to get supplies. While they are there they find a survivor that is broken down from watching every one die. Nerit and Katie clean her up. They plan on taking Laura, the survivor they found, back to the city the next day.
  • Chapter Fourteen

    Travis and Katie along with Bill and Laura make it back to the fort, but as they are being lifted over the wall Laura jumps into the sea of zombies. When they all make a move to catch her the pallet tips and Katie is sent almost tumbling in as well. They all make it back. They also discover that the more recent zombies are smarter
  • Chapter Fifteen

    They discuss what to do about the smarter zombies and decide to just kill all of them. As the pile of the truly dead grows they try to take some out with spears. One man gets bit through the fence and Katie has to shoot him, then his brother goes crazy.
  • Chapter Sixteen

    Jenni and Juan go out of their small town to find survivors, they find some in the library and take them back to the small town. They also take the food from the library and a couple books.
  • Chapter Seventeen

    Jenni, Curtis, and Bill go on another rescue mission and find five people, two are bit and they can't come. When they get back they discuss what will happen if any of them ever get bit.
  • Chapter Eighteen

    Some people come to the town and put the whole town in danger by attracting a bunch of zombies to the unfinished front gate. Luckily, everyone is okay and no one gets bitten.
  • Chapter Nineteen

    The two people that made it in cause trouble because one of them is bitten. When she turns into a zombie Juan stomps her head in.
  • Chapter Twenty

    After their hard day a gathering on the roof turns into a party. An unknown person throws Ritchie, the guy that almost brought zombies into the fort, into the sea of zombies.
  • Chapter Twenty-One

    The rest of the town finds out about Ritchie and they can't figure out who did it. Nerit arrives at the town with news that Ralph died. He was shot by people trying to break into their hunting shop.