The enchantress thesecrets of the immortal nicholas flamel

(SM) The Enchantress, Michael Scott, 517

  • Chapter 1-6, pgs. 1-40

    In these chapters Josh and Sophie disover that their parents ar eIsis and Osiris, egyptian gods. However, they sense something is terribly wrong and are staying on their toes in case something terrible occurs. Meanwhile, Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Pernelle, are trying to save the city of San Fransisco from a band of monsters trying to destroy it who are coming ashore from Alcatraz. Total: 649
  • Chapter 6-10, pgs. 41-70

    In these chapters, Dee is rescued by a mysterious shadow whose name he does not know. Also, Tsagaglalal "dies" or changes her form and becomes younge again so that she can fight in the upcoming war. She gets prepared for battle and pulls out her long-since-used armor given to her by her husband, Abraham. Hundreds of memories come flodding back to her and she once again experiences grief that she thought she had long since forgotten. Total: 678
  • Chapter 10-26, pgs. 71-170

    In hese chapters, Sophie and Josh learn more about their parents and their lives as isis and Osiris. Also, Scathaatch, Joan of Arc, Palmades, and Shakespear crash into the Yggdrasill and are given generous hospitality by all who live on the ginormous tree. Machavelli and Billy the Kid discover that Black Hawk did not get eaten by Nerids as they had thought before. Meanwhile, Marethyu takes Dee to Abraham the Mage who takes the Book from him since it belongs to Abraham originally. Total: 777
  • Chapter 26, pgs. 171-178

    In this chapter, Sopie and Josh learn that their parents Isis and Osiris have been planning their lives since before they were born and that that plan will be carried out tonight. Then they discover something about themselves, that they do not want to be pawns in this game and they decide to make their own future, not the one their parents have decided for them. Total: 785
  • Chapter 26-27, pgs. 179-188

    In these chapters, Billy the Kid, Machevelli, and Black Hawk navigate around ancient tunnels under Alcatraz hoping to find means of escaping. They also need to find the means of stopping the monsters on Alcatraz from reaching the city which they think will happen soon. Total: 794
  • Chapter 27-28, pgs. 188-198

    In these chapters, Machevelli, Bi8lly the Kid, and Black Hawk find spears to fight off the monsters but not long after, they get trapped in a tunnel that collapsed during an earthquake. Meanwhile, Prometheus and Niten make their way to the Golden Gate bridge where they have to fend off Spartoi before they reak havvoc on the city. Total: 804
  • Chapter 29-30, pgs. 199-206

    In these chapters, Perenelle and Nicholas attepmt to get acroos the water to Alcatraz by freezing the water's surface and running across it. However, they are running out of energy and the Nerids are coming after them so they haven't much time if they're to survive. Finally they make it across but realize they probably won't get off the island alive. Total: 812
  • Chapter 30-31, pgs. 205-215

    In these chapters, Scathach, Prometeus, Shakespear, Joan, and Saint-Germain are sitting in the Yggdrasill with Hekate and she is telling them that they will be going on a rescue mission. They will be helping Aten, the heir of Danu Talis, before he gets thrown into the volcano as a sacrifice. Total: 825
  • Chapter 31-32, pgs. 215-223

    In these chapters, Virginia Meets Marythu and discovers that Dee is alive. When they meet up, Dee gives Virginia a gift that was from Abraham the Mage and he also informs her that they, and everyone else, are part of a huge plan seen as the destruction of the world. Total: 833
  • Chapter 33, pgs. 224-228

    In these chapters, Perenelle and Nicholas begin to fight their way through the monsters on Alcatraz in order to find Billy, Machevelli, and Black Hawk. They then realize just how many elders are on or in Alcatraz and they get a glimpse of how bad thuis could really be. Total: 887
  • Chapter 34-37, pgs. 229-249

    In these chapters, Niten begins fighting the Spartoi who he greatly underestimates but eventually gains the upper hand by using thier strength against them, which is talking. Also, Virginia Dare learns that Abraham the Mage has been watching her for her entire life and he needs her to stand with the human race at the fall of Danu Talis to give them a voice. Finally, Josh and Sophie prepare for presentation wearing gold and silver armor. Total: 907
  • Chapter 37-41, pgs. 250-273

    In these chapters, Aten meets Marethyu, also known as death, who is here to save him from his prison and help him once again be the rightful ruler of Danu Talis. Then, as Niten and Prometheus battle the Spartoi, Prometheus gets hit in the chest with two spears and falls to the ground. Also, Bastet is preparing her son, Anubis, to become the ruler of Danu Talis so she ca have more control and Billy the Kid saves three powerful elders from the sphinx. Total: 930
  • Chapter 41-42, pgs. 275-284

    In this chapter, Hekate sends Palmedes, Scathach, Shakespear, Joan of Arc, and Saint Germain on an important mission to rescue Aten and reclaim him as the ruler of Danu Talis and saving the human race in the precess so they can save their future. Total: 939
  • Chapters 42-45, pgs. 285-297

    In these chapters, Nicholas and Perenelle make their way through the fog and across Alcatraz and discover that there are huge and dangerous monsters being sent toNew York that they must prevent from reaching the city. Also, Billy the Kid kills the sphinx with an enchanted spear and Josh and Sophie ride in Isis and Osiris's vimana to the front of the pyramid of the sun and they learn things about their legend. The trip also reminds Josh of trips him and his familt used to take. Total: 951
  • Chapters 45-51, pgs. 298-338

    In these chapters, Prometheus heals from the wounds caused by the spears and continues to fight with Niten. Also, the twins make a grand entrance into the pyramid of the sun and everyone stops to look. Marethyu watches them from behind the crowd in the sidelines. Anubis tells his mother, Bastet, of the arrival of the twins and she goes into a rage until finally deciding that Anubis must kill them. Finally, Nicholas manages to stop the boat of monsters only to fight Xolotl. Total: 991
  • Chapter 51-52, pgs. 339-348

    Josh and Sophie lock themselves in a room and wait to be presented to the council. They also find ancient ruins of a sun and moon on the enormous florr of the room their staying in. They discover for themselves that Isis and Osiris are in fact, not their real parents and that they must do whatever it takes to escape their grasp. Total: 1000
  • Chapter 52-61, pgs. 349-393

    In these chapters, Virginia Dare stands up for the humans and gives them a vioce against the soldiers while Josh and Sophie battle berserkers sent to kill them with the help of Tsagaglalal. Meanwhile, on Alcatraz, Billy the Kid almost kills Perenelle but the Morrigan saves her and dies instead. Also, Scathach searches for her father who she never got to meet since he fell during the fall of Danu Talis. Total: 1044
  • Chapter 61-66, pgs. 394-395

    In these chapters, Aten is released from his cell and Ard-Greimne tells him to speak to the humans and tell them to back down and disengage their mob. Also, Prometheus and everyone else with him, travel in a broken vimana to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun to await the arrival of Josh and Sophie so they can protect them. Meanwhile, Nicholas battles Xolotl with some help and the twins flee with Ysagaglalal to the top of the pyramid. Total: 1072
  • Chapter 68-71, pgs. 436-451

    In these chapters, Dee finally does something kind for the humans but in the cost of his life. Also, Billy and Black Hawk go out to buy Nicholas and everyone else some time by fighting off the Karkinos which is a giant crab. Finally, the twins race up the pyramid and finally get to the top where they are met by Isis and Osiris in their vimana. Total: 1092
  • Chapter 66-68, pgs.423-435

    In these chapters, Aten intensifies the mob of humans gathered at the pyramid at the price of being pushed off the side of a very tall building. However, Scathach catches him and he ends up very much alive. Also, trapped on Alcatraz, Odin and Hel use the last of their auras to kill and frighten away any creatures away from the magicians who are trying to awaken Areop-Enap. This, however, costs them their lives. Total: 1084
  • Chapter 71-74, pgs. 452-476

    In these chapters, Tsagaglalal gives her life to save Niten and dies alongside her creator, Prometheus. Also, the twins learn that they are not brother and sister and that they came from different time periods entirely. Isis and Osiris order them to be killed after they refuse their demands. Also, Billy gets injured fighting the giant crab and Areop-Enap awakened. Total: 1116
  • Chapter 74-79. pgs. 477-500

    In these chapters, Josh and Sophie learn that Isis and Osiris are not what they seem and they try to kill the twins but Josh and Sophie defeat them. Then, Josh tells Sophie to leave so that he can fullfil his destiny on top of the pyramid. Once on the pyramid, Josh turns all the swords of power into one sword which transforms into a hook and ultimately becomes Marethyu, or Death, the destroyer of worlds. Finally, Areop-enap awakens and eats the giant crab and other monsters. Total: 1139
  • Chapter 79-Epilouge, pgs. 501-509

    In these chapters, Marethyu (Josh) comes to take Perenelle and Nicholas to be buried in Paris and tells them who he is and that sophie is safe. He also writes Sophie a note telling her that no matter what happens, he will always be there for her when she calls. Total: 1145