Turkey Timeline

By pault
  • End of Ottoman Empire

    the rule of Abdul Hamid, the final sultan of the Ottomans in Turkey ends.
  • Armenian Genocide

    The Turkish began killing men and forcing them to labor
  • Armenian Genocide

    The genocide ends
  • the republic of Turkey

    Kemal Ataturk founds the republic of Turkey
  • Death of Ataturk

    Kemal Ataturk, a Turk national hero, was given the title father of the Turks.
  • Turkey's election

    the first Turkish open election. Marked a new way of gaining power, peacefully transitioning.
  • Turkey joins NATO

    Ataturk's neutralist policy wishes are left when Turkey joins NATO
  • Army against democratics

    the Turkish army coup goes against the democratic party.
  • New Turkish Constitution

    The Turkish constitution. putting into action a two-chamber parliament.
  • Turkey signs with the EEC

    Turkey signs with the European Economic Community, increasing peaceful relations between other European countries and Turkey
  • Turkey joins EU

    Turkey joins the European Union, making relations between Europe and Turkey stronger than ever. They become a country more associated with Europe than the Middle East
  • Turkey invades Cyprus

    Turkey invades Cyprus a British island, taking half of the island for their own. The Green Line separates the two parts of the island
  • PKK war begins

    A war between the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) begins. The Kurds have killed thousands of people and are considered a terrorist group. This war is still going on today
  • Ozal elected

    Turgut Ozal is elected. Ozal is a part of the motherland party. This is a shift in political party in Turkey
  • Demirel elected

    Demirel is elected prime minister. 1991-today. Demirel causes inflation to go up to 70%
  • Headcarf ban

    The Turkish government bans headscarves in schools and other places
  • Turkish Gender equality

    Men legally no longer head of family in Turkey. Gender equality is a big step for the country
  • Turkey removed from EU

    EU suspends Turkey from the agreeement due to rising terrorism
  • Turkish President visits Armenia

    Turkish President Abdullah Gul is the first Turk president to visit. Big step for relationships between the two countries
  • Headscarves back!

    agreement is made to allow students to wear headscarves in school (will go into effecti n 2013