Tuck Everlasting

  • Chapter 1

    Introduced to the road to Treegap. the woods and the house belong to the Fosters, but they never go to the woods. Winnie sometimes stands and looks at it, but has never seen it. The author tells us it's a good thing the woods are isolated. Otherwise, people would have come across the giant ash tree at its center. They would have seen the little spring that bubbles up among the tree’s roots in spite of the pebbles that have been piled up there to conceal it. And that would have been a disast
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    chapter 1

    Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2

    We meet the Tucks. Mae and Angus are going to meet their boys at Treegap. Mae takes her music box with her - the one thing she owns and takes everywhere. Mae, Angus and their two sons have looked exactly the same for the last 87 years.
  • Chapter 3

    Winnie Foster decides she wants to run away.
  • Chapter 4

    The man in the yellow suit shows up outside the Foster's gate. He has many personal questions for Winnie because he is looking for someone - a family. The grandmother is suspicious of the man and pulls Winnie inside the house. They hear what sounds like a music box.
  • chapter 5

    Winnie decides just to slip out to the woods to see if she can discover what made the music yesterday. She is very excited at what she sees. At the center of the clearing is an enormous tree with thick roots rumpling the ground ten feet in every direction. Sitting with his back against the trunk is a boy. She watches as he moves a pile of pebbles by his side until beneath them is a low spurt of water from which he takes a drink. He sees Winnie and introduces himself - Jesse Tuck.