Topics 12-14 Test

  • Period: 1400 to

    The Reformation

  • 1450


    The new technology known as gunpowder would change war forever. The explosiveness and abilities it can be used with during war gave sides a big advantage though the weapons were not accurate but still very deadly.
  • 1453

    The Ottomans

    Starting wars as they had always been a threat to Europe but when they were still spreading and were the most successful empire at the time they were a great threat to all.
  • 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    The discovery of the Americas even though he really wasn't the one to discover them at all. It was someone on another ship to spot the islands which then they ransacked but people were there before him.
  • 1500

    Stronger States

    As other states were gaining power, they would become jealous of what the pope has and his power over many people and places so during this people were becoming outraged and saw how this could be changed.
  • 1520

    Catholic reformation

    A man of the name of Luther defied the church and the pope with 95 stabled to the church doors with things they were doing wrong and changes that needed to be done. People seeing this would begin to defy as well and back Luther.
  • 1531

    King Henry

    Going against the church for his own personal power and going against the old testament in the bible he would go to marry another women just so he could have a male heir but when this doesn't work he would have her beheaded.
  • 1545

    The new wealth

    Large silver deposits were found and taken over with lots of slave labor. The only people really profiting were the main kingdoms who had position in these places
  • 1550

    The split and realization

    When Rome and the church split after the reformation, people especially officials didn't believe it would be permanent but when they realized it was the church was mad and became more hard on everyone.