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To live like Samantha Miller

  • Period: to

    In life, and in death

  • Graduation

    After years invested in my education, it finally paid off and I graduated.
  • Move to Daytona Beach FL

    Move to Daytona Beach FL
    After graduation I moved to FL with my best friend Barbara Lamb and her family, to start a new life in a new state
  • Enrollment in College

    Enrollment in College
    I plan to go to college for Marketing Management, generally to find a well paying job a Batchelors degree is required.
  • Graduate From College

    Graduate From College
    After four exstensive years of many nights staying up craming for tests, I graduate from college with my Batchelers degree
  • Before my career

    Before I start my career, I work varies small jobs ie. grocery clerk, so that I can have a break before starting my long career
  • Entering the workforce

    Entering the workforce
    Being a marketing manager I start my career behind a man named Josh Mandel. Mandel is an up and coming politician who I campaign for, making all of his advretisments and views known.
  • Travel

    Travel all over the country coming out with new campaign images and reaching new markets, supporting my campaign
  • Study horticulture

    A hobbie I picked up along my time in the workforce was the study of horticulture, I garden whenever I have spare moments