Timeline Project - Suzanne Lenhardt

  • Suzanne Was Conceived!

    Suzanne Was Conceived!
  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development & Birth

    This is where it all began. This was a very important time in my life, probably the most important. If I didn’t make it through this point in my life, well, I wouldn’t really have anything else to tell because I wouldn’t be here! I started life as a little zygote, replicating and dividing until I made it to my mom’s uterus where I began to develop. It took 9 long months to create my little body that would soon be brought into the world.
  • Germinal Period

    Germinal Period
    During the first 2 weeks, the little cell that would eventually be me was undergoing rapid cell division. I implanted in my mother’s uterus and began developing.
  • Embryonic Period

    Embryonic Period
    During the 3rd through 8th week after I was conceived, all of my basic body structures and internal organs were developing.
  • Fetal Period

    Fetal Period
    Over the course of the next 6 months until I was born, I developed all of my internal organs and my heart, lungs, and brain were developed enough to be able to support my life outside of the womb.
  • It's a Girl!!

    It's a Girl!!
    My mother had a fun time when she was pregnant with me. First, she developed gestational diabetes, and then when it was time for her to finally have me, that’s when the real fun began. My birth date was planned from the very beginning. I was supposed to be born on October 14, 1992, which was my grandma’s birthday. When my mom went in to have me, they induced her labor but she wasn’t dilating. So they broke the water to see if that would work, but instead my heart rate started to increase.
  • It's a Girl!! (cont.)

    It's a Girl!! (cont.)
    The doctors thought that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, so they refloated me and stuck an electrode in my head to monitor my brain functions to make sure everything was okay. After a few hours of refloating and making sure everything was stable, my mom still wasn’t dilated enough so they just did a C-section. Finally, on October 15, 1992 at 7:21PM, weighing in at 8lbs 7oz, I, Suzanne Marie Lenhardt was born.
  • Period: to

    The First Two Years

    The first two years of my life were very eventful. I was growing and developing – by age 2 I was approximately half of my adult height and about a fifth of my adult weight, and my brain was almost 75% of my adult brain weight. I slept a lot – approximately 15 to 17 hours a day. My parents and I bonded; I said my first word and my first sentence. My parents were so happy that their little girl was growing up!
  • Breastfeeding

    My mom always gives everything a chance before making a decision. She had heard about all the benefits to breastfeeding and was encouraged by her doctor and nurses to try it, so she did. It didn’t work – she was uncomfortable, I cried, she was stressed – we were both unhappy. So she switched to bottle feeding, I liked it better, and then everyone was happy.
  • My First Word

    My First Word
    My parents felt that because we were always together I started to talk sooner than most kids. I went everywhere they went, and my parents would always talk to me and tell me what they were doing. If we were going to go somewhere, they would say “we’re going bye-bye in the car” or if we were going in the stroller, they would say “we’re going bye-bye in the stroller.” After 5 months of constant repetition, I finally said my first word: “dada”.
  • Implications for Caregivers

    Implications for Caregivers
    When my mom’s sister was still alive, she would always ask if someone could watch her kids, and then end up leaving them there for days before coming back to get them. My mom was dumbfounded as to why anyone would do that, and vowed that when she had children she would always be there for them and not dump them on someone else. When she finally had me, she was a stay at home mom and always watched me herself. If there was ever a time she needed someone to watch me, I'd be with family.
  • ...and then

    ...and then
    My first sentence: “bye-bye car!” at 14 months.
  • Potty Training: Success

    Potty Training: Success
    I learned how to use the toilet all by myself. I’m A Big Girl Now!
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood: The Play Years

    4 years later and you wouldn’t even believe how much I was doing! My creative and artistic side was shining through; I socialized with my fellow preschoolers; I was SUPER talkative – my mom said, “When you were able to say your first sentence, look out!” I even took my first trip on a train and a plane, and became a big sister!! And my life was only just beginning…
  • Artistic/Playful Expression

    Artistic/Playful Expression
    At 2 years, I kicked my first ball!
  • Artistic/Playful Expression

    Artistic/Playful Expression
    …and then I threw my first ball!
  • Artistic/Playful Expression

    Artistic/Playful Expression
    at 3 years, I drew my first picture! I also started drawing the letters A & B!
  • Head Start

    Head Start
    I started preschool in September of 1996. My parents heard through the grapevine that a head start program would be beneficial because it would make the transition into kindergarten easier. When I was in preschool, I finger painted, drew pictures, cleaned up my messes, and learned how to socialize with other people. In the end, my parents thought that preschool wasn’t beneficial because it was all fun and games and in turn made me think that that was what school was all about.
  • Parenting Styles

    Parenting Styles
    My parents raised me with an authoritative type of parenting style. My parents made me work for my accomplishments, like walking and getting up if I fell down. They never spoiled me as I got older and taught me that I can’t always get everything that I wanted and that I had to work for it. When I would get into trouble or do something I wasn’t supposed to, my punishments were either being sent into my room or I would have to stand in the corner.
  • Period: to

    Middle Childhood: The School Years

    These next few years brought about a lot of change in my life. I started grade school where I made my first friends, had my first crush, and started having my first problems. I started learning more and more everyday – strengthening my memory and increasing my knowledge. I also faced an obstacle that will have changed my life forever.
  • Second Grade

    Second Grade
    When I was in second grade, my teacher had informed my parents that “I don’t listen, I don’t pay attention, I was looking out windows, I was distracted, and that I couldn’t focus on what was in front of me.” Upon request of my teacher, I was referred to the school psychologist who suggested that my parents take her recommendations to our family doctor. My parents did what they were told, and I was prescribed Adderall.
  • Second Grade (cont.)

    Second Grade (cont.)
    My dad was very apprehensive when going to fill the prescription, so before they did he did some research on the computer and decided that it wasn’t going to happen. My mom also had the thought that “pills are never the answer.” So they tried alternative vitamin supplements that were said to help, but my parents didn’t think they did. So instead, they helped by working with me one on one with my homework and tried to eliminate any distractions until I was done.
  • My Memory

    My Memory
    During this time I was in school, my knowledge increased and my memory strengthened. Although I do remember I wasn’t super great in school at this time, I tried my hardest to do my best.
  • Moving

    I moved from Redford to Livonia in December of 2000. It was a difficult move from me because I was leaving all of my friends from school and my best friend that lived down the street from me. But when I started at my new school, I had no trouble making new friends. I was accepted socially and it made it a whole lot easier to make the transition. I think it was because I was only 8 years old that it wasn’t as difficult as it would have been if I was older.
  • Moving (cont.)

    Moving (cont.)
    This may have been the best decision that my parents ever made for my sister and I because the school system was really bad in Redford and they didn’t want us to be raised there. Moving to Livonia saved us because we were surrounded by better people.
  • Period: to


    This time of my life was probably the most eventful, to say the least. It began with the awkward years and proceeded onward with my journey to find myself and who I was to be. There were many obstacles I had to work through and changes I had to deal with and overcome. I was fortunate enough to have made numerous friends and acquaintances, learn valuable life lessons, make lasting memories, and meet the love of my life. This is a very crucial time in your life and shouldn’t be wasted.
  • My First Period

    My First Period
    Let’s start with the awkward years. A big event that happened to me was when I was in 8th grade and I started my period. About a week or so before I officially started I had had a massive headache, so I knew that that time of the month was on its way. I was with my friend at my house when I started. When I realized that I had, I was so nervous and scared to tell my mom because I thought she would have made a big deal about it because it was a sign that her little girl was growing up!
  • My First Period (cont.)

    My First Period (cont.)
    So instead of telling my mom first, I told my friend. I wasn’t exactly sure how to tell her either, so I did so by drawing a huge red dot and holding it up to her. It took her a couple of minutes before she caught on. She got really excited about it but I still didn’t know how to tell my mom. So I decided to be a chicken and ask my friend to tell her. She did and when my mom heard the news, she just said “okay, do you need a pad?” I felt so dumb for over thinking her reaction.
  • Adolescent Egocentrism

    Adolescent Egocentrism
    A good portion of this time in my life was spent worrying about what others thought about me and me believing that I knew everything. When my mom would advise me to do or not to do something, most times I would end up doing the opposite because I thought I was right and my mom didn’t know what she was talking about. But like my mom frequently says, “Mom knows best.”
  • My First Love

    My First Love
    This was when I met my first, last, and only love. It was at lunch one day when I noticed the cute guy sitting across from me, staring. I hadn’t known who he was at that time, but I wanted to get to know him better. Being extremely shy and timid when it comes to guys, I had my friend ask him if he liked me. When he was asked the next day, he blushed and said yes. Later at lunch, I was so excited and nervous about his response and seeing him again, but I wasn’t going to ignore my feelings.
  • My First Love (cont.)

    My First Love (cont.)
    I sat next to him. We talked the whole lunch period and he was really funny, nice and cute. Shortly after school, I got a text from an unknown number saying that we should hang out sometime. It turned out to be him. We went to the movies and a few days after he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes of course. His name is Donald Teubert, and he is the love of my life.
  • A New Beginning

    A New Beginning
    College. I went in not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, so I was just taking general education courses while I thought about it. I took classes like Engineering and Accounting, thinking that was what I wanted to do, but I was wrong. I finally decided on pursuing nursing and started taking classes for the program at Eastern Michigan University.
  • A New Beginning (cont.)

    A New Beginning (cont.)
    College definitely got me thinking more like an adult and more about my future. My thinking became more reflective and expansive with each year for me. Facts I learned had not only benefited me to do well in my classes, but had become helpful steps toward a greater understanding.
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

    I am just beginning this part of my life, and it has been very successful and eventful thus far. I am still on my journey to find myself, although I believe I am almost there. I started college, got married (that story will come later), found out who my real friends are, made some new friends, am building the relationship up with my parents, and am focusing heavily on my future and how the decisions I make will/will not affect it.
  • Exercise

    The key to a long, healthy life is exercise. I joined Planet Fitness with my good friend in an attempt to stay fit and create a healthier lifestyle for the both of us. We were each other’s motivation to keep going and not give up. Exercise is very important in increasing overall body strength but also to strengthen your heart to continue beating hard and strong.
  • Friendships

    The friendships I had made and my relationship with my family had definitely grown and was so helpful and supportive in my journey. During my time in college, I had literally just began to realize that friends were not going to be there forever. The friends I had in high school were strictly school friends and my classmates. There was only a small handful that I saw outside of school. I have had best friends, but those don’t last either.
  • Friendships (cont.)

    Friendships (cont.)
    I made a very good friend that I met at Schoolcraft that was in a similar situation so we stuck together a lot. I realized then that family and the relationships you have are the most important relationships you can have in your life because when all your friends are gone, family is the only thing you have left.
  • Period: to


    This was the best time that I have ever lived through in my life. I say this because I had the opportunity to continue my education further and earn my Master’s Degree. I was able to spend every day with the man that I love. My husband and I were able to support our family and provide a comfortable home life for them and us. I was fortunate enough to do everything that I have ever dreamed of doing. I have lived a very healthy life thus far, and have been able to spend it with loved ones.
  • Menopause

    The only thing I was not looking forward to is menopause. Menopause is caused by the permanent end to my menstrual cycle and the decrease in the amount of hormones that my body had been making for so long. I started having menopause around this time, and to this day I cannot stand them still. It begins with an overwhelming hot feeling, and then I just begin to sweat for minutes at a time. Then they go away and then I’m left soaking wet. Glad I keep a fan next to my bed!
  • Expertise and Age

    Expertise and Age
    I have been fortunate enough to have been able to retain my good memory and have been able to work in a field that I love since I was 25 years old. Everyone needs months – or even years – of practice to develop expertise. I believe that because of how long I worked in the nursing field, I was fortunate enough to become so knowledgeable and wise from the work that I did all my life. Expertise I believe definitely develops over time and with age.
  • 45th Anniversary

    45th Anniversary
    During this time span would have been the appropriate time to get married like a typical person would, but I’m not your typical person. My boyfriend at the time was stationed in Abilene, Texas and at this time we were together for a little over two years. We knew that we were going to get married in time, but we just couldn’t wait. He popped the question to my dad and he gave us his blessing. I visited him over the summer and he proposed to me and a couple days later we eloped.
  • 45th Anniversary (cont.)

    45th Anniversary (cont.)
    Because he was still enlisted and couldn’t come home for long periods of time, we waited until his enlistment was up to have a vow renewal/wedding/reception type party for our friends and family because they were not there for the first one. I never regretted my decision to get married to him on such a whim. We have so much in common and love to have a good time and we enjoy each other’s company. To this day we have two beautiful children who are currently in college pursuing their dreams.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

    I cannot believe that it has been 90 years already. The time sure did fly by! I have been a very happy woman during these past years, spending the time with my family and my wonderful husband who I am happy to say is still with us. Creating this timeline has allowed me to appreciate the life that was given to me and how I lived it. I know my time is near but I intend on sticking around for a few more years!
  • I'm Old...

    I'm Old...
    As time pressed on, I got older and so did my cells. Each of my cells are programmed for a certain number of cell divisions and at the end of that time proliferation halts. With the passing of time, they decrease in ability to reproduce. When this happened, my skin became wrinkly, my hair got gray, and my bones and muscles weakened. But this particular event wasn't anything special in my life, because cellular aging occurs in everyone.
  • My Brain

    My Brain
    When I was younger, I had a big, healthy brain. Today, I still have a healthy brain, and I have taken all precautions necessary to maintain my healthy brain.
  • Younger Generations

    Younger Generations
    My husband and I’s relationship with the younger generations, including our children and their children and all of our younger relatives, have always stuck by our side. We share with them guidance and advice to take along with them as they grow up. Keeping connected with the family is a very important relationship to have. We are getting older and as time passes on and there is no way we are going to a nursing home. Our children have told us they would be there when we need extra help.
  • I love you mom....

    I love you mom....
    Hello, my name is Donald Teubert III. I am the son of the late Donald and Suzanne Teubert. I was rummaging through their old documents on their computer and I had come across this timeline that my mother was putting together. I thought that she would have wanted someone to finish this for her. My mother and father were kind, generous, and loving people. They were high school sweethearts and were the happiest when they were together.
  • ...always have, always will.

    ...always have, always will.
    My mother and father passed away a few weeks back from old age. Although the heartache is still present, there is happiness in my heart knowing that they are together and in a better place. They were surrounded by the ones that they loved, and they were together. They wouldn't have wanted it any other way.