Timeline of the Great Leap Forward and Famine

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    Collectivisation of farmland

    In order to consolidate power in the countryside, eliminate inequalities and further emulate the Soviets, collectivisation, which is the organising of nuclear farming families into larger work-unit groups, went on from 1955 all the way up to 1957. The success of this program(grain production increased by more than 20%) convinced the leadership of the validity of the method and was one of the causes behind the ambitious plan. Dates are not exact.
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    The Hundred Flowers Movement/Anti-Right Campaign

    A movement to encourage public duscussion, the government, notably Party Chairman Mao Zedong, encouraged criticism, opinions, and debate in the form of letters to the government's offices. Faced with overt criticism starting in spring 1957, the government converted the program into a trap to eliminate dissent, persecuting many who criticised Mao and his politics.
  • Mao pledges to overtake the UK in steel production in 15 years

    Mao pledges to overtake the UK in steel production in 15 years
    On a visit to the USSR, Mao secures a deal from Stalin's successor, Nikita Khruschev, to offer support in return for atom bombs. In response to the Russian leader's prediction and goal to overtake the US in economic production within 15 years, Mao claims that China could overtake the UK in steel production within 15 years. He also states that "the east wind is prevailing over the west", inspired by the launch of the Russian satellite Sputnik.
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    The Second Five Year Plan(the Great Leap Forward) in effect

    Dates approximate.
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    Beidaihe Conference

    Formation of the communes, and targets for grain and steel were set at this conference, which was a large-scale Politburo affair. Also issued were socialist education directives.
  • Mao steps down as the chairman of the PRC

    Liu Shaoqi succeeds him, although Mao was still the Party chairman. (Date not exact)