juliana chinas revolution

  • End of the Qing Dynasty

    End of the Qing Dynasty
    The end of the Qing Dynasty started with the group Kuomintang or the nationalist party. His leader, Sun Yixian became presindent of the new Republic of China. He tried to stablish China with ideas like nationalism, rights or democracy and economy security. After failing these goals becuase of the lack of unity in the republic, after only 6 weeks he give his charge to the general Yuan Shikai.
  • Period: to


    Yuan contradicted Sun Yixian ideals and by 1913 he was rulling a military dictadorship. When this happened revolts began even with his own officials with is why by 1916. the year he died, there was chaos all over the place. A civil war began betwen nationalist and communist and finally the power was in the hands of provicional warlords who where constantly triying to conquer territory. When this wars began it affected mostly the crops wich cause famine while WWI was being fight in Europe.
  • Effects of the war

    Effects of the war
    Beijjing declared war to Germany becuase they thought this way they would get allies. Hoever this never happened and China ended up singing the Treaty of Versailles where they gave up land and priviliges.
  • May 4 Movement

    May 4 Movement
    When the people found bout the treaty, students went to the streets to prostest for imperialism in Europe to end. Whith the help of one of their teachers, Mao Zedong, this movement spread becoming a national movement with workers,peasents,and memebers of the Kuomintang and Sun Yixian. With all these types off groups wanting a change in the goverment, they began to disagree betwen each other. When this happened chinnese intelectual wanted Soviet communism.
  • Period: to

    the commnist part

    Chinas intellectual ( including Mao Zedong)started to meet up in Shagai and Beijing to organize the communist party with the belifs of Marxism and Lenins views with the ideas that they wanted the Soviet Union to be like this.
  • Period: to

    Uniting forces

    The national party and Sun Yixian set a goverment in the south but without the support that he expected it dind`t work so he allied with the communist party(1923) with the hope of uniting revolutionaries forces. When he made this desittion nationalist leaders began to enter the Kuomatang and recived military training in Moscow.
  • New Leader

    New Leader
    When the nationalistic leader dies and Jiang Jieshi takes over, a socialist economy was created after the Soviet Union ides and their dislike towards communists. The when Jiang finally join the communist and for a small amount time they were able to fight warlords together.
  • War betwen parties

    War betwen parties
    Jian turned against the communist so the nationalist party send military forces to Shanghai and they killed communist members. The killing of nationalist to communist spread which made the communist hide for the life
  • Unfairness

    Jiang goverment intented to help the conditions of life for all chinesse people, but in reality it only helped a small part of it leaving the
    peasents outside of this group. When this happened they began to support the comunist party, which had as a leader Mao Zedong. Zedong adapted the ideas of Marx in a way that he thought would work to give the power to the peasants which was what he started to defend in this year.
  • President=new gov.

    Jiang became presindet of the Natonal Rebublic of China which other countries began reconizing this new way goverment but meanwhile the Soviet union, still ofended because of the massacre ,did not .
  • Period: to

    communist massacre

    Cilvil war
  • japan invasion

    japan invasion
    Japan took advantage of Chinas weakness because of the civil war. The invaded Manchuria and attack other small provinces in the north. This war betwen this two countries is what started WWII.
  • Period: to

    Long March

    The nationalist gather an enormous army and surrounded the territory were the communist were. When the communist realized that they couldent win this battle they began a really hard journy called the Long March. Their strengh ecorage new followers to join the party, meanwhile the civil war was taking place Japan invaded China.
  • War strategies

    As the civil war betwen nationalist and communist became harder, Mao placed his army in the hills of the South of China in a hard position for the nationalist to attack. In this location peasants were gathered to join the red army and there they had military training.
  • Invasion

    In this year Japan attack China with bombs killing and destrying the whole country. Also the bombs destroyd crop whcih cause an even greater starvation in the territory.
  • union

    When japan had already gain a lot of control in China, Communist and nationalist united to fight a common force, Japan. Whith this union communist agreed to include some of the ideas of the 3 principles that Sun Yixian had.
  • Period: to

    Nationalist try

    The nationalist were protected by the land from the war with Japan. They took this advantage to reclute a huge army and money to help China fight Japan, but at the end failed because of the corruption and at the end their army wasen`t fighting because they were preapering for the red army.
  • communist take action

    The communist gain the support of peasants by taking the people that were part of the guerrillas and get them to fight against Japan. Also they improvetheir education and started to get better the production of crops so the famine decrease. With all of this by this year the red army had control in the north of china.
  • A new start of civil war

    When the war with Japan and China ended, the war betwen nationalist and communist kicked off again. At first the nationalist bagan winnig becuase thay had a much bigger army because thay had been recluting since WWII. But the nationalist did not had the support of people wich cause soldiers to start leaving the army due to china`s economy.
  • Full power

    Full power
    Because of the support that the communist had over peasents by october their leader, Mao Zedong, had gain control over the entire country. When this happened USA fellings against communist rise.
  • Communist against the world

    Communist against the world
    When the USA found out about the red army taking china they felt threatend that that the communist would take over the world. Because of this they supported the nationalist with money and also the soviets stop supporting them.