Qing Dynasty history

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    Qing dynasty

    Qing dynasty is the greatest and most power full dynasty of China history but this is the last China dynasty.
  • British came to China

    British came to China
    British sended some ambassador to talk to China about trade the tea but China don't want to trade with British. Then British start to brought opium to China that make most of China people adicted opium because of this China have to traded tea with opium.
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    White Lotus Rebellion

    White Lotus Rebellion is the group of China people that belived that they government was weak and corrupt.
  • Start of population pressure

    Start of population pressure
    When the population of China had grownd very fast in Qing dynasty period that made they don't have enough food for every one. This reason made China people angry and put pressure on the dynasty.
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    Opium war

    After China people adicted the opium more and more that China goverment stoped traded with British. When China stoped trade with British this made British very angry and sended the troops to controled China trade this war is call Opium war. At last British won the war and took control of China trade port.
  • Period: to

    Opium war 2

    After China lost first opium war people of China addicted the opium in the crisis level. In 8 October 1856, China has capture the boat that belong to England and in the same day sir John Bowring governor of Hongkong was assassinated. This two reasons made England and other foreign country very angry then they started the war with China. At last China lost the wars this also made Qing dynasty lost more support of Chinese people.
  • Japan take control of Formosa

    Japan take control of Formosa
    When China had losed 2 opium wars and had control the trade by British that made China weaker and weaker. After that Japan stared to sended troop to captured the land of China such as Taiwan.
  • Boxer Rebellion

    Boxer Rebellion
    After foreign country oppressed China. People in China wanted to be free from foreign controled so that they started to became rebell and fighted back the foreign country. At last the Boxer Rebellion lost the wars and China have to paid $330 million to foreign country. After they lost the fight people of China stoped to supported the Qing dynasty this is the end of the Mandate Of Heaven.
  • Wu Chang Uprising- the beginning of revolution

    Wu Chang Uprising- the beginning of revolution
    Wu Chang Uprising is the fight between the government that including Qing dynasty and the rebellion that lead by Sun Yat-sen and Huang Xing at Wuchang town. This uprising is famous because it is the first time that the rebellion win.
  • Fall of the Qing

    Fall of the Qing
    After many bad event in China people of China don't belive in Qing dynast any more then the KMT that lead by Sun Yat Sen start the revolution. In 1911 Qing dynasty was fall and KMT start to control China. This is the end of the absolute monarchy in China.
  • The beginning of the Republic that lead by Sun Yixian

    The beginning of the Republic that lead by Sun Yixian
    After Sun Yat-sen can take down the Qing dynasty he as the leader of KMT change the name of the country to the republic of china and made him self as the first leader of republic of China.
  • Start of Republic of China

    Start of Republic of China
    After Sun Yat-Sen the leader of KMT take down the Qing dynasty he start change China to be the republic country.
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    The Warlord Era

    After Yuan Shikai one of Republic of China dead the warlord all round the China start to split their land from the main land of China government and don't follow the order of the government any more. When Chiang Kai-Shek be the president of China he let the warlord have ability to control and develop their land but they still have to follow the order of the government this is the end of warlord era.
  • Jiang Jeishi takes control of the KMT

    Jiang Jeishi takes control of the KMT
    After Sun Yat Sen the first leader of KMT had die Jiang Jeishi takes control of the KMT. He start to control the war lord all around China. His target is to unite China.
  • Period: to

    The long March

    In the civil war of China the communist army are nearly lost the Nationalism army that make Mao Zedong have to take his army foot walk for 12500 km to hide from the Nationalism army at Shaanxi town. In the long march event there are just 25% of Communist army that reach the destination.
  • Period: to


    First the KMT and Communists wese fighting together but when the WW2 started Japan try to took control of China this made the KMT and Communism stoped fighting and join together to fight back the Japanese.
  • The communists take power and the Nationalists escape to Taiwan

    The communists take power and the Nationalists escape to Taiwan
    After the ww2 communist party have more power than Nationalist party then they expel Nationalist off. Then Nationalist party and people that believe in Nationalist move to Taiwan.
  • Start of one hundred flowers campaign

    Start of one hundred flowers campaign
    One hundred flowers campaign is one of Mao event. He told eveyone that who have any comment on the communist party. If the comment are bad or conflict with communist party polisy the person who asked will be take to do re-education and mostly end with executions.
  • Period: to

    Great Leap Forward

    Great Leap Forward one of the campaine of Mao Zedong that want to rise China Steel Mill economy by order the Chinese people that mostly are farmer to stop they work and start to squander the steel. The result of the Great Leap Forward is very worst because when the most of farmer squander the steel there are no food any more this make 18 million to 45 million people died.
  • Period: to

    The cultural revolution

    Because the one hundred flowers campaign some of the old people don't like Mao and told they child to hate Mao then Mao had a very clever idea to took his support back by told the child that not thing is happen it the past and if their parent say to them that what happen in the past they will go to " Re Educate" this make Mao get support of the children that is the future adult population of China.
  • Mao Zedong dies

    Mao Zedong dies
    Mao Tse-tung died on September 09,1976 at the age of 82 in Bejing. After Mao deid Deng Xiaoping become the leader of communist party.