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Chinese Revolution

  • Period: to

    Chinese Revolution

  • Qing Dynasty Ends

    Qing Dynasty Ends
    The Revolutionary Allience lead by Sun Yixian succeded to overthrow the last emperor of the Qing dynasty who ruled China since 1644.
  • Sun becomes head of the country

    Sun becomes head of the country
    Sun Yixian becomes the president of the new Republic of China. He hoped to establish his government based on the "Three Principles of People": nationalism,end of foreign rule; democracy; and peoples livelihood, economic security.
  • Sun turned over the presidency to Yuan Shikai

    Sun turned over the presidency to Yuan Shikai
    Sun lacked the authority and military support to secure national unity so he gave up on the country. Yuan Shikai became president and immediatly he started rulling as a military dictator.
  • Period: to

    Local revolts

    Yuan Shikai´s actions as a dictador sparked local revolts.
  • Yuan Shikai dies

    Yuan Shikai dies
    China goes to chaos.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

    Rival groups started fighting each other while Sun´s Kuomintang remained powerless. The autority fell into the hands of provisional warlods who ruled territories their armies conquered. Chinese peasents where who suffered most under warlords terror.
  • World War I Participation

    World War I Participation
    Government of Beijing declared war on Germany hoping that after the Allied win Allies would return control of China to the Chinese and get rid of the Germans.
  • May fourth movement

    May fourth movement
    Under the Traety of Versalles created by the Allies after WWI, the Allied leaders gave Japan the territories and privilages that Gemany had in China. 3000 angry students made a revolt against european imperialists and Japan. Later it became a national movement.
  • Creation of Comunism in China

    Creation of Comunism in China
    Group of intelectuals gathered in Shangai to organize the new Chinese Commuist Party.
  • Soviet internvention

    Soviet internvention
    Sun Yixian created a national party to fight communist but after seeing the lack of suppport he united the nationalist and the communist party for a common goal. Stalin saw this and strted helping China with military power,
  • Sun Yixian succesor

    Sun Yixian succesor
    After Sun´s death Jiang Jieshi headed the Kuomintang. He and his partner feared communits so at first they put aside differences but later he would attack comunists.
  • Communist hunt

    National troops and armed gangs moved into Shangai and other citoes round China to kill many Communist leaders and trade union members. Almost wiped out the Chinese Comunist Party.
  • Jiang becomes president

    Jiang Jieshi becomes the new president of the National Republic of China. The United States and Britain formally recognized the new government while the Soviet Union did not since they where outragged because of the Shangai massacre.
  • Begining of the civil war

    Peasents started following Mao Zedong (communist survival leader), because they were angry about the corruption and the unequality they had to face in Jiang´s government. Mao created a Red Army of peasents in the country side.
  • The Long March

    After a couple of years of fighting the Communists, Nationalists accomplished to surround the Comunists and defeat them. The communist army and its leaders fled in a 6,000 mile long journey (Long March). During this march they runned and tried to escape from the Nationalist persecution.
  • Japan invades China

    After watching over the civil war, Japan launched an all-out invasion of China. During this time Japan bombed many cities and killed thousands of Chinese, so one year later Japan had conquered a large part of China. An effect of this invation was that Maos forces united with Jiang´s to fight for their only common idea; nationalism of China
  • Period: to


    During WWII China again fought side by side with the Aliies. This made Japan´s attack stronger to almost destroy the most important cities and kill millions of Chinese
  • Communist with Peasants

    The Red Army was the one who protected China from Japan and that is why all peasents in the north of China (Communist region) united and started following Mao.
  • Period: to

    End of Civil War

    Although the Nationalist army came back to the war with financial support from USA and with a huge numeric advantage, they did nothing to gain popular support. This made thousands of people and even soldiers of the nationalist army to change sides and follow Mao´s Red Army. This made the Communist stronger and in 1949 to lead them to take the whole country.
  • Mao becomes head of country

    With Nationalist army retriding and its leader leaving to Taiwan, Mao proclaimed the country People´s Republic of China. He made friendship allinece with the USSR, which made China part of the communist empire and enemy of the United States.