China XX Century

  • Boxer Rebelion

    Boxer Rebelion
    Violent rebellion against the Westerners through 1899-1901. Rebels attacked foreign embassies, but were heavily defeated by the modern weaponry of the imperial powers
  • Rise Puyi

    Rise Puyi
    Death of the emperor in 1908 results in the rise of two-year old Pu yi. Prince Chun ruled as a regent but further weakened the empire situation
  • Double Tenth Revolution

    Double Tenth Revolution
    During the double tenth Revolution. The government lost control of the military and provinces declaredthemselves independent from Beijing
  • The Republic of China is formed

    The Republic of China is formed
    Sun Yixian is elected as the provisional President. Sun resigns and Yuan Shikai was now elected to be President
  • Abdication of Puyi

    Abdication of Puyi
    Overthrow of the Manchu Dynasty as a consequence of the Double Tenth revolution
  • Period: to

    Rule of Yuan Shikai

    Ruled as a dictator
  • KMT

    Koumintang becomes a parliamentary party under Sun Yixian
    Guiding principle:
    -Land Reform
  • Period: to

    First World War

  • Japan´s 21 Demands

    Japan´s 21 Demands
    Japan submitted a list of demands backed with a threat of war, these demands increased significantly Japan´s control over China
  • Fall of Yuan Shikai

    Fall of Yuan Shikai
    Yuan proclaimed himself emperor, as a consequence he lost the support of the army and revolutionaries had no wish to see the mocharchy being restored. Forced to abdicate and died three moths later
  • Period: to

    Warlord Era

    After Yuan´s death China was divided into hundreds of small states each controlled under a warlord and a private army. Causing misery to the peasants in China
  • May Fourth Movement

    May Fourth Movement
    The Treaty of Versailles ignore China´s claim over the territory lost to German in the 19th Century, and the Shantung Province was given to Japan.
    On may 4th students protested against the Treaty
  • Chinese Communist Party formed

    Chinese Communist Party formed
    Founded by Chen Duxiu with the support of Soviet Russia
  • First United Front

    First United Front
    KMT and the CCP wanted to unify China, this meant gettingrid of the warlords
  • Rise of Chiang Kai-shek

    Rise of Chiang Kai-shek
    Sun Yat Sen dies the 12th of March 1925 followed up by the rise of Chiang Kai-shek on July of the following year
  • Northern Expedition

    Northern Expedition
    Sent by Chiang Kai-shek to crush the warloards in North and Central China. It was a great success
  • Period: to

    The Civil War

    Between the Chinese Nationalists Party and the Communist Party of China
  • Firts Encirclement Campaign

    Firts Encirclement Campaign
    Chiang Kai-shek encircles Jianxi Soviet but is defeated by the CCP
  • Second Encircling campaign

    Second Encircling campaign
    Launched by the KMT. Defeated by the CCP
  • Third Encirclement Campaign

    Launched by the KMT. Defeated by the CCP
  • Japanese invasion of Manchuria

    Japanese invasion of Manchuria
    KMT adopted a policy of non resistance because of a weak navy and disunity in the country
  • Truce with Japan

    Chiang attempted to resist the Japanese attacks on Shanghai in 1932 but was unsuccesful and it May they agreed to a truce although Japan kept advancing and gaining control over China
  • Fourth Encirclement Campaign

    Mao was not involved. However Zhu De commander in chief of the Red Army used the same tacticts and defeated the KMT
  • Fifth Encirclement Campaign

    Fifth Encirclement Campaign
    KMT change its approach with an air cover and artillery defeating the Red Army in October 1934
  • Long March

    Long March
    The long march took more than 368 days and the death of 90% of the communist to reach Shaanxi and set up a communist base there.
  • Japanese invade China

    The Japanese responded to the"National War of Resistance" by attacking the Marco Polo bridge.
  • Rape of Nanjing

    Rape of Nanjing
    The capital (Nanjing) was to be moved to Chongquing. Nanjing was therefore left to face the onslaught of the Japanese, who caused apalling atrocities in the city
  • Period: to

    Second World War

  • Anhui Incident

    Anhui incident ends the Second United Front
  • Japan Surrenders

    Japan Surrenders
    Japan surrenders in China`s theatre
  • US General Marshall in China

    US General Marshall in China
    General George C Marshall arrives to China to lead negotiations. Leaves in 1947
  • Truce

    Truce between CCP and KMT
  • USSR withdrews from Manchuria

    USSR withdrews from Manchuria
    USSR begins to withdraw from Manchuria and fighting between the CCP and the KMT resume in Manchuria
  • Period: to

    The Civil War resumes

  • Chiang Kai-shek takes Yan´an

  • Mao announces Land Reform

  • China AID Act

    China AID Act
    US congress passes China Aid Act, aid is therefore sent to the KMT
  • Battle of Huai Hai

    Battle of Huai Hai
    GMD loses the battle in January of the following year
  • CCP captures Nanjing

    CCP captures Nanjing
  • CCP takes Shanghai

    CCP takes Shanghai
  • Establishment of the People´s Republic of China

    Establishment of the People´s Republic of China
  • Chiang Kai-shek flees to Japan

    End of the Civil War. Communists defeated the KMT