Chinese History

By Gase
  • Period: to

    Qing Dynasty

    Qing Dynasty is the last dynasty of China before republic in China
  • Period: to

    Chinese History

  • White Lotus Rebellion 1794-1804

    White Lotus Rebellion 1794-1804
    This group of people was created because they think that government is weak and corrupt so they want to againts government
  • Population Pressure

    Population Pressure
    When country governed by good dynasty so they gave a lot more population so they lakes of food in the country
  • 1st Opium War 1839-1842

    1st Opium War 1839-1842
    Opium war is war beween China and British beacause British bring opium into China so China try to againts British and make war with british
  • 2nd Opium Wars 1856-1860

    2nd Opium Wars 1856-1860
    This time China try to do one more war with British because thee firstt time China lost so they want to win but they lost thia war to Birtish again
  • Japan take control Formosa

    Japan take control Formosa
    Japan is one of the country that try to take control parts of China that don't hhave much power after lost the wars to British for two times
  • Boxer Rebellion

    Boxer Rebellion
    This group of people try to againts foriegn countryy in China because of nationalism become more popular in China to againts foriegn people
  • Fall of Qing

    Fall of Qing
    Qing Dynasty fall because of many reasons like opium that influence into China because of Euroopean people that want to trade tea with China and China doesn't want opium in thier country so they do wars with British for 2 times
  • Wu Chang Uprising

    Wu Chang Uprising
    This is the beginning of the reolution in China from Dynasty to form of governmet that don't have dynasty
  • The beginning of Republic under Sun Yixian

    The beginning of Republic under Sun Yixian
    Sun Yixian try to start to governt China by Republic form of government that make he become the first president of China so he is father of republic of China. He also be the founder of republic and KMT in China
  • Period: to

    Republic of China

    When dynasty of China fall they start to govern China by republic form
  • Begining of Republic

    Begining of Republic
    When all of dynaty of China fall citizens want republic form of government in China which control by one government not dynasty
  • The war lord Era 1916-1928

    The war lord Era 1916-1928
    This is the periodd off time that warlord control power in China. Warlord means Jiiang Kaisheg or Jiang Jeishi in english
  • Jiang Jeishi take control KMT

    Jiang Jeishi become the leader of KMT wwhich iss thhe army of nationalism people in China that want to govern China in form like dictatorship that has only one people govern the country and Jiang Jeishi try to become that person
  • The long March 1934-1935

    The long March 1934-1935
    The long marchh is the period of time afetr nationalism and communism in china are fight over and nationalism is thw winner so communism need to escape nationalism into other land like Thailand, Mynmar and has just little left that reach the end
  • World War2 1939-1945

    World War2 1939-1945
    The Kumintung or KMT and Communism in China are grup together and be unity to fight Japan that try to control China
  • Communists take power

    Communists take power
    at the period that has world war2 communism try to have more power when world war2 is over they have more power than nationalism so comunism take control china that make nationalism need t escape to Taiwan and establish new country
  • One hundred flowers campaign 1956-1957

    One hundred flowers campaign 1956-1957
    This even happen when the population in China are moved to the city of China so they don't have enough food to eat and don't have enough shelter for everynoe because they are flight for shelter and becauus of the farmer are moved to the city so China doesn't have people who grow rice or feed cow for food
  • The Great Leap Forward 1958-1961

    The Great Leap Forward 1958-1961
    This eventt is when Mao sent the picture of modernize China to all country around the world that famers, soilders, children, and all citizens are smiling because they are happy and China is develop with fgood transportation and other things. But China lies
  • The Cultural Revolution 1966-1976

    The Cultural Revolution 1966-1976
    Mao try to re-eduucated the young and old citizens that don't have any bad thing happen in China like citizens died becaus e they don't have enough food to eat or citizens died during the period of time that they migrat out from china. If anyone said about this event government will sent them to re-educated again to make they belive that China has good history don't have any bad thing happen in China history
  • Mao Zhedung Died

    Mao Zhedung Died
    Mao Zhedung death on 9 September 1976 by Pakinson's disease. Many Chinese citizenss think that Mao is one hero that make China develop in just ony 25 years. On the other hand, European country get to the same goal but use much more year.