Timeline of my Life!

  • Parents Marriage

    Parents Marriage
    On May 12th 1990, my mom Denise Dupuis and my dad Steve Lakos got married. Without them getting married I wouldn't be here today.
  • My Sisters Birth

    My Sisters Birth
    On this day my older sister Caitlin Marie Lakos was born. I am very greatful to have her as an older sister because without her helping me with everything I do, I don't know where I would be without her today.
  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born at Henderson hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. Since it was over Christmas time, there wasnt many doctors around so the nurse had to deliver me while on the phone with the doctor. I was born quickly so i was distressed and my heart kept failing, so I couldn't breathe on my own easily. I ended up having a huge lump on my head afterwards.
  • My Baptism

    My Baptism
    On this day, I recieved my very first sacrament. Being baptised meant that I could wash away all of Adams sins, and the sins that were in my soul.
  • The year I started Dancing

    The year I started Dancing
    When I was only 3 years old I started dancing. This has made a huge impact on my life because my dance studio has become my second home for the past 12 years. Dancing has shaped who I am today, and I couldn't live without it!
  • My Parents Divorce

    My Parents Divorce
    During the month of December my parents got a divorce and since I was only 3 years old this event has impacted my life greatly.If my parents never got a divorce then I would have a different view on life, and I would have never been able to meet my stepdad Bob.
  • My Grandfathers Death

    My Grandfathers Death
    On November 27th in 2005, my Opa (grandfather) passed away because of heart failure at the age of 81. Me and my opa were very close, so when he passed away it impacted my life greatly. Without him I wouldnt be where I am today because he has taught so much.
  • Confirmation

    This was was my latest sacrament that I recieved. The sacrament of confirmaiton was really important to me because it was when I confirmed my faith and love for Jesus.
  • Graduation

    Graduation was important to me because it marked the ending of my eight years in elementary school. It marked a new beginning for highschool and it made me realized what I accomplished in elementary school.