Timeline of Media Interaction

By Ali27
  • Television

    My first exposure to traditional media was with television. When I was around five years old, I remember watching a lot of my favourite cartoons on the TV. This was one of my favourite past times and was also a way for me to learn a lot of new things.
  • Radio

    Around this time the radio was a great way for me to listen to music. I remember having a fun time jamming to classic rock while my father was driving me around town. I love listening to classic songs and the radio definitely is where it all started.
  • Facebook

    My mother was actually the one who made a Facebook account for me. At the time I didn't really know how to use it. I only really played games like Tetris and social wars on Facebook. As time passed by Facebook has became one of my favourite platforms for me to find entertainment.
  • Messenger

    Messenger actually has a Big importance in my life today because this app helps me communicate with people far from me and helps me connect with them despite the distance.
  • Youtube

    Youtube actually has a big influence in how I am today. this is because of the number of creators I watch in YouTube and the different personalities they all have. Admittedly I have spent a lot of hours in watching YouTube videos and I have no regrets whatsoever.
  • Twitter

    when I first started using twitter I was very shy with it. I didn't know what to post or what to say. It took me a little before I was comfortable in posting what I felt at the moment. Other than that it is a great place for you to rant out your problems.
  • Netflix

    Netflix quickly became one of my new favourite media platforms. The amount of content this application brings is somewhat overwhelming. Nevertheless it is a great way in killing time and being entertained.