Timeline of Arab-Israel Relations

  • 2010 BCE

    Gaza Flotilla Incident

    After Hamas took control of Gaza Israel set up a blockade. All goods coming into Gaza needed to be inspected. In May 2010 6 ships were sailing in an attempt to break the blockade.
    One ship was boarded by Israeli commandos who were attacked. Then the other ships were taken to port Ashod without incident. Israel said their actions were justified, which has led to deterioration in the relationship between Israel and Turkey.
  • 2010 BCE

    The Arab Spring

    Beginning in Tunisia citizens began protesting oppressive governments. Protests occurred in Algeria, Bahrain, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Syria, Yemen, etc.
    The long-term effects of the ongoing changes is not yet clear.
  • 2008 BCE

    The Gaza war

    -Israel attacked Hamas targets in Gaza to stop rocket attacks on southern Israel and interrupt terrorist infrastructure
    -Hundreds of militants were killed and many civilians were also killed along with heavily damaging Gaza’s buildings and economy
  • 2007 BCE

    The Battle of Gaza

    -Hamas militants attacked Fatah members throughout Gaza
    -The Hamas government was dissolved so then there were two governments Hamas in Gaza and the Palestine authority in the west bank
  • 2006 BCE

    Hamas is Elected

    -Palestinians elect Hamas members to the authority's legislature over the PLO’s Fatah party that was in power because people saw the old government as corrupt
    -Hamas called for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews and they do not accept previous agreements many western nations imposed sanctions and suspended aid to Palestine.
  • 2006 BCE

    The 2006 Lebanon War

    A radical Islamic organization committed to destroying Israel and Hezbollah attacked an Israeli army unit on July 11 2006 they. They began to launch missiles into Israeli cities and towns. In response Israel launched air strikes against Hezbollah targets.
    Israel damaged Lebanon's transportation infrastructure and caused the loss of lives of civilians hostilities ended on August 11 2006 with a UN ceasefire
  • 2005 BCE

    Israel Disengages From Gaza

    -Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip and some Israelis that lived there did not want to leave
    -The number of missiles fired from Gaza into Israel by terrorists increased
  • 2003 BCE

    The Roadmap for Peace is Proposed

    -3 step plan for peace ending with an independent Palestine Proposed by the “quartet”US, UN, EU, Russia There has been no progress past the first step progress was halted when Hamas was elected
  • 2002 BCE

    Israel begins constructing the West Bank Barrier

    2002-Present: Israel began building a security barrier that separated citizens from terrorist groups in west bank
    Outcome: people go through checkpoints to get to the other side. People feel that if without the wall the two states could actually be peaceful with one another
  • 2002 BCE

    Arab Peace Initiative is Proposed

    10 sentence proposal for an end to the Arab- Israeli conflict that was started by the arab
    Outcome: viewed by some as a major breakthrough because Arab nations had usually ruled out peace, recognition, and negotiations with Israel. Israel welcomed the proposal but does not accept all of its demands
  • 2000 BCE

    The Camp David Summit

    first attempt to negotiate a comprehensive final status agreement between Israel and Palestinians
    Outcome: negotiations were carried out in secret. The goal of this was for two states living side by side in peace. This was not achieved
  • 2000 BCE

    The Second Intianda

    2000-Present: second Palestine uprising against Israel
    Outcome: uprising was suppressed
  • 1994 BCE

    Israel and Jordan sign a peace treaty

    peace treaty between Egypt and Israel
    Outcome: trade, business, relations, tourism, cultural, exchanges, and specific cooperation between the two has increased since the agreement was signed
  • 1993 BCE

    The Oslo Accords

    were a set of agreements that started in 1993. Intended to be an interim agreement that would lead to permanent settlement with israel and palestine
    Outcome: Israel and Palestine accused one another for not fulfilling their obligations
  • 1987 BCE

    The First Intifada

    -Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank were in an uprising for control
    -Equal number of Israeli and Palestinian troops killed
  • 1982 BCE

    The 1982 Lebanon War

    -Southern Lebanon consistently attacked Northern Israel
    -Israel attacked PLO militants in Lebanon
  • 1979 BCE

    Egypt and Israel Sign a Peace Agreement

    -Egypt became the first Arab country to enter a peace treaty with Israel -Israel returned all the Sinai captured, to Egypt
    -Jewish families moved out of previously owned homes
  • 1973 BCE

    The October War or Yom Kippur War

    -Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on Yom Kippur (Holy Jewish Holiday) -Israel government pushed back attacks
    -US persuaded Israel to withdraw territories
  • 1970 BCE

    Attrition Battles

    -Arab Nations meet in Khartoum, Sudan (1967)
    -They declared non-peace and their unwill to negotiate with Israel -Egypt began small attacks against until 1970
    -PLO attacked Israeli military & civilians in Jordan, Syria , Lebanon, and Egypt
  • 1967 BCE

    Six Day War or The 1967 War

    Egypt blockaded Israel. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq moved troops to Israel’s borders and made threatening statements. Israel launched a preemptive strike.
    Israel captured the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, the Golan Heights from Syria, and the Gaza Strip and all of the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt. More Palestinians and Jews became refugees. Terrorism became more common.
  • 1967 BCE

    Settlement Construction Begins

    -Israel government approved the building of settlement in Sinai, Gaza Strip and West Bank
    -Israel communities built on land, captured in 1967 war
    -3,200 West Banks settlers
  • 1948 BCE

    1948 War

    Israel declared Independence. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, & Iraq attacked Israel.
    Israel gained land. Egypt the Gaza Strip and Jordan gained the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Jews became refugees.