Arab-Israeli Conflict

By eversj
  • 1948 War

    1948 War
    Israel declared independence, and was attacked by several Arab countries, such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. Israel gained territory, Egypt took the Gaza strip, and Jordan took West Bank and East Jerusalem. Thousands of Palestinians and Jews became regufees.
  • Settlement Construction Begins

    Settlement Construction Begins
    Israel begins building Jewish settlements in Sinai, Gaza, and West Bank. They are intended as security outposts. Approximately 300,000 people begin living in West Bank settlements. To reach a peace agreement, Israel and Palestine must negotiate the future of these settlements.
  • Six Day War / 1967 War

    Six Day War / 1967 War
    Egypt blockaded Israel and moved troops to its borders while making threats alongside Jordan, Syria, and Iraq. Israel launched a preemptive strike against the threatening nations. Israel captured the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, the Golan Heights from Syria, and the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula from Egypt. This war caused an increase in terrorism.
  • Attrition Battles

    Attrition Battles
    Arab nations refuse to recognize Israel, and begin small-scale attacks on the nation. Jordan evicted the PLO from the country, and the organization relocated to Lebanon.
  • October War / Yom Kippur War

    October War / Yom Kippur War
    Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on the holy day of Yom Kippur. The attack was repelled by Israel, and Israel is convinced by the United States to withdraw from its occupied lands.
  • Egypt and Israel Sign a Peace Agreement.

    Egypt and Israel Sign a Peace Agreement.
    Due to United States efforts, Egypt becomes the first Arab nation to formally recognize Israel, and the two nations refuse to fight any longer. Israel returned Sinai to Egypt and removed its Jewish people from the area.
  • 1982 Lebanon War

    1982 Lebanon War
    Northern Israel towns were being more frequently targeted by PLO attacks from Lebanon. Israel repels the PLO into Tunisia, and Israel is also drawn into the complicated Lebanese civil war. Israel moves some forces into Lebanon.
  • The First Intifada

    The First Intifada
    Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank started an uprising against the Israeli occupants, using improvised weapons and suicide attacks. Israel forces crack down on the uprising and are unsure on how harshly to deal with the situation.
  • The Oslo Accords

    The Oslo Accords
    Israel and the PLO signed a declaration of principles (DOP). The Palestinian Authority was created, ruling over Palestinian territories. Israel gradually withdraws military force from the Gaza Strip, and the PLO formally recognizes Israel.
  • Israel and Jordan sign a Peace Treaty

    Israel and Jordan sign a Peace Treaty
    The US once again helps Israel reach peace with an Arab nation; this time, Jordan. Jordan formally recognizes Israel, and the two nations begin to cooperate more.
  • The Camp David Summit

    The Camp David Summit
    Bill Clinton brings Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian president Yasser Arafat to Camp David to negotiate peace. Barak promises to help create a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem, but Arafat refuses. Conflict continues.
  • The Second Infitada

    The Second Infitada
    Israeli general Ariel Sharon visited a holy site for Israelis and Muslims. Palestinians claimed that the visit was provocative and began rioting. Great suffering on both sides occurred, lots of terrorism occurred, and many civilian lives were lost. Israeli military relocated to major cities.
  • Israel Begins Constructing the West Bank Barrier

    Israel Begins Constructing the West Bank Barrier
    Israel decides to build a barrier to separate Israeli citizens from West Bank terrorists. It is similar to the wall built around the Gaza Strip. Suicide bombings in Israel coming from the Gaza Strip and West Bank are drastically reduced.
  • Arab Peace Initiative is Proposed

    Arab Peace Initiative is Proposed
    Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia proposes peace for Israel if they forfeit and withdraw from lands they captured in the 1967 War. The Arab League endorses the proposal, while Israel does not entirely agree with the proposal.
  • The Roadmap for Peace is Proposed

    The Roadmap for Peace is Proposed
    A plan for peace proposed by the U.S., Russia, European Union, and the United Nations. The proposal states it will create an independent Palestinian state and secure Israel. The Roadmap doesn't even start the first of its three phases before being abandoned due to the election of terrorist group Hamas.
  • Israel Disengages from Gaza

    Israel Disengages from Gaza
    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon begins to remove Israel forces from the Gaza Strip. Because of this, more rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel by terrorists.
  • Hamas is Elected

    Hamas is Elected
    Palestinians elect many Hamas members to the Palestinian Authority. Many people thought the old government was corrupt, and wanted change. Hundreds of terrorist attacks are brought out by Hamas. Western nations stop supporting the Palestinian Authority.
  • 2006 Lebanon War

    2006 Lebanon War
    Radical Islamic organization Hezbollah launched rockets into Israel from Lebanon, resulting in harsh Israeli retaliation. Many civilians were killed due to Hezbollah's "human shield" strategy, hiding their terrorists in crowds of civilians. Lebanon's transportation systems were badly damaged.
  • The Battle of Gaza

    The Battle of Gaza
    Hamas members attacked the PLO Fatah members residing in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas dissolved the Hamas government. Hamas takes control of the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority takes control of West Bank.
  • The Gaza War

    The Gaza War
    Israeli forces attacked Hamas members in Gaza, trying to stop rocket attacks, disrupt terrorism, and stop the transportation of weapons. Hundreds of militants are killed by Israeli forces. Gaza's civilians, buildings, and economy are badly damaged.
  • Gaza Flotilla Incident

    Gaza Flotilla Incident
    Israel and Egypt began blockading the Gaza Strip. All goods were checked to stop Hamas weapons smuggling. Upon refusing to be checked, Israeli forces entered six ships and attacked. Tension has increased between Israel and Turkey.
  • The Arab Spring

    The Arab Spring
    People in Arab states began to protest against their dictatorships in favor of democracy. Protests have occurred in Tunisia, Algeria, Bahrain, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Syria, and Yemen. Tunisian and Egyptian presidents both resigned. The Arab Spring's outcome is not fully clear.