Wh arab israeli conflict

Arab-Israeli relations timeline

  • 1948 War

    1948 War
    Israel declared independence. Egypt, Jordan, Lebonan, and Iraq attacked Israel. Israel ended up gaining land. Egypt had gained the Gaza Strip, and Jordan gained the West Bank and East Jeruselum. Hundreds of Palestinians and Jews became refugees.
  • Six Day War/1967 War

    Six Day War/1967 War
    Egypt blockaded Israel. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq moved troops to Israel's borders and made threatening statements. Israel launched a preemptive strike.
  • Settlement Construction Begins

    Settlement Construction Begins
    1967 June 6th - Israel began to construct illegal Jewish-Only communities in its occupied territories. The tension between Israel and the Palestinians rose as a result, and there were continued unfair and illegal acts.
  • Attrition battles

    Attrition battles
    1967-1970 - Was launched by Egypt, and was meant to wear down Israel. It was also meant to gain back land lost during the Six Day war. Egypt used technology to give Israel heavy losses. The war reached an inconclusive end, with no obvious victor. The war was nicknamed the inconclusive War.
  • The October war

    The October war
    October 6th-24th - Egypt and Syria attacked Israel to start the war, and The U.S. intervene, helping Israel. Eventually, the fighting turned to the Arabs. Israel won the war, and the U.S. had lost much. The war brought the U.S. closer to nuclear war with the U.S.S.R. An oil embargo was also put on the U.S. by the Arabs.
  • Egypt and Israel sign a peace agreement

    Egypt and Israel sign a peace agreement
    1979 March 26th - Egypt and Israel make peace, which ended violence between the different nations. As a result of the agreement, all tensions and violence were ended for a time.
  • 1982 Lebanon War

    1982 Lebanon War
    June-Sept. - It was called Operation Peace. At the time before, Lebanon was a safe haven for terrorists. From here, the PLO staged 270 terror attacks on Israel during a cease-fire. The war was ended after a terror group led by Abu Nidal attempted to assassinate an Israeli ambassador to Great Britain. As a result of the attempt, Israeli troops surrounded the terror group, and they surrendered.
  • First Intifada

    First Intifada
    December,1987-1993 - Was an uprising against the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory. Many Palestinians, mostly children, were killed, which attracted the attention of the world.
  • Oslo Accords

    Oslo Accords
    Signed in sept 13,1993 - Was the start of the peace process, and took 100 years to be signed fully. Also considered the turning point of the conflict, although Jordan still disagreed with it. As a result, fighting erupted again.
  • Israel and Jordan sign Peace Treaty

    Israel and Jordan sign Peace Treaty
    October 26,1994 - Israel and Jordan make peace, and Jordan is given back its land. This allows Israel and Jordan to exchange goods, communicate together, and work together in scientific fields.
  • Camp David Summit

    Camp David Summit
    July 11-24, 2000 - Was presidential retreat, to try to create peace between Israel and the Arab states. It was cut short by a wave of palestinian attacks. Instead of peace, a settlement offer was put into place. The offer was refused, and the fighting intensified, ending the summit
  • Second Intifada

    Second Intifada
    2000-ongoing, started sept - Was second Palestinian uprising against Israel’s occupation. At least 973 Palestinians died, most very young
  • proposition of Arab peace initiative

    proposition of Arab peace initiative
    March - Was a ten sentence proposal to end the Arab Israeli conflict. Many of the Palestinian officials support it, but the Israeli officials are more mixed with responses.
  • Israel begins constructing the west bank barrier

    Israel begins constructing the west bank barrier
    • 2002-ongoing,started june - Is a part wall, part fence structure, made up of barbed wire, a four meter ditch, an eight meter high wall, and watchtower posts. It is meant to prevent attacks, block bullets, and prevent intruders
  • Road map for peace proposed

    Road map for peace proposed
    July 16 - The U.S. backed this peace proposal, which was meant to move the Israelis and Arabs into a peaceful era. It had mostly failed, with bombings still occurring, but is believed by some that it can be revived.
  • Israel disengages from Gaza

    Israel disengages from Gaza
    2005 August - Israel removed all military from the Gaza Strip, so as to attempt to reduce the terrorism against Israel. As a result of the move, Palestinians became free from the Israeli prejudice and hate, that was in the area.
  • Hamas is elected

    Hamas is elected
    Jan 25 - Winning by majority, the Covenant of the Islamic resistance movement, also very hostile towards the PLO. the U.S, Russia, U.N, E.U made foreign assistance to the PA, only if they remain peaceful.
  • 2006 Lebanon war

    2006 Lebanon war
    July 12 - A war between Israel and Hezbollah. Started by a surprise attack on the Israeli border, and also by the capture of several Israeli soldiers. As a result, nearly 1,500 people died, and over 1 million displaced. The soldiers that were captured, were also killed.
  • Battle of Gaza

    Battle of Gaza
    June 10-15 - Known as Hamas’ takeover, It was when Hamas’ men gained complete control over Gaza. This caused the European Commission to call for peace instead of the fighting. It also caused the palestinians to be on the verge of breaking into 2 warring areas, and also caused the execution of the top Fatah Militant in Gaza.
  • Gaza war

    Gaza war
    2008-2009 - Dec - A three week conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. Started by military activities by Israel in Gaza, it caused the deaths of around 1,400 people, and Israel being forced to rebuild the damages it had caused.
  • Gaza Flotilla accident

    Gaza Flotilla accident
    2010 may 31 - Was a commando raid on an aid flotilla bound for Gaza. the ship was boarded in an attempt to break the naval blockade put up by the palestinians. As a result of the raid, nine activists were killed, and dozens were wounded.
  • Arab Spring

    Arab Spring
    December 2011 - A democratic uprising started in Tunisia, eventually spreading to Egypt, Syria, Yavan, Libya, and other nations. Many countries were hit hard by the uprising, and suffer bad consequences. Some countries turned to democracy after the uprising.