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Events in the Middle East

  • 1948 War

    1948 War
    Israel declared independence. Egypt, Jordan, Syria Lebanon and Iraq attacked Israel. Afterwards Israel gained land and Egypt got the Gaza strip. Hundreds of Palestinians became refugees
  • Settlement construction begins

    Settlement construction begins
    Israeli governments approved the construction of settlements to be used as security outpost to help prevent major attacks and to house people. Although many thought that this work site was wasting room for a future Palestine and was a waste of time, energy and money for the Israeli military
  • The Six Day war

    The Six Day war
    Egypt blockaded Israel. Surrounding Arab countries moved troops to Israels borders and made threatening statements which led to Israeli launching a preemptive strike.Terrorism became more popular and more and more people became refugees. Israel got more land back
  • Attrition Battles

    Attrition Battles
    Israel offered to return land in exchange for recognition. Arab nations denied the offer which lead to small scale attacks against Israel. However, Israel began to fight back.
  • The October War/ Yom Kippur War

    The October War/ Yom Kippur War
    Egypt and Syria attacked Israeli on the holiest day of the year. But, they fought back but withdrew from captured territories. The homeland was not over run and that made many people very happy
  • Egypt and Israel sign a peace treaty

    Egypt and Israel sign a peace treaty
    Egypt became first arab country to recognize Israel as a country and enter into a peace treaty. The war in Israel was bringing down the Egyptian economy so they gave them all of sinai. That involved removing jewish people from their homes in that area
  • The 1982 Lebanon War

    The 1982 Lebanon War
    The Palestinian Liberation Organization began attacking Israel but Israels military fought back. Israel got pulled into the Lebanese civil war but backed out in 1985 however they still kept a couple troops there to serve as buffer between countries
  • The first Intifada

    The first Intifada
    Palestinians had an uprising against Israeli control. PLO supplied weapons and organized it. Israeli was able to keep it under control through killing some Palestinians which many people thought was harsh but others thought it wasn't enough because attacks still continued .
  • The Oslo Accords

    The Oslo Accords
    A set of agreements that decided when Israel and PLO signs declaration of principles. Israel was required to leave some territory, but allowed to protect it citizens
  • Camp David Accords

    Camp David Accords
    Bill Clinton tried to mend ties between Israel and Palestine. But it didn't work because the prime minister of Palestine would not compromise because the trade was too low. Conflict continued between the two countries
  • The Second Intifada

    The Second Intifada
    The Israeli General visited a Jewish Temple, which caused a lot of commotion. Some people thought he did it in a pretext for violence so fighting in Palestine broke out. Bombs and bloodshed were everywhere. There is no definite end to the fighting.
  • Israel Begins Constructing the West Bank Barrier

    Israel Begins Constructing the West Bank Barrier
    Israel decides to build barricades to protect from terrorists in the West Bank. Israel is then criticized for dividing Palestinians from their lands of work, study and worship. People now must pass through check points, not free movement. This created Palestinian Authority. The PLO recognized Israel as a country and Israel recognized the PLO as a representative for their country. Was ultimately meant for peace between the two states
  • Arab Peace Initiative is Proposed

    Arab Peace Initiative is Proposed
    Abdullah of Saudi Arabia proposed peace initiative that was approved by all members of the Muslim League. Israel had to give all land back from the 1967 War. Major breakthrough because before many countries would not even mention Israel. As a result, the first official delegation was sent to Israel.
  • The Roadmap for Peace is Proposed

    The Roadmap for Peace is Proposed
    Plan for Peace created by the United States, Russia, United Nations and European Union. Wanted Israel and Palestine to recognize each other as territories. There are three phases to the Roadmap for Peace, but they have not even made it past the first phase yet. Palestine got off track when they elected a terrorist bent on destroying Israel as their president.
  • Israel Disengages from Gaza

    Israel Disengages from Gaza
    There is a separation between Israel and Palestinian territories. The Israeli government wanted to leave the Gaza Strip, but the Israelis living there did not want to leave their homes. The government ended up pulling Israel out of Gaza, but unfortunately there are currently more terrorists firing rockets upon Israel because of it.
  • Hamas is Elected

    Hamas is Elected
    Hamas members were elected to the Palestinian Government. They are bent on the destruction of Jews and Israel. When these members were elected, many Westerners suspended help to Palestine at this time. They said they would lift the suspension once the Hamas would treat Israel peacefully.
  • The 2006 Lebanon War

    The 2006 Lebanon War
    Hezbollah, another terrorist group against Israel, suddenly attacked them. Israel fought back, unfortunately taking civilians' lives and damaging transportation systems.
  • The Battle of Gaza

    The Battle of Gaza
    When Hamas members were elected, tension rose between them and the PLO Fatah. After Hamas attacked the Fatah, the Palestinian Authority President dissolved the Hamas government. Today, Hamas controls Gaza, while the Palestinian Authority controls the West Bank.
  • The Gaza War

    The Gaza War
    Israel attacked Hamas in Gaza to attempt to stop the terrorism there. Hundreds of militants were killed along with civilians.
  • Gaza Flotilla Incident

    Gaza Flotilla Incident
    Israel and Egypt began blockade of Gaza. All goods began to be inspected for weapons, and Israel killed many people commanding ships trying to get to Gaza. This caused Turkey and Israel's relationship to deteriorate.
  • The Arab Spring

    The Arab Spring
    Arab States began protesting against oppressive governments spread across the Arab World. The Tunisian president left the country. The Egyptian president resigned. Protests began to advance.