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Benjamin Netanyahu

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    Israeli History

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    Benzion Netanyahu (Father)

  • Benzion Netanyahu

    Benzion Netanyahu
    Father of Benjamin. He would pursue a life of Revisionist Zionism, which he would pass on to his children
  • "Netanyahus" are born

    Nathan Mileikowsky moved his family, which included his ten year old son Bezion, Benjamin’s father, to Israel. Shortly after his arrival, Nathan resolved only to speak Hebrew from then on. From that moment, he changed his last name to Netanyahu; meaning “God’s gift"
  • Union of Revisionist Zionists

    Union of Revisionist Zionists
    In 1925, Vladimir Jabotinsky established the Union of Revisionist Zionists. Jaboinsky's new Zionist movement grows in response to the emergence of Arab nationalism.
  • Hebron Massacre

    Hebron Massacre
    Arab revolts in the cities of Safed and Hebron witnessed the massacre of numerous Jewish people
  • Benzion moves to New York

    Benzion moves to New York
    Benzion moves to New York to work his Zionist hero Vladimir Jabotinsky.
  • Period: to

    Jonathan Netanyahu (Older Brother)

  • Netanyahus return to motherland

    Shortly after the independence of Israel, and year before Bibi is born. Benzion brings his family back to Israel.
  • Independence of Israel

    Independence of Israel
  • Birth of Bibi

    Birth of Bibi
    Benjamin Netanyahu is born. Amongst close friends and family he would become simply known as "Bibi."
  • Period: to

    Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Netanyahu Family returns to the U.S.

    After receiving a position in academia, the Netanyahu family return to the U.S., this time settling in the Philadelphia area.
  • Birth of PLO

    Birth of PLO
    The Palestinian Liberation Organization is founded. A new campaign adovacating for the self-determination of the Palestinians begins.
  • Bibi joins the IDF

    Bibi joins the IDF
    After the Six Day War, Bibi officially enlists in the Israeli Defense Forces.
  • Bibi heads to Israel

    Bibi opted not to participate in his high school graduation; instead he departed for Israel in preparation for the oncoming war. Bibi offers help by filling sandbags in Jerusalem.
  • Six Day War

    Six Day War
    In 1967, Israel is attacked by the combined forces of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq. Zionists in the U.S. protest their unconditional support for Israel. Israel emerges victorious and retains the captured territories of Gaze, the Golan Heights and the West Bank.
  • First Marriage

    Bibi marries his first wife Micki. *The date is not exact. Research indicated the marriage occured a couple months after Bibi's return from the Six Day War.
  • Yom Kippur War

    Yom Kippur War
    The Yom Kippur War begins. It would last until the 24th of the same month. Bibi and Yoni Netanyahu would both serve in this war. Yoni received a minor gun shot wound to the arm.
  • Death of Yonaton

    Death of Yonaton
    During a rescue mission to save Israeli hostages being held by Islamic terrorist on Entebbe airport in Uganda, Yoni is killed. He was the only death in the operation.
  • 1st Divorce

    Bibi and Micki divorce after nearly 10 years of marriage due to Bibi's infidelity. They had one daughter together, No'a.
  • 2nd Marriage

    Bibi weds the woman whom he had an affair with, Fleur.
  • First Political Position

    First Political Position
    In 1982, Moshe Arens, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., and friend of Benzion, offers Bibi a position on his staff.
  • Ambassador to U.N.

    Ambassador to U.N.
    After a successful run on the ambassador's staff in Washington, Bibi is appointed as the Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. He moves back to Israel with Fleur.
  • 2nd Divorce

    After having difficulty assimilating to life in Israel, Fleur divorces Bibi.
  • 3rd Marriage

    3rd Marriage
    Bibi marries a flight attendant named Sara.
  • Rise in the Likud

    Rise in the Likud
    Bibi rises through the ranks of the right-wing Likud party.
  • Oslo Accords

    Oslo Accords
    Israel and the PLO sign a peace accord. Israel offers to return parts of the West Bank and Gaza which were obtained following the 1967 War.
  • Yitzhak Rabin Assassinated

    Yitzhak Rabin Assassinated
    Yitzhak Rabin is assassinated by Zionist extremist.
  • Elected as Prime Minister

    Elected as Prime Minister
    In a close election, Bibi emerges victorious. His hard view on terrorism may have been the key to this victory--weeks before the elections, nearly 60 Israelis were killed in a suicide attack.
  • Foreign Minister

    Bibi is appointed as the Foreign Minister. He would remain in this position until Feb. 28 2003.
  • Bibi becomes Finance Minister

    He would later resign in 2005 to pursue internal elections within the Likud party.
  • Leader of the Opposition

    Leader of the Opposition
    Bibi takes the lead in the Likud party and prepares to take it forward by eventually running for the prime minister position again.
  • 2nd Term as PM

    2nd Term as PM
    Bibi is elected again to serve as Prime Minister of Israel.
  • Speech to U.S. Congress

    Speech to U.S. Congress
    Bibi makes a charismatic speech to the U.S. Congress. This came three weeks after the assassination of Osama bin Laden. Netanyahu was most likely trying to assure himself that he would continue to have support from the U.S. regarding the War on Terror.
  • Ghalid Shalit is free!

    Ghalid Shalit is free!
    Bibi's administration negotiated with Hamas for the release of an Israeli soldier who had been POW for 5yrs. In return, 1,000 Palestinian prisoners are freed.
  • Relationship with father

    Relationship with father
    Bibi continues to maintain a strong relationship with his ailing father. Moreover, he continues to solicit advice from him on matters pertaining to politics.