Arab israeli war

Arab Israeli Conflict

  • The 1948 War

    The 1948 War
    Israel declared independence. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq attacked Israel. Israel gained land. Egypt gained the Gaza Strip and Jordan gained the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians became refugees.
  • The Attrition Battles

    The Attrition Battles
    When Egypt bombed Isreal relentlessy with the help of the soviets. The outcome was that there was no clear winner but both countries took loses both ecomomically and human expenses.
  • Six Day War or The 1967 War

    Six Day War or The 1967 War
    Egypt blockaded Israel. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq moved troops to Israel's borders and made threatening statements. Israel launched a preemetive strike. The outcome was that Israel captured the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, the Golan Heights from Syria, and the Gaza Strip and all of the Sinai Peninsula fom Egypt. More Palestinians and Jews became refugees. Terrorism became more common.
  • Settlement Construction Begins

    Settlement Construction Begins
    Jewish people created settlements on the West Bank and Gaza Strip. These were the same areas where Jews had flourished for hundreds of years
  • The October or Yom Kippur War

    The October or Yom Kippur War
    Egyptian and Syrian forces attacked Israel on Yom Kippur which is one of the most holy days of the Jewish calendar. The Israeli forces were surprised and struggled, but a cease fire was called on October 25, 1975.
  • Egypt and Israel sign a Peace Agreement

    Egypt and Israel sign a Peace Agreement
    After a week long conflict the countries of Israel and Egypt sign a peace treaty. This conflict was very bloody and ended with a lot of death.
  • The 1982 Lebanon War

    The 1982 Lebanon War
    PLO terrorists attacked a bus and took 34 hostages who were killed. After a 22 year conflict in Lebanon, Israel pulled their forces out.
  • The First Intifada

    The First Intifada
    Palestinians started an uprising aganst Israeli forces. PLO terrorist supplied their weapons. This ended when the OSLO Accords were signed in 1993.
  • The Oslo Accords

    The Oslo Accords
    This was an agreement between the PLO terrorists and Israel. PLO terrorists formally recognized Israel as a country and publicly made peace
  • Israel and Jordan sign a Peace Treaty

    Israel and Jordan sign a Peace Treaty
    The US helped with a peace treaty between Israel and Jordan. Jordan became the second country to recognize Israel as an independent country.
  • The Camp David Summit

    The Camp David Summit
    Bill Clinton brought Israeli's and Palestinians to Camp David to make peace. This plan failed and ended up causing more fighting.
  • The Second Intifada

    The Second Intifada
    An uprising because Israeli police were denying Palestinians their basic rights. This resulted in another battle with the death of about 5,000 people and many wounded.
  • Israel Begins Constructing the West Bank Barrier

    Israel Begins Constructing the West Bank Barrier
    Israel began to form a barrier that would seperate itself from the terrorist fille West Bank. By making this Barrier Israel excluded itself from the West Bank and the number of suicide bombings on Israel decreased.
  • Arab Peace Initiative Proposed

    Arab Peace Initiative Proposed
    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabis set out the idea to make peace with israel, but in return Israel would need to give back the terrotory the gained in the war that took place in 1967 and to recognize Palestine as its own independent state.The Arab league was completley with this idea and beleived it would be another step in peace for the Middle East. Israel was fond of the idea, but refused to give back the land gained in 1967. In result the peace initiative was declined.
  • Roadmap for Peace is Proposed

    Roadmap for Peace is Proposed
    A plan was made by the "Quartet", The U.S.A, Russia, the European Union and United free Palestine and secure Israel from the rest of the world. Unfortunatkey this plan never succeeded. This is mainly because of the election of the terrorist group known as the "Hamas" whos main objective is to destroy Israel. (Elected in Palestine.)
  • Israel Disengages from Gaza.

    Israel Disengages from Gaza.
    Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in order to force Palestine to govern itself. This action was very two sided since the citizens of Israel that lived in the Gaza Strip did not want to leave their home. Although, the Israeli government wanted complete seperation from Palestine. This action was critisized by the Arabs and the number of rockets fired into Irael increased.
  • Hamas is Elected

    Hamas is Elected
    The terrorist group the "Hamas" was elected because of Palastines previous corrupt government. The Hamas called for the complete destruction of Israel and all Jews. In result to this Western countries suspended the aid to Palastine,
  • The 2006 Lebanon War

    The 2006 Lebanon War
    Hezbollah, a radical terrorist group based in Lebanon starts attacking Israel. The main goal of Hezbollah is to destroy Israel. Many rockets were launched into Israel and air strikes were fired on Hezbollah militairy bases. Many civillians were killed.
  • The Battle of Gaza

    The Battle of Gaza
    Hama Militaints attacked Fatah members throughout the Gaza Strip.In result of this Hamas gained control over the Gaza Strip and Palastine authorities had control over the West Bank.
  • The Gaza War

    The Gaza War
    Israel attacked the Hamas to prevent Rocket attaks and to brea the group. Hundreds of Militaints ended up dying and mnay civilians were killed. Ended in 2009
  • Gaza Flotilla Incident

    Gaza Flotilla Incident
    When Israel and Eygpt began a blockade of because of the take over of the Hamas. The UN decided that this blockade was illegegal and that it could not be continued to be made. Many ships were sent to break the blockade. Many commanders of the ships were attacked and killed.