Wh arab israeli conflict

A Timeline Chart of Major Events in Arab-Israeli Relations

  • 1948 War

    1948 War
    Brief Description:
    - Israel declared independence.
    - Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq attacked Israel. Outcome:
    - Israel gained land.
    - Egypt gained the Gaza Strip and Jordan gained the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
    - Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Jews became refugees.
  • Settlement Construction Begins

    Settlement Construction Begins
    Brief Description:
    - Construction started to establish communities for Jewish Israeli civilians.
    - The settlement policy allowed for their to be less Jewish Israeli communities. Outcome:
    - The population grew in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the Golan Heights and still continues to grow.
  • Six Day War or The 1967 War

    Six Day War or The 1967 War
    Brief Description:
    - Egypt blockaded Israel.
    - Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq moved troops to Israel's borders and made threatening statements.
    - Israel launched a preemptive strike. Outcome:
    - Israel captured the West Bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, the Golan Heights from Syria, and the Gaza Strip and all of the Sinai Peninsula and Jews became refugees.
    - Terrorism became more common.
  • Attrition Battles

    Attrition Battles
    Brief Description:
    - Fighting occurred between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, PLO, and their alliances.
    - The Arab states formed the "three nos" policy. Outcome:
    - It is still disputed to this dat.
    - The US broke ceasefire by getting Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and the PLO to agree with the Rogers Plan.
  • The October War or Yom Kippur War

    The October War or Yom Kippur War
    Brief Description:
    - It was a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt and Syria against Israel.
    - Egypt and Syria wanted to gain Sinai and the Golan Heights respectively. Outcome:
    - Israel won.
    - Golda Meir stepped down from being prime minister of Israel.
    - Israel seized the Golan Heights.
    - Israel signed agreement to give Sinai back to Egypt.
  • Egypt and Israel Sign a Peace Agreement

    Egypt and Israel Sign a Peace Agreement
    Brief Description:
    - Egypt was the first Arab state to recognize Israel as a country.
    - The agreement allowed for free passage of Israeli ships through the Suez Canal, recognized new waterways as international, Israel would give up the Sinai Peninsula and Egypt would leave that area demilitarized. Outcome:
    - Peace had lasted between the two countries since then.
    - The U.S. began giving Egypt economic and military aid.
  • The 1982 Lebanon War

    The 1982 Lebanon War
    Brief Description:
    - The IDF invaded southern Lebanon.
    - The Israeli military attacked the PLO, Syrian, leftist, and Muslim Lebanese forces.
    - Israel gained more land. Outcome:
    - Israeli and PLO forces left Lebanon.
  • The Oslo Accords

    The Oslo Accords
    Brief Description:
    - It is a set of agreements between the Israeli government and the PLO.
    - It marked the start of the peace process with the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. Outcome:
    - The PLO recognized Israel's right to exist in the UN.
    - The PLO was willing to find a peaceful end to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
  • The First Intifada

    The First Intifada
    Brief Description:
    - It is the Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.
    - An IDF truck killed four Palestinians and allowed the Palestinians to turn this accident into a protest movement against the Israeli Civil Administration. Outcome:
    - The Israelis were criticized.
    - The "Iron Fist" policy failed.
    - The Israeli tourist industry dropped.
  • Israel and Jordan Sign a Peace Treaty

    Israel and Jordan Sign a Peace Treaty
    Brief Description:
    - It settled relations with land and water disputes, and cooperation with tourists and trade.
    - Jordan wanted the West Bank. Outcome:
    - It opened the borders between the two countries.
    - They both signed a trade treaty in 1996.
  • The Camp David Summit

    The Camp David Summit
    Brief Description:
    - It was a meeting with the U.S., Israel, and Palestinian Authority.
    - It didn't end the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Outcome:
    - There was no agreement made at the first summit.
    - They held a second summit.
  • The Second Intifada

    The Second Intifada
    Brief Description:
    - It was a period of intense violence with Israel and Palestine.
    - It began with a visit from the Prime Minister of Israel at a temple and the visit ended with the Israeli army treating the Palestinians badly. Outcome:
    - It stopped the construction of the Israeli West Bank barrier.
    - It decreased violence in the West Bank.
    - Israel with drew from the Gaza Strip.
  • Arab Peace Initiative is Proposed

    Arab Peace Initiative is Proposed
    The Arabs believed that a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East would be the best strategic plan. Latter on this initiative has been revised many times, and fails to keep the peace.
  • Israel Begins Constructing the West Bank Barrier

    Israel Begins Constructing the West Bank Barrier
    Ongoing: Israel starts to act in the West Bank due to many suicide bombings. The idea was to cut of terrorist networks, which in turn would stop all the suicide bombings. The problem was that because this wall was built it damaged Palestinian culture, education, and their economy.
  • The Roadmap for Peace is Proposed

    The Roadmap for Peace is Proposed
    This Requested that Israel and Palestine to end the violence and create a lasting peace. The US wrote this based on a speech that president Bush gave. Neither side really tried to make this plan work, so this became a huge failure.
  • Israel Disengages from Gaza

    Israel Disengages from Gaza
    Israelis believe that this would improve their security and international status, in the absence of peace negotiations with the Palestinians. Israels people are split between the idea of was it a good/bad idea.
  • Hamas is Elected

    Hamas is Elected
    With Hamas being elected, this means more power for Israel. He later starts the Gaza war in 2008 and becomes president.
  • The 2006 Lebanon War

    The 2006 Lebanon War
    Israel tries to take Lebanon, but utterly fails. Many things were destroyed and there was heavy pollution.
  • The Battle of Gaza

    The Battle of Gaza
    Hamas' fighter take over the Gaza Strip. Hamas ends up with a ton of political and military power, and he is also seen a force not to be reckoned with.
  • The Gaza War

    The Gaza War
    It started because rockets were fired at Israel and Israel shot back, and with force. This destroyed many things, so many there would a list 10 miles long.
  • The Gaza Flotilla Incident

    The Gaza Flotilla Incident
    9 activists died in the ship raid. Many other countries, close and far, were effected by this.
  • The Arab Spring

    The Arab Spring
    It was a democratic uprising organized in Tunisia. The US is no longer allowed to call the shots and this the Sunni vs the Shia.