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Arab-Israeli Conflict

  • 1948

    The 1948 war occured from May 15 1948 to March 1949. Isreal declared indepence gaining the Gaza Strip. Egypt Jordan, Lebbanon, Syria and Iraq attacked Isreal. Jordan gained the West Bank and East Jerusalem, making many jews and palestinians become redugees. Picture Citation:
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  • Six Day War

    Six Day War
    This war occourred from June 5, 1967 to June 10, 1967. Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq moved troops to Israels borders and made threatning statement. Egypt blackaded Isreal causing Isreal to launch a strike. Isreal captured the West Bank, East Jeruslam, Golan Heights, Gaza strip, and the Sinai Peninsula. However, terriorium now became more comman and more Jews and Paletsinians were captured. "The Yom Kippur War (October 1973)." He Six-Day War. Web. 8 May 2015.
  • Settlement Construction Begins

    Settlement Construction Begins
    The Israeli government approved of this contruction. It was important because it was made to act as a security out post and to prevent attacks on major population centers. Now there are about 300,000 Wets Bank settlers. However, the future of them is an issue between in Israel and Palestine authority. "Israel Approves Plans for over 550 East Jerusalem Settler Homes." Your Middle East. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 May 2015.
  • Attrition Battles

    Attrition Battles
    Arabs met and declared their unwillingness to make peace with Israel. Small attacks broke out, and the PLO attacked Israeli military and civilians. The Attrition Battles were important because fighting continued until 1971 when Jordan succeeded in evicting the PLO from the country. The PLO moved its base of operations to Lebanon. ""Ghostwriter" History." : The Battle of Verdun. Web. 30 Apr. 2015.
  • The October War

    The October War
    Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on Yom Kippur. Eventually, the United States convinced Israel to widthdraw from the territories. After the war, Israel retained the territories captured, but did not keep the additional land. "Arab News Blog." » October 6: "The Crossing" After 40 Years. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2015.
  • Egypt and Israel Sign a Peace Agreement

    Egypt and Israel Sign a Peace Agreement
    Egypt became the first country to reconize Israel and to enter into a peace treaty with it. Egypt's president realized that war with Israel was harming his counrty. This is important because the agreement became a model for Israel's "land for peace" policy. "Meir Rosenne, Author of the Peace Agreement with Egypt, Dead at 84 - National." Web. 30 Apr. 2015.
  • The Lebanon War

    The Lebanon War
    This war included PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization, units in Southern Lebanon attacked Northern Israel. Israel Launched an attack, advancing troops as far as to Beirut. Until 2000, the military stayed in Lebbanon as a buffer. This prevented terrorism. "IDF ARMOR חיל השריון-צה"ל." : Captured Tanks ,armor and Other Military Items in the IDF. Web. 30 Apr. 2015.
  • The First Infiada

    The First Infiada
    Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip began to uprise and fight Israel using wepons supplied by the PLO. The PLO helped to organize the uprsing. Isreal then used miltary force to stop the violence. Many Isreal and Palestine citizens lost there lifes, Coutausse, Jean. "Jean-Claude Coutausse." N.p., n.d. Web. 01 May 2015.
  • Oslo Accords

    Oslo Accords
    The Oslo occourds are a set of agreements between Isreal and the PLO. In 1993, they both signed the DOP, Delcoration of Principals The agreement says Isreal will remove its miltary from the gaza strip but can still use it to defend itself and its citizens. The POL formally reconginized Isreal for the first time.
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  • Isreal and Jordan sign peace treaty

    Isreal and Jordan sign peace treaty
    In 1979, Isreal and Jordan met with the United States in an attempt to gain peace. Finnaly, in 1994, Jordan recongized Isreal as a state and there relation benfited both states. The trade, buisness and toursium between the too grew strengthen both economys.
    Picture citation: "Revisiting the Peace Process: Jordan-Israeli Relations." The Jerusalem Post. Web. 8 May 2015.
  • The camp david

    The camp david
    In an attempt to gain peace between Isreal and Palestine. Bill Clinton, the U.S. Presedent met with Isreali Prime Minister and Palistianian Presedent. Isreal proposed to give back contoll of the West Bank and allow Palestine to become a state with East Jersalem as the capital. However, Palestine declined the offer. At the end, there was no peace achieved between the two states.
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  • The Second Intifada

    The Second Intifada
    Citizens from both states grew fustrated by the lack of progress on achieving peace. People began to riot and start sucide bombings. Both sides lost many people including large amounts of civilions.
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    "Haneen Zoabi Calls for Third Palestinian Intifada against Israel." News That Matters. 6 Jan. 2013. Web. 8 May 2015.
  • Arab peace inative is proposed

    Arab peace inative is proposed
    The current Prince of Saudi Arab proposed a peace plan to Isreal. If Isreal returned to the prewar boarders of 1967, recongizes Palestin as a state with East Jersalem as the capital and a solution for refugees in Palestine they could come to peace. Isreal liked the propsal but didnt accept all the negotions.
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  • Isreal begins constructing the west bank barrier

    Isreal begins constructing the west bank barrier
    Isreal decided to build a barrior seporating the West Bank from the rest of Isreal. This was built to keep terrorist and sucide bombers out of Isreal. Isreal was critized for seperating the Palestinian state but there are security checkpoints you can go through to pass sides in the barrier.
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  • The Roadmap For Peace is Proposed

    The Roadmap For Peace is Proposed
    It is a plan that was proposed by the U.S, Russia, European Union, and the United Nations. It involved Israel and Palestine with a goal of an independet Palestine state and secure Israel. There has yet to be significant progress as a result of the Road map for peace. "Ken Raggio Teaches The Swelling of the Jordan." Ken Raggio Teaches The Swelling of the Jordan. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 May 2015.
  • Isreal Disengages from Gaza

    Isreal Disengages from Gaza
    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon moved ahead with the policy of disengagement. Or the physical separation of Israel from Palestinian territories. Since Israel withdrew from Gaza, the number of rockets fired by terrorists from Gaza into Israel has increased. This is important because violence has also increased. "HIR | What Caused This War? (Israel v. Lebanon - 2006)." HIR | What Caused This War? (Israel v. Lebanon - 2006). N.p., n.d. Web. 05 May 2015.
  • Hamas is elected

    Hamas is elected
    Palestinians elected a majority of Hamas's members to the Palestinian Authority's legislature. The Hamas won because Palestinians saw the previous government corrupt. This is important because many Western nations imposed sanctions and suspended aid to the Palestinian Authority. "Khaled Meshaal Re-elected as Hamas Chief." Thenewstribe. TheNewsTribe ., 3 Apr. 2013. Web. 5 May 2015.
  • 2006 Lebanon War

    2006 Lebanon War
    Hezbollah (based on Lebanon) is an organization committed to destroy Israel.They killed many soldiers and kidnapped and murdered people. It resulted in the loss of civilians lives as well as damage in property. Jewish War against Lebanon - Radio Islam." Jewish War against Lebanon - Radio Islam. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 May 2015.
  • Battle of Gaza

    Battle of Gaza
    There was a lot of tension when the Hamas were elected. In June, Hamas attacked Fatah members throughout Gaza. The Palestinian President Mohmoud Abbas dissolved the Hamas' government.And the Western sanctions to the Palestinian Authority were lifted. Erlanger, Steven. "Unity Fractures as Palestinians Battle in Gaza." The New York Times. The New York Times, 15 May 2007. Web. 05 May 2015.
  • Gaza War

    Gaza War
    Israel attacked Hamas' targets in Gaza in an attempt to stop attacks. However hundreds of militants were killed. There were also much civilian casualties and Gaza's buildings and economy were damaged. "Effects of the Gaza War (2008–09)." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 05 May 2015.
  • Gaza Flotilla Incident

    Gaza Flotilla Incident
    After the Hamas seized control, Israel and Egypt began a blockade of Gaza. They required all goods be checked to prevent Hamas from bringing in weapons. Ships sailed to break the blockade. And the ship refused to be checked in. As a result, violence occurred which led to the conflict between Israel and Turkey who had been allies. Jazeera, Al. "10th Passenger on Gaza Flotilla Dies after Four-year Coma." Jews For Justice For Palestinians Is A Company Limited. Guarantee Company, 25 May 2014. Web.
  • The Arab Spring

    The Arab Spring
    Before 2011, no Arab state has a democratic government. Citizens of Arabs began to protest against the autocratic and oppressive government.The Tunisian president left the country. Also, the Egyptian president resigned. And many a protest occurred in effect. DAWSON, STELLA. "Democracy Declined Worldwide in 2011, Arab Spring Nations at Risk: Report." English. AL ARABIYA NEWS, 18 Sept. 2012. Web. 06 May 2015.