Israeli palestinian conflict

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  • Balfour Declaration

    Balfour Declaration
    British issued the Balfour Declaration, viewed by Jews and Arabs as promising a “National Home” for the Jews in Palestine.
  • State of Israel is Born

    State of Israel is Born
    Israel War of Independence (1948 War). Declaration of Israel as the Jewish State; British leave Palestine. Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia declared war on Israel. Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian invasion began.
  • Palestine Regiment

    Palestine Regiment
    British form the Palestine Regiment, which assist forces against the Axis.
  • UN Partition Plan

    UN Partition Plan
    Israel and Arab states agree to armistice. Israel gained about 50% more territory than was originally allotted to it by the UN Partition Plan.
  • Suez Campaign

    Suez Campaign
    Israel invades the Sinai peninsula and occupies it for several months with the collaboration of British and French forces. This was in retaliation for a series of escalating border raids as well as the closure of the straits of Tiran and Suez canal to Israeli shipping, and to prevent Egyptian use of newly acquired Soviet arms in a war.
  • Palestine Liberation Organization

    Palestine Liberation Organization
    PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) founded with the aim of destroying Israel. The Palestinian National Charter officially called for liquidation of Israel.
  • Straits of Tiran are Closed

    Straits of Tiran are Closed
    Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser closes the straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping and dismisses UN peacekeeping force. Negotiations with the US to reopen the Straits of Tiran fail.
  • Period: to

    6-Day War

    6-day war. Israel destroys the Egyptian air force on the ground, conquers and occupies Sinai and Gaza, then conquers the West Bank from Jordan, and Golan Heights from Syria. UN resolution 242 called for Israeli withdrawal, establishment of peace.
  • Yom Kippur War

    Yom Kippur War
    Egypt retook the Suez canal and a narrow zone on the other side in a surprise attack. Syria reconquered the Golan Heights. Following massive US and Soviet resupplying of the sides, Israel succeeded in pushing back the Syrians and threatening Damascus.
  • Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty

    Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty
    A peace treaty was signed between Egypt and Israel.
  • Israel Destroys Nuclear Reactor

    Israel Destroys Nuclear Reactor
    Israel destroys Iraqi Osirak's nuclear reactor in a raid.
  • Egyptian President Assassinated

    Egyptian President Assassinated
    Egyptian President Anwar Sadat is assassinated while on a victory parade.
  • Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

    Israeli Invasion of Lebanon
    There was a massive Israeli invasion of Lebanon to fight the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
  • Oslo Declaration of Principles

    Oslo Declaration of Principles
    Israel and PLO agree to mutual recognition.
  • Oslo Interim Agreement Signed

    Oslo Interim Agreement Signed
    Palestinian authority is now to be established due the recent agreement signing.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Assassinated

    Israeli Prime Minister Assassinated
    Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by right-wing Israeli fanatic Yigal Amir. Rabin is replaced by Shimon Peres.
  • New Prime Minister is Elected

    New Prime Minister is Elected
    Right-Wing Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu was elected Prime Minister in Israel, replacing Shimon Peres.
  • Al-Aksa Tunnel Riots

    Al-Aksa Tunnel Riots
    Arab sources spread the false rumor that a gate opened in an underground tunnel tourist attraction by the Israeli government, endangered the foundations of the Al-Aqsa mosque. This caused several days of rioting and numerous casualties.
  • Agreement on Israeli Redeployment

    Agreement on Israeli Redeployment
    Israel and Palestinians reach agreement on Israeli redeployment in the West-Bank city of Hebron.
  • Wye River Plantation

    Wye River Plantation
    Wye River Plantation talks result in an agreement for Israeli redeployment and release of political prisoners and renewed Palestinian commitment to correct its violations of the Oslo Accords. This was including excess police force, illegal arms and incitement in public media and education.
  • Ehud Barak elected Prime Minister

    Ehud Barak elected Prime Minister
    Israel elects Labor party leader and Former General Ehud Barak as Prime Minister in a landslide.He promised rapid progress toward peace.
  • Failed Peace Negotiations

    Failed Peace Negotiations
    Israeli-Syrian peace negotiations fail when Hafez Assad rejects an Israeli offer relayed by US President Clinton in Geneva.
  • Start of Second Intifada

    Start of Second Intifada
    Palestinians initiated riots after Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount, which is also the location of the Haram as Sharif holy to Muslims.
  • Ariel Sharon elected Prime Minister

    Ariel Sharon elected Prime Minister
    Right-wing Likud leader Ariel Sharon elected Prime Minister in Israel replacing Ehud Barak and promised "peace and security."
  • World Trade Center Attacks

    World Trade Center Attacks
    Terror attacks on World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon carried out by fanatic Islamic Al-Qaida group headed by Osama Bin Laden initiate a US war on terror.
  • Period: to

    Operation Defensive Shield

    Israel conducts Operation Defensive Shield in the West Bank, following a large number of Palestinian suicide attacks on civilian targets. Saudi peace initiative was adopted at Beirut summit.
  • Re-election of Ariel Sharon

    Re-election of Ariel Sharon
    Elections in Israel give wide margin (40 seats) to right wing Likud party, returning Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for another term.
  • US invades Iraq

    US invades Iraq
    US begins invasion of Iraq by a strike against a building where Saddam Hussein and other leaders are meeting. On April 9th, Baghdad falls.
  • International Court of Justice

    International Court of Justice
    International court of Justice (ICJ) rules that the Israeli security barrier violates international law and must be torn down.
  • Syrian Army leaves Lebanon

    Syrian Army leaves Lebanon
    Syrian occupation is officially ended.
  • Mahmud Abbas visits US President George Bush

    Mahmud Abbas visits US President George Bush
    Mahmud Abbas visits US President George Bush at the White House, an important symbolic gesture signaling US backing for Abbas and Palestinian aspirations. Israel releases 400 Palestinian prisoners. Britain confirms "low level" negotiations with Hamas.
  • Palestinian Prisoners' Document

    Palestinian Prisoners' Document
    Hamas and Fatah sign Palestinian Prisoners' Document, supposedly cementing national unity. Israel then begins operation Summer Rains and invades Gaza strip to recover kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit and stop Qassam rocket fire..