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Arab Israeli Conflict Timeline

By bonec
  • 1948 War (Date 1948)

    1948 War (Date 1948)
    Israel declared independence, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq attacked Israel. (outcome)- Israel gained land. Egypt gained the Gaza Strip and Jordan gained the west bank and East Jerusalem. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Jews became refugees
  • The Attrition Battles

    The Attrition Battles
    During the 1967 war Israel gained land from Egypt, Jordan and, Syria. Israel stated that if they made peace they would give all of the captured land back.(Outcome) The other countries came together and decided to not make peace Israel maintained Jerusalem but were being attacked by the PLO
  • Six Day war/ The 1967 war.

    Six Day war/ The 1967 war.
    Egypt blockaded Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq moved troops to Israels borders and made threatining statments. Israel launched a preemptive Strike (Outcome)- Israel captured the west bank and East Jerusalem from Jordan, The Golan Heights from Syria, and the Gaza strip and all of the Sinai Pennisula from Egypt. More Palestinians and Jews became refugees. Terrorism became more common.
  • Settlement Construction

    Settlement Construction
    Israel began building on the land taken from their enemy countries in the Sinai, Gaza and the West Bank. They were building security outposts to defend against the PLO and other terrorists.(Outcome)Their are now roughly 300,000 West bank settlers.
  • The October War

    In 1973 Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. (Outcome) Israel manged to push back the attack. Israel retained the territories captured in 1967 but did not keep additional land.
  • Egypt and Israel sign a peace agreement

    Egypt and Israel sign a peace agreement
    In 1979 Israel gained peace with Egypt once they were recognized as a country.(Outcome) Israel returned 1967 Sinai war land to Egypt.
  • The 1982 Lebenon war

    The 1982 Lebenon war
    Israel launch attack on PLO soldiers stationed in Lebanon.(Outcome) The Conflict brought Israel into the Lebanon civil war.
  • The First Intifada

    The First Intifada
    Palestinians in the Gaza strip and the West Bank attacked Israeli forces with improvised weapons supplied by the PLO.(Outcome) Israel used Military force and attacked Palestine killing many Palestinian soldiers and civilians. This conflict continued until the Oslo Accords were signed in 1993.
  • The Oslo Accords

    The Oslo Accords
    A set of Agreements between Isarel and the PLO signed in 1993. (Outcome). It led to the creation of Palestinian Authority and gave them responsibility for administering the territories under their control. It also gave Israel the right to defend itself. Israel recognized the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people.
  • Israel and Jordan sign a peace treaty

    Israel and Jordan sign a peace treaty
    A peace treaty signed between Israel and Jordan. (Outcome) Jordan became the second Arab country to recognize Israel. Trade, cultural tourism,relations, and business have risen since the peace treaty.
  • The Camp David Summit

    The Camp David Summit
    The first major attempt to negotiate a final status agreement between Israel and Palestine.(Outcome) Palestine's leader Arafat refused to compromise causing the negotiation to fall apart.
  • The second Intifada

    The second Intifada
    Israeli General, Ariel Sharon visited Temple Mount, a site revered by both Jews and Palestinians. This resulted in Palestinian rioting and attacks against Israel. (Outcome) The conflict caused great bloodshed and suffering on both sides.
  • Arab Peace Initiative is proposed

    Arab Peace Initiative is proposed
    A peace initiative endorsed by the Arab League offering Isarel peace in exchange for returning all territory captured in the 1967 war. (Outcome) Israel rejects the demand that it withdraw to pre-1967 borders as a condition for negotiations.
  • Israel Begin Constructing the west bank Barrier

    Israel Begin Constructing the west bank Barrier
    Israel began building a wall that would separate Citizens from deadly terrorists in the west bank. (Outcome) Less Terrorist attacks occurred but has separated some Palestinians from their land and requires them to go through more security check points when traveling.
  • The roadmap for peace is proposed

    The roadmap for peace is proposed
    The "Quartet", came together and proposed peace for Israel and Palestine. (Outcome) Peace was not attained following the Palestinian election of Hamas, a terrorist organization. Negotiations restarted was the Hamas government was dissolved.
  • Israel Disengages from Gaza

    Israel Disengages from Gaza
    This was a proposal to separate Israel from Palestinian territories.(Outcome) Israeli citizens living in the territories did not want to move. Since Israel withdrew from Gaza, the number of rockets fired on Israel from Gaza has increased.
  • Hamas is elected

    Hamas is elected
    The party Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections.(Outcome) Hamas calls for the destruction of Israel and does not accept previous Palestinian-Israeli agreements.Western nations have imposed sanctions until such time as Hamas recognizes Israel.
  • The 2006 lebanon war

    The 2006 lebanon war
    Terrorist group Hezbollah attacks an Israeli army unit(Outcome) Israel Launch Airstrikes killing civilians and enemies. Hostilities officially end with UN cease fire in August 2006.
  • The Battle of Gaza

    The Battle of Gaza
    Hamas members attack Fatah members(Outcome) Mahmoud Abhas dissolved Hamas group.Sanctions against the Palestinian Authority are lifted.
  • The Gaza War

    The Gaza War
    Israel Attacked Hamas targets in Gaza in an attempt to stop rocket attacks. (Outcome) Hundreds of militants as well as civilians were killed and many of Gaza's buildings and economy were heavily damaged.
  • The Gaza Flotilla Incident

    The Gaza Flotilla Incident
    Following Hamas seizing control from the Palestinian Authority, Israel and Egypt formed a blockade of Gaza.(Outcome) IA few ships attempt to break the blockade resulting in the deaths of 9 Turkish activists resulting in strained relations between Turkey and Israel.
  • Arab Spring

    Arab Spring
    Democratic uprisings that arose independently throughout the middle east in late December of 2010.(Outcome) Many countries have gotten rid of dictators and have become a democracy. As a result terrorism rates have gone down.