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Israel and Palestine conflict

  • Start of the Zionist movement

    Start of the Zionist movement
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  • Period: to

    The Zionist Movement

    The Zionist movement was founded in this time by Theodor Herzl in the late 19th century, it was created to widespread anti-semitic persecution of jews.
  • McMahon-Hussein correspondence

    McMahon-Hussein correspondence
    this was a series of letters that the Britsh sent during WW1. These letters were from the British government to the Arab independence promising that in return for supporting them they would return their land to them after WW1
  • Sykes-picot agreement

    Sykes-picot agreement
    This agreement stated that the land belonging to the Ottoman Empire was to be divided between the French and British control after WW1.
  • Balfour Declaration

    Balfour Declaration
    This declaration was a public statement that the British government issued during WW1 stating the british's support for the creation of the Jewish state in the middle east
  • United Partition plan

    United Partition plan
    The Partition plan was created after the Holocaust by the United Nations for Palestine recommending the resolution by creating an independent Arab and Jewish state and an international zone that became Jerusalem. This plan that is referred to as Resolution 181, allocated 45% of the land to the Palestinians.
  • Establishment of Israel

    Establishment of Israel
    Establishment of Israel was led by the head of the world Zionist organization David Ben-Gurion. On this day U.S President Harry.S Truman recognized the new state. In the same year the arab states invaded leaving over 20,000 palestinians and Arabs being displaced. As a counter attack israel wow large amounts of territory, 78% of the land.
  • Start of the six-day war

    Start of the six-day war
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  • Period: to

    Six-day War

    This was between Israel and the Arab states of Eygpt, Syria, and Jordan. It included the capture of the Gaza Strip and Sinai Penisula from Egypt, East Jerusalem, the west bank from Jordan and the Golan Heights from Syria, by Israel. During this war 500,000 people were displaced across both Irael and the Arab countries.
  • Start of the first Intifada

    Start of the first Intifada
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  • Period: to

    First Intifada

    This intifada was a mass uprising of Palestinians in protest against Israeli extrajudicial killings, detentions and house demolitions. These uprising began on the 9th in a refugee camp due to a collision between a civilian car and an Israeli defense forces truck that killed 4 Palestinians. Between 23,600-29,900 Palestinian kids needed medical treatment in the first two years. Only 100 Israel civilians and 60 Israeli defense force personnel were killed.
  • Start of the Oslo peace process

    Start of the Oslo peace process
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  • Period: to

    Oslo Peace Process

    Also known as the Oslo Peace Accords, it was a historic turning point in the Arab and Israeli conflict. It was created Palestinian authority in 1994 which would limit self-governance functions over parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip for a five-year period.
  • Period: to

    Second Intifada

    started when Israeli leader, Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount, which was known to be highly provocative as the Temple Mount was very sacred to the Palestinians. During this period of time, 3,000 Palestinians and 1,000 Israeli people died.
  • construction of the separation barrier

    construction of the separation barrier
    Since 2002 Israel has been constructing a 700km barrier (wall) around west bank. this wall prevented Palestinians from traveling to work/school and health and socical servivces, access to food and water and seeing family. Israel claimed it was built for the safety of Palestinians.
  • withdrawal of settlements from Gaza strip

    withdrawal of settlements from Gaza strip
    Israel's disengagement plan from the Gaza strip consisted of all Israeli military and settlements being removed from the Gaza strip. Despite the disengagment plan Israle still controls Gaza's airspace and supplies(electricity, food, feul, water), authority over who enters and exists gaza waterways and still collects taxes for gaza authorities.
  • Gaza Blockade

    Gaza Blockade
    Israel maintained full military control of Gaza since 2007 after Hamas took power in 2006, The blockade consisted of ongoing blockade of Gaza's land, air and sea. WHen Hamas was elected he would not agree to the conditions for the continuation of aud to Gaza and so Israel ceased providing aid to Gaza.
  • Start of the Gaza war

    Start of the Gaza war
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  • Period: to

    Gaza War

    A three week battle between the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Israel. 1,400 Palestinians were killed (900 of them were civilians and 344 were children), only 13 Israeli's were killed, they were killed due to things such as air strikes, ground invasion and rocket attacks that were involved in the war.
  • Start of the second Intifada

    Start of the second Intifada
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  • Israel and Gaza conflict

    Israel and Gaza conflict
    The seven-week military operation run by Israel in Gaza to stop rocket fire from Gaza into Israel. This conflict involved bombardment, rocket attacks, and ground fighting, it killed over 2,200 Palestinians, which was 65% of the population. only 66 Israeli people were killed. In the conflict 7,000 homes were destroyed and 89,000 were damaged.
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