Timeline Final Project

  • Biosocial-Entrance into the world

    I was born the day after christmas.
  • Biosocial- Became a sister

    My brother Alex was born.
  • Psychological- The death of my grandmother

    I remember the phone call we received about the death of my maternal grandmother.
  • Biosocial- My first trip to Europe

    My first trip to Macedonia, It was also my first plane ride.
  • Biosocial- My sweet 16 party

    We had a big sweet 16 party for me in a reception hall, it was also on my dads birthday.
  • Cognitive- Graduation from highschool

    Graduated from Belleville High School.
  • Physilogical- My first panic attack

    I had my first panic attack after a confrontation with some rude people at a fireworks show.
  • Cognitive-stared college

    I started at Wayne County Community College right after highschool.
  • Biosocial-License

    I got my drivers license!
  • Biosocial-Moved in with boyfriend

    I moved in with my boyfriend Jerry.
  • Psychological-Made amends with family

    After not speaking to my mother for 2 years we made amends.
  • Biosocial

    I started my job at Master Maintenence.