Timeline final project

By maddy92
  • I was born

    I was 8 pounds, 6 ounces. Born to Mike and Jan LaFave
  • Baptism

    Was welcomed into the church, biosocial event
  • Dislocated elbow

    Biosocial event, went to emergancy room to put elbow back in place
  • Went to preschool

    First time being away form my parents for an extended period. Psychosocial event
  • Went to kindergarden

    Learned how to write, and count. Made friends. Cognitive and psychosocial event
  • First Communion

    Took the next step in the church. Biosocial and psychosocial
  • Entered Middle School

    Coginitive and biosocial
  • Graduated 8th grade

    Biosocial event
  • Started high school

    Father Gabriel Richard high school, in Ann Arbor. Biosocial and cognitive event
  • 16th birthday

    Recieved claddagh ring and got ears pierced. Biosocial event
  • Mission Trip to Mexico

    Psychosocial event
  • high school graduation

    Biosocial event
  • Joined Schoolcraft cross country team

    Biosocial event
  • Attended Schoolcraft college

    cognitive event
  • Ran in the National cross country championship

    Biosocial event
  • Started first job

    Biosocial and psychosocial event
  • 2nd job began

    Biosocial and cognitive event
  • First serious relationship began

    Biosocial and psychosocial
  • 2nd season ofcross country

    Biosocial event
  • Projected graduation from Schoolcraft

    Biosocial event
  • Found out my mother had Multiple Sclerosis

    Psychosocial event.
  • Transfer to new college

    cognitive event
  • College graduation

    Biosocial event
  • Marriage

    Psychosocial event
  • Experiencing aging

    Biosocial event. Seeing changes in physical appearance: skin becomes dryer and shows the wear that comes with aging. Hair begings to get grey and may thin. Muscles begin to weaken.
  • Raising Children

    Biosocial and psychosocial event
  • Moving to a new house in a new state

    Psychosocial event
  • Changing jobs

    Psychosocial event
  • Taking care of aging parents

    Psychosocial event
  • Menopause

    Biosocial event
  • Retirement

    Psychosocial and cognitive event
  • Grandchildren

    Psychosocial and biosocial event
  • Projected death