Timeline Chart FINAL

  • Pre-operational stage (Cognitive)

    Memory and imagination are developed. Symbols or Language skills present.
  • Period: to


  • 3rd Birthday Party BioSocial

    The last time my whole family got together
  • Brain is fully developed (BiSocial)

  • Ability to talk infront of classes and presenting (Cognitive)

  • Cousin passed away (bisocial)

    Drunk driver hit him
  • Concrete operational stage (Cognitive)

    Logical and systematic form of intelligence
  • Formal operational stage (Cognitive)

    Acquires flexibility in thinking as well as the capacities for abstract thinking and mental hypothesis
  • Graduating Highschool (BioSocial)

  • First day of college (BioSocial)

  • Emerging Adulthood

    Age 18-25
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • form intimate, loving relationship (Phychosocial)

  • Explore (Cognitive)

  • Graduate from college (Biosocial)

  • First real job (biosocial)

  • Pursue a dream (Cognitive)

    Get my official career started and make money.
  • Get married (Cognitive)

  • Start a family (Cognitive)

  • Mid-Life Crisis (Cognitive)

    Start losing my hair
  • Work and Parenthood

    Success feels good
  • Settle down (Cognitive)

  • Looking back at it all (Phychosocial)

    Looking back at memories and loving it.
  • Retirement (Cognitive)

  • Death