• First 2 years

  • Cognitive

    Started talking
  • Early Childhood

    Developed friendships- Started hanging out with current best friend
  • Adolescence-Biosocial

    Puberty begins- Body starts changing
  • Middle Childhood-Biosocial

    Started taking enriched science and math classes
  • Emerging Adulthood- Cognitive

    Started college
  • Adulthood-Psychosocial

    Starting to learn who and who I do not want in my life- True friends and family
  • Late Adulthood -Cognitive

    In the year 2070 I will be about 77 years old and I might develop some wear and tear physically and mentally such as Alzheimers or other diseases common among the elderly
  • Epilogue- Death

    I believe my death will be closer to when I am 85 as long as I try to remain as healthy as possible, hoperfully longer!