Time toast

  • Foot prints

    Foot prints
    When i was five years i went to a small pre school called foot prints i went there because it was really close to my house and was a good pre school there I made a lot of friends but i only remember one his name is Vivan and I’m still in touch with him but he moved to Australia but his grandmother lives here so he keeps coming here so whenever he comes to India i meet him and i met him recently i was there for a year
  • Horse riding

    Horse riding
    I started horse riding when i was five years old in embassy international riding school occasionally i would go for pony walks there and sometimes classes there my favourite horse was buzz and i also used to go for day camps they had there but at first they said i was to small but then my dad somehow managed to tell them to let me participate and we did lots of fun stuff in the day camp like grooming the ponies letting them graze so that’s how i started horse riding
  • Ulsoor akshara

    Ulsoor akshara
    My second school was a school called akshara Montessori it was a very chill school we could sleep whenever we desired and because i was new there you would think i had trouble making friends but no I didn’t because my cousin went there before me and he made friends there so his friends became my friends because of that I never felt lonely there was also a play park there me and my friends would always play there.
  • Globe trippers

    Globe trippers
    Globe trippers was a thing where they would teach you about countries during the holidays every Sunday she would do a different country when first we would go in the morning and sit there then she would show us a ppt on the country and sometime when were doing the country she would get things from the country once when we were doing Switzerland she brought a saint bernad and after that we would go up to the second floor and eat food from that country.
  • Akshara

    Akshara is the big version of Ulsoor akshara its a bigger campus there are grades till 10 to go to big akshara you don’t have to go to Ulsoor akshara but some people did and i joined akshara when i was 7 years old in pre primary i joined at the same time my cousin did and making friends there wasn’t very hard because everyone was very nice and i also started taking the bus from house to school that was a bit scary one down side was it was very far from my house
  • Football coaching

    Football coaching
    I started football coaching when i was nine years old i went to an academy called roots it was a nice academy it was walking distance from my house so i used to go almost every day in roots in roots there were three batches beginner intermediate advanced a first i was in beginner just waiting to go to intermediate it felt like forever but finally they put me in intermediate so i got to be in intermediate with my cousin Dillon
  • Chess

    In akshara we had chess and because i was good at chess at the time i got picked and we had a lot of fun in chess class we learned a lot moves in chess we went for a few tournaments it was fun and our sir was very nice he would be very kind to us and once we went for a competition ji vidya shilp there I met some of my building friends participating in the tournament it was one of my first chess tournaments and i beat only one guy i beat him in 3 moves.
  • CIS

    My most recent school is called Canadian international school i shifted to that school from akshara and i was very exited to move there because i saw the cis once before but it was tough getting into cis because i had to take two entrance exams write a long essay and get interviewed but it was all worth it because all the teachers are very nice the football pitch basketball court and swimming pool are all very nice.