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Tiffany's LifeTimeLine

  • My Birthday

  • Period: to

    Tiffany's Lifespan

  • Could use a spoon (Cognitive Development)

  • Very proud to use a " Big Girl " potty (Psycosocial Development)

  • My first Steps (Biosocial Development)

    Biosocial Development
  • Said Mama (Cognitive Development)

  • Learned to ride my trycycle (Biosocial Development)

  • Learned to ride a bike without training wheels (Biosocial Development)

  • Loved playing house, pretending to have tea parties (Cognitive Development)

  • First Jazz Recitel (Psycosocial Development)

  • Started spelling B's (Cognitive Development)

  • Joined a soccar team (Biosocial Development)

  • Parents divorced (Psycosocial Development)

  • Started wearing makeup (Biosocial Development)

  • Very concerned of how others looked at me (Cognitive Development)

  • Many arguments were happening between my mother and I (Psycosocial Development)

  • Started going to gym reguarly (Biosocial Development)

  • In disagreeance with my Mother's immorral behaviour, started pulling away (Cognitive Development)

  • Cohabiting with boyfriend (Psycosocial Development)

  • Began attending college (Cognitive Development)

  • Gave birth to my daughter (Biosocial Development)

  • Comfort from long lasting friendships (Psycosocial Development)

  • Got married (Psycosocial development)

  • Entering into menopause (Biosocial Development)

  • Hearing is starting to go (Biosocial Development)

  • Voluntering at local soup kitchen (Psychosocial Development)

  • Licence gets revoked due to cognitive abilites diminishing (Cognitive Development)

  • Having difficulties with short term memory (Cognitive Development)

  • Passed away in my sleep