This is me and my life!

By ima927
  • I finally come to Earth

    I finally come to Earth
    I was born in November, in Canada, Ontario, Mississauga, in Credit Valley Hospital. There was some things unusual about my birth, such as being born on the first day of snow! I also have a friend that was born also in 1999, November, 29, and same hospital!
  • I used to live in an awesome place!

    I used to live in an awesome place!
    When I was a year old, me and my family moved from Canada to Puerto Rico. We had a lot of fun there, but of course, I didn't remeber any of that because I was a baby. Mabey I should try to convince my parents to bring our family there again!
  • My first birthday!

    My first birthday!
    Finally, I have turned one. My parents made a huge party just to celebrate my birthday! Sadly, I don't remeber a thing about my birthday.
  • I move to Pakistan

    I move to Pakistan
    After moving from 2 different places, I move to Pakistan. Pakistan is my backround, it's where I comme from. Most of my relatives live there so my family thought it would be nice to give them a visit.
  • Now I move to Germany!

    Now I move to Germany!
    I have officially moved to 4 diffirent places including this one. In this event, I will talk about Germany, how long I lived there, and my relatives who lived there. When I was about 2 or 3 years old, I moved to Germany. Half my family also lives in Germany, so it was nice meeting them all.We were going to live there for a while, so I also went to kindergarten there. so I grew up speaking 2 diffirent languages, Urdu and German. my family lived there for about 4 years, when I moved back to Canada
  • Back to Canada!

    Back to Canada!
    I moved to many places, and now I am back to the country where I was born. Canada is my home country and I hope I don't have to leave this place for a while!
  • My little brother!

    My little brother!
    My little brother was born on this day! I was so excited, because I finally had somone to play with and take care of!
  • What it's like today!

    What it's like today!
    Today I go to a wonderful school, in a wonderful country. I will miss all my friends if i move, but we still have a long way to go!