The War Of 1813 Timeline; Prabhjot

By Pronoy
  • York

    • The Americans attacked York/burned the wooden parliament buildings
    • The town was wide- open to attack
    • the Americans looted York
    • York had no strong fortification
    • The town was wide open to attack
    • Americans stole York’s only fire engine/more objects/items
    • General Sheaffe didn’t do anything causing people to be angry
  • Niagara

    • at end of May the Americans landed another attack along Niagara river
    • 2000 American forces took over Fort George
    • The British abandoned Fort Eerie and Fort Chippewa
    • The British had a small section of warships in lake Ontario
    • so the Americans put navy yards on Sackets’s Harbour
  • Beaver Dam

    Beaver Dam
    • In June another American force was defeated in Beaver Dam
    • Another American was force defeated
    • Laura warned the British about the American attack
    • the British attacked from behind
    • the Americans surrendered and attacked Newark
    • The British captured Fort Niagara and revenged
    • There were three forts under British rule: (Fort Niagara, Fort George and Fort Erie)
  • Naval Battles

    Naval Battles
    • battles at Lake Ontario and Erie
    • ships couldn't sail between lakes
    • Americans won battle at Lake Erie
    • Barclay (British naval commander) taken prisoner and seriously wounded
    • Americans gained control over southwestern part of Upper Canada
    • British land troops were forced to retreat
  • Moravian Town

    Moravian Town
    • Americans attacked in middle of Thames (valley)
    • American control was taken quickly
    • Only Tecumseh and warriors fought excellently
    • 600 British soldiers captured
    • British thought Americans will win war
    • Gordon Drummond was new commander
  • Montreal

    • American leaders decided that they should capture Montreal
    • If they seized Montreal they could cut off supplies to Upper Canada
    • They would be able to starve the colony into surrender
    • They sent two armies toward Montreal to carry out the plan
    • One army headed north from Lake Champlain
    • second force moved from west side of lake (along Saint Lawrence River)
    • Neither army reached its destination
  • Chateauguay

    • 800 French men defending Chateauguay
    • Greatly outnumbered by the Americans
    • French men made noise from all directions
    • Tricked Americans into believing they're outnumbered
    • American commander fled to United States
    • French men halted attack on Montreal
  • Crysler’s Farm

    Crysler’s Farm
    • 350 small boats in American army (thousands of people)
    • British gunboats pursued the American boats
    • 1800 Americans clashed with the defenders
    • British and allies (Canadians) defeated Americans together
    • American casualties outnumbered Canadian and British's
    • Montreal advance stopped, but war was not