The War Of 1812

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    The War Of 1812

  • President Madison Takes Office

    President Madison Takes Office
    1.) President Madison hoped to keep the U.S
    2.) Many anericans felt that the Madison aproch was to timid
    3.) Americans argued that the U.S must stand up to the native americansand forigen country
    4.) "the slavery of our impressed samen this kind of talk aroused

    5.) Madison hoped that britian and france would soon agree to stop violantins american neutrality
  • The warhawks take power

    The warhawks take power
    were a coterie of about 20 democrates adn republicans the where outraged by regarding the british practice of impresionment Were fed up with pladding diplomatic tactics of President Jeffersona dn Madision argued for war and the request for financial and military preperation confident that the britian would yeild to US
  • congree declares war on Britian

    congree declares war on Britian
    To prevent Americans from trading with France,british warships.blocked some american ports on may 1811 near NY Harbor a brief battle broke out between AmericanFirgale and british warship in December 1811 Felix Grundy a congress man gave an very emotional speech. Decriping what he saw that was benifits of war others in congress apposed the strong veiws of the war hawks In june 1812 james Madison asked congress to declare war on britian. Congress voted 79 to 49 in favor of the war
  • Relations With Great Britan Worson

    Relations With Great Britan Worson
    1.) Fighting with native americans caused reptions between the U.S and britian to worson
    2.) Encouroged indians to attack U.S settlements
    3.) The U.S and britian also continue to disagree over trade
    4.) If either the british of french would stop seizing american ships the united stases would halt trade with other nations
    5.) Napolen quickley announced that france would respect the united states policy of staying nutral
  • Britian bloackades American ports

    Britian bloackades American ports
    by 1814 the british navy had 135 warships blockade American ports after reinforcing their troops the british were able to close off all american ports by war ends major sea battle was faught at beginning of war uss constitution defeated the british warship Guerriere in fierce battle The Americans it seemed as if the constitution was made of iron
  • America is not ready for war

    America is not ready for war
    The US was still a new nation Did not have a strong Navy Where tight on Money Theought that through the was we would gain land new englanders didnt want war because the didnt want to have more land belonging to US The war of 1812 was the US's first war
  • invation of Canada

    invation of Canada
    War hawks were demanding an invation of Canada American troops were under General William Hull invaded Canada from Detriot British commander General Issac Brock took advantage of Hull's confusion a key 3 hour battle took place at Put-in-bag Oliver Hazerel Perry switched to another ship and continued to fight until it was won
  • The USS constitution scores a victory

    The USS constitution scores a victory
    known as old iron sides wooded frigate or naval combat vessal that could hold 40 guns first set sail October 21. is known for its exploits the USS constituion resides in Charlestown Navy yard in Massachusetts The ship is a popular along the freedom trail
  • battle of lake erie

    battle of lake erie
    Americans set out to win control of lake erie Captian Oliver Perry had no fleet ..They built their own ships British battles Perry's ownship and left it helpless Perry took flag down and rode over to american ship their he raised the colors again and continued to fight
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    After losing control of Lake Erie the british another ally of Cumsen retreated from Detriot to Canada The americans won de victory of the battle of the Thames Tecumseh was killed in the battle Without Tecumseh leadership the Indian conderation soon fell a part Still the Creeks Tecumseh's allies in teh south continued their fight against the settlers
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Horseshoe Bend
    in 1814 with the help of cherokee jackson won a crushing victory at the battle of hoseshoe bend the leader fo the creak walked alone to jackson's camp to surrender fighting the native americans gave land to whites andrew jackson was oncontrol of the horseshoe bend the creeks continued to fight against the settlers
  • Washington DC attacked and burned

    Washington DC attacked and burned
    british forces those of teh USA in tot he war of 1812 british force was led by Major Robert Ross Rober tross set fire to many public building including the white house British commander said"only public building" After deafeting the Americans at the battle of Bladensburg
  • Attack on Baltimore

    Attack on Baltimore
    Theri first objestive was Fort Henry which defended the cities harbor British warships bombarded the fort through out the night Francis Scott Key watched the whole attack at dawn key saw teh Americans flag still flying over the fort American has beaten off the attack
  • Writing of the star spangled Banner

    Writing of the star spangled Banner
    lyrics came from "defence of the fort m'henry" Francis key after wittnessing the battle at fort mchern of british royal Poem was to set a tone of the popular british sond of John stafford smith It would soon become well know. American patricks song
  • hartford convention

    hartford convention
    group of federalist meet at hartford some delegates to the hartford convention suggested that the New england states seperate from teh US While the delegates debated,news of the peach treaty arrived with the war over the hartford convention quickly ordered Some americans said that War of 1812 was "2 wars of indepentence
  • treaty of Ghent

    treaty of Ghent
    signed in Belgium John Quincey Adams was one of the Americans at Ghent summed up the treaty in one sentance"nothing was adjusted nothing was settled" Britian and the United States agreed to restore prewar conditions The treaty said nothing about Neutraility Failed to end Napolen wars in Europe
  • battle of New Orleans

    battle of New Orleans
    Jackson turned his frontier into a strong Army. he took pensocola in spanish florida to keep british from using it as a base Jackson marched through Mobile and set up camp in New Orleans British prepared to attack New orleans Andrwew Jackson was waiting for the british More than 2000 british fell under the deadly fire of American sharp shooters and cannons